Instagram Wipes Independent Developer’s Work in the Name of Copyright Protections

Social media companies tend to take up copyright issues only when a) mitigating the pain in the arse of takedown notices and b) ensuring users keep reposting memes. Instagram, has erred cautiously on the side of supporting potential infringers for the latter reason. So, we found it curious when TorrentFreak reported that Instagram issued a DMCA takedown notice (an official copyright removal request) against Github to remove an independent developer’s tool which, Instagram claimed, could potentially enable copyright infringement of its users’ works. Essentially, Instagram is filing a copyright infringement notice against an independent developer for copyright infringement that hasn’t necessarily occurred on works that Instagram doesn’t hold the rights to. That’s very nice of Instagram to care, but how does this make sense? Read More >>

Microsoft and GitHub Workers Take a Stand Against Grueling, Inhumane ‘996’ Culture in China

For tech workers in China, a brutal work schedule of 9am to 9pm, 6 days a week (usually just called "996") is not only commonplace, it’s been hailed as “a huge blessing” by the likes of Alibaba’s eccentric and fantastically wealthy taskmaster, Jack Ma. Read More >>

Python Programming Language Ditches ‘Master-Slave’ Terms, Pissing Off Some

A quiet debate has been brewing in the coding community for years that’s forced programmers to ask if using the terms “master” and “slave” are insensitive. Now, Python, one of the most popular high-level programming languages in the world, has ditched the terminology—and not everyone is happy about it. Read More >>

Snapchat Files All-Caps DMCA Takedown After the Source Code It Leaked Hit Github

A portion of Snapchat’s source code was leaked and hosted on the code repository platform GitHub (recently acquired by Microsoft) before a copyright takedown request from Snap led the company to remove the offending leak. Read More >>

Microsoft Buys GitHub, and Some People Are Pissed

Microsoft is officially buying Github, the internet’s largest source code repository, for a cool $7.5 billion in stock, with Microsoft VP Nat Friedman assuming the role of GitHub’s CEO. The acquisition isn’t without its detractors, who say they are already ditching GitHub and looking elsewhere. Concern over GitHub’s management in the future, along with Microsoft’s checquered past with open source, might be the biggest hurdle the company has to overcome. Read More >>

Microsoft Reportedly Set to Acquire GitHub, Deal Could Happen Later Today

Microsoft has reportedly agreed to acquire code repository GitHub, according to Bloomberg. The apparent deal, which neither company has publicly confirmed, could happen as soon as today. Terms of the deal are still unknown. Read More >>

GitHub Tells Some Users It Accidentally Stored Their Passwords in Plain Text But Hey, NBD

Code repository GitHub warned “a select number of users” on Tuesday that due to a flaw in its password reset system, the company had stored their passwords in plain text on internal logs. Read More >>

GitHub, Struck by Record-Breaking DDoS, Walks It Off

Yesterday, the internet’s favourite code repository, GitHub, was hit by a record 1.35-terabyte-per-second denial-of-service attack—the most powerful recorded so far. Yet, the website only endured a few minutes of intermittent downtime. Read More >>

For True Cyber Security, Using a USB Firewall Is Essential

While trojans and email phishing still feature prominently in hacker toolkits, getting into a system IRL is one of the most effective methods a truly determined hacker can use. Using a USB firewall could be your best defence. Read More >>

Nyan Cat on Your TouchBar Is the Easiest Way to Justify Buying a New MacBook Pro

Apple packed its latest event with countless examples of why the new TouchBar feature on its updated MacBook Pro will make your life inconceivably better. But the company should have just started and finished with this Nyan Cat animation that flies across the new touch-sensitive display strip. Read More >>

Use This Predictive Text Generator To Write Internet Fanfiction 

“Batman isn’t paid to destroy crime corners. He is actually attracted to the crimes and also The Penguin.” Read More >>

Apollo 11’s Source Code Is A Surprisingly Hilarious Artefact Now Online

One of the most surprising things about the Apollo 11 guidance computer source code isn’t just the sheer size of it, but rather the amount of in-jokes that scientists included with it. Read More >>

Google Has its Own Alternative to GitHub: Cloud Source Repositories

If you work with code every day, you’re likely used to GitHub. It's a place to store code with all the revision history you ever need. Now, though, Google has its own take on the service, open as a beta release for you to use for free. Read More >>