The Science Behind ‘Graham’ Revealed

Victoria’s Transport Accident Commission has revealed the science behind the road safety education project that has generated global discussion around human vulnerability. Read More >>

Building The Surface Book: The Very Best Of Microsoft

At one point during the development process of Microsoft’s laptop-tablet hybrid Surface Book, engineers within the design team at the company’s Redmond offices were 3D printing new chassis structures daily — making changes to their designs throughout the day, setting the fast-prototyping machines to work overnight, and then repeating the same process the next day. For a company best known for the slow and iterative progress of Windows and Office, this is something distinctly different. And the hardware that it has created is something special. Read More >>

Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 Review: Extremely Powerful and Future-Proofed

Nvidia’s newest graphics card is — again — its most powerful, its most energy efficient, and its best for next-generation gaming in virtual reality and in Ultra HD resolutions. It’s also surprisingly cheap internationally, and unsurprisingly expensive in Australia. But price aside, if you do happen to pick up a new GTX 1080-based card either from Nvidia or any of its manufacturing partners, you’ll get yourself an extremely powerful and future-proofed card that also serves as a great bellweather for what will be a very important year in graphics technology. Read More >>

X-Men Apocalypse Review: This One’s For The Fans

“You don’t have to be an X-Men fan to like it, but it helps.” Read More >>

monster machines
This is the Australian Defence Force’s Take on Exoskeleton Technology

Exoskeleton technology — the use of an external wearable framework that augments a human’s natural physical ability — is one of the most interesting developments in modern military science. Like many other countries around the world, Australia is developing its own version. Read More >>

What is the Dark Web?

The unlisted internet. The Silk Road. Tor. Hidden nodes and shady deals. You’ve heard the folklore about the dark web, but what is it? Read More >>

The ABC of Alphabet: Everything Google’s Owners Could Buy

Alphabet is where it’s at for Google right now, but what can the world’s new biggest company buy to fill out its stable? Read More >>

windows 10
Your Windows 10 Upgrade May be Using More Space Than it Should

When it comes to upgrading my operating system, I’ve always been a fan of the clean slate. That way you can be sure nothing remains of the previous installation, providing some protection against future hiccups. However, if you were running the Technical Preview of Windows 10 and just took the plunge to the final release, you might be missing a few gigabytes of drive space. Read More >>

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Home Theatre PCs for Your Living Room: What You Need to Know

So you want a home theatre PC? Good thinking! It’s a great way to get absolute control over all the content on your TV on the one device with infinite tweakability into the future. It’s time to ask the big questions: should you build one or buy one? Here’s what to know when choosing yours. Read More >>

Clarkson and Top Gear Chums are ‘Very Close’ to Signing a Deal With Netflix

Millions of former Top Gear fans may be about to have their prayers answered, as former host Jeremy Clarkson hints that a new show involving Richard Hammond, James May and Netflix may be just weeks away from being official. Read More >>

Right Now is the Perfect Time to Buy a New Laptop

In the market for a new laptop? You’re in luck: we’re coming into one of the best times to buy right now. Here’s why. Read More >>

Watch a Brief History of the M16 Rifle

When you think of the US Army and the firepower they have at their disposal, specifically guns, you likely think about one gun in particular: the M16. The M16 has been the weapon of choice for the US armed forces since the early 1960s, and after a rocky start it has solidified its place as a modern military companion. This is its brief history. Read More >>

The McLaren F1 Owner’s Manual is a Work of Art

In the early 1990s, British supercar and Formula One powerhouse McLaren created a masterpiece. The McLaren F1, just over 100 of which were produced between 1992 and 1998, held the record as the world’s fastest car for over a decade until 2005 (toppled by the Bugatti Veyron). With a three-seater layout, a 6.1L V12 sourced from BMW and the world’s first carbon-fibre monocoque chassis, the F1 was an engineering marvel and a beautiful sight to behold. Equally gorgeous, but much less publicised, was McLaren’s owner’s manual for the F1. Read More >>

Rooting Your Xperia Z3 Will Ruin Your Phone’s Low-Light Capabilities

For the tinkerers, there’s nothing quite like rooting your lovely new Android phone in preparation for some hardcore customisation. If you’re into tweaking the guts of your device, the decision to root is a no-brainer. Unfortunately, it looks like those of you planning to pick up Sony’s Xperia Z3 (or Z3 Compact) later this month might have to weigh up the pros and cons — ultimate power, or a camera that takes decent low-light photos. Read More >>

Jeremy Clarkson is Staying on at Top Gear, Unless He is ‘Eaten by Wild Dogs’

Jeremy Clarkson is not leaving Top Gear any time soon. Not by choice, at least. Writing in the latest issue of the worldwide hit TV show’s companion magazine, Clarkson says that there is nothing stopping him from sticking around at the BBC until the start of Top Gear's 22nd season. Read More >>