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Everything We Know About Plans to Add Age Verification to Online Porn in the UK

At some point later this year, the government will finally make good on its promise to add robust age verification checks to online porn. The law had initially been scheduled to come into effect this month (April), but ended up being postponed because nobody had worked out all the details yet. But plans have been rolling on, with the appointed regulator BBFC having just finished off the consultation about certain areas of the initial draft regulations (available to download here). Read More >>

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Prepare for ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ With Our Complete Guide to the Marvel Cinematic Universe

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has been going strong for ten years now, changing the world of comic book films for ever. Phases 1 and 2 are now over, but there is still plenty of Marvel magic on its way in Phase 3. Phase 3 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe started two years ago with the release of Captain America: Civil War, and ends in 2019 with the release of the fourth Avengers film. Read More >>

The Anatomy of a Motherboard

It’s a crucial component in any laptop or desktop computer, but very few computer owners actually know what a motherboard is or what it does. There’s a motherboard (often called a logic board in smaller more mobile devices) sitting in every computer system: the processor, RAM, hard drives, graphics card, and other bits and pieces all plug straight into it. Read More >>

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What All of Your Computer’s Specs Really Mean

Computer specs can be a baffling mix of acronyms and numbers at the best of times, but it’s worth learning something about them: It’ll help you choose a new computer, troubleshoot your old computer, and generally understand more about the relationship between the specs on the page and the experience you’re getting. Read More >>

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Your Guide to Cable, Marvel Comics’ Living Embodiment of Time-Travel Nonsense

Deadpool 2 is looking to finally bring Cable from the pages of Marvel comics to the big screen. But there’s one daunting aspect of that—how do you explain a comic book history as complex and as absurd as Cable has? For now, it sounds like the answer is to avoid as much of it as possible. Allow us to explain why that’s an extremely good idea. Read More >>

What the Hell Is HDR?

If you followed the news out of CES closely you probably heard the word HDR tossed around a lot. This coming year we’ll see lots of TVs for under £500 with the feature, and fancy monitors for nearly £1000. But what does HDR even mean? Read More >>

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Your Guide to USB-C Dongle Hell

Apple has embraced the mono-port. With the new MacBook Pro, the tech giant has scrapped the myriad of ports on the previous generation of Pros and fully embraced USB-C and Thunderbolt 3 (the two use the same port type). Combined, USB-C and Thunderbolt 3 are an extraordinary interface that’s super fast. Read More >>

How to Use Reddit Like a Master

Reddit is the one of the largest and most influential communities on the internet, and the site plays an outsized role in what becomes popular online. Even for power users though, actually navigating the site can feel like a confusing chore. Follow these tips and you’ll be finding the best content (before anyone else) on a Reddit that’s clean, functional, and quick. Read More >>

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What is Kodi? A Beginner’s Guide to the Streaming Media Centre

You've heard the name across the web, even in the Giz UK comments sections. Kodi this, Kodi that. People singing praises about what it is and what it can do. But what is Kodi? If you don't have a clue what's going on, don't fret. We at Giz have your back, and by the end of this you should have a good idea of what Kodi is and what it can do for you. Read More >>

How to Turn On Sky Q 4K Features Today

It's been a busy few days for Sky, what with a new Sky+ homepage roll out, the addition of downloads to its Kids app and a slew of new features heading to its top-of-the-line Sky Q set top box range. One hotly-anticipated feature is the headline-grabbing introduction of 4K UHD programming for the Sky Q Silver box, and a fresh update for Sky's premium player lays the groundwork for that visual upgrade. Read More >>

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A Complete Guide To The Mythical History Of Westeros

Long before the events of Game of Thrones and George R. R. Martin’s fantasy books, Westeros was home to magic and strange, sinister creatures. We’ve only just started to glimpse this backstory on the show, but the books contain lots of hints. Here’s our complete guide to the fantastical past of this grim world. Read More >>

10 Tips for Surviving an American Road Trip

Planning on living that Route 66 dream? An American road trip is a proper adventure, but it takes some preparation. Getting an International Driving Permit and sorting out that epic Spotify Holiday Road playlist is just the tip of the iceberg. Read More >>

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How the Best Rides at Universal Studios Work

Universal Studios is a bizarre theme park that welcomes over seven million people a year. Lately, the big draw is a sprawling replica of Harry Potter’s world, though it’s long been famous for making tourists feel like they’re characters in one of Universal’s many hit movies. The technology involved in these spectacles, however, has remained a mystery—until now. Read More >>

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An A-to-Z Guide to Bullshit Alternative Medicine on YouTube

There’s a weird mark on your face. It wasn’t there last week, and it’s spreading at an alarming rate. Your local GP is a quack, so you search the internet for help, and before you know it, you’re dropping £10,000 to “reprogram your DNA.” Read More >>

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Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, PlayStation VR, Gear VR: Which Virtual Reality Headset Should You Buy?

It's already been said so many times before that people are probably sick to death of hearing it, but it's true: 2016 really is the year of virtual reality. Read More >>