Mad Scientists Grow Fish on Land

There are large tanks of water involved here too so sorry about that misleading headline, but there is some truth in it as a Scottish fish farm operated by Great British Prawns is about to unleash one million whiteleg shrimp on the UK market -- and they've all been grown in tanks. On land. In a warehouse. Like The Matrix of prawns. Read More >>

Argos Lets You Shop With Google Assistant Now

Voice controls are the next big thing, or at least the companies that operate them seem to want us to think that way. Whether they're going to be used for controlling your smart home devices, controlling your TV, or helping your kids cheat on their homework. Shopping is a thing too, and over in the US loads of retailers have added integration with voice assistants, so you can shop for things without all the effort of using an app or going to a proper website. Argos has decided this is a great idea, and now lets you do your shopping via Google Assistant. Read More >>

S-Pen Model Codes Appear to Show Which Galaxy Note 9 Colours are Coming

It's little over a month before Samsung unveils the Galaxy Note 9 to the world, along with a bunch of of different coloured models - even though past experience tells us only half of them will actually be available here. But as is the way, those colours may have leaked out a bit early. Not thanks to renders or retailer cock-ups though, this time it comes thanks to S-Pen model codes. Read More >>

EE’s Added 4G Coverage to 12,00km2 of Former ‘Notspots’

The BT-owned EE has a commitment to ensure 95 per cent of the UK landmass is covered by 4G by 2020, and seeing as how that deadline is coming up fast it's been doing a lot to fill in the so-called 'notspots' and get the people in them connected. Over the past year its managed to add an extra 12,000 square kilometres to its network, but what's more some of those areas didn't actually have mobile signal to begin with. Read More >>

The UK’s Carbon Emissions are Declining, But Car Emissions are On the Rise

The UK's carbon emissions are on the decline, to the point where they're at the same level now as they were back in 1890. But while emissions as a whole are on the decline, the amount of carbon being pumped out by cars is actually on the rise. Read More >>

Move Over BB-8, Robotic Stormtroopers are on the Way

Sphero's robotic droids are a great present for any Star Wars fan, but there's a new contender in town. UBTech's app-controlled First Order Stormtrooper. Read More >>

Qualcomm Under EU Scrutiny for Possible Chip Sale Market Abuse

Strange thing, these European competition cases. Google's always getting in trouble for being good at what it does, Microsoft got in loads of trouble for being good at what it does, and now it's the turn of Qualcomm -- which is in the early stages of an EU anti-trust investigation because... it's better at what it does than everyone else. Read More >>

Mass Security Breaches Finally Encourage Brits to Panic About Security

Research into the security manners of the UK's internet population seems to suggest we're finally getting the message about not putting every single fact about ourselves into various profiles and accounts, with well over two thirds of the population now worrying about how much private stuff is leaking into the public domain. Read More >>

Google “Gem” Smartwatch Project May Arrive This Month

Google may be set to thrust its wrist into the smartwatch fray, with a possible announcement of a Google or Nexus branded wearable device coming as soon as this month. Read More >>

Google Now for iPhone
Google Now’s Just Hit the iPhone

Arguably the best thing about Android (at least for me) is Google Now, Google's awesome, pre-empting intelligent data assistant. Now it's finally available on the iPhone, free and built into the existing Google Search app. Download it now. Seriously. Now. [iTunes] Read More >>

Man-Powered Pedal Plane Makes First Wobbly, Lopsided Flight

A man from the television has just managed to fly, by pedaling a small plane about five feet off the ground. Not bad going, given how stupidly small the wheels were and the fact he was pedaling into the wind to aid stability. Read More >>

Rumour Round-Up: Samsung Galaxy S III Processor, Power and Wireless Charging?

An awful lot of speculation has been flying about the place regarding Samsung's plans for its Galaxy S III Android model, which we're all gagging to see and upgrade to without even thinking about the cost implications. But what's it going to be like? Read More >>

Virgin Galactic Firing its Rockets in 2012

After a series of successful non-powered test flights, Virgin Galactic's ready to start firing up its rocket engines for full-power test runs in 2012. Which could mean those rich ticket owners may get to go sub-orbital very soon indeed. Read More >>