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The Best Gadgets To Safeguard Your Stuff When You’re on Holiday.

We've already talked about a few ways you can increase security in the home, but what about when you're away from familiar surroundings? If you're going on holiday you don't have the same level of security as you do at home, but thankfully there are some thing you can buy to make sure you and your stuff is nice and safe. Read More >>

Week in Geek
The Week in Geek: Deadpool 2, Animated Spider-Man, Star Wars, and More

Welcome to another week in geek, catching you up on anything you might have missed in the world of film, comics, and TV. This week we have news on Deadpool 2's villain, some promo material for the animated Spider-Man movie, word on the 2020 Star Wars spin-off, and more. Read More >>

This AI Will Watch You Study And Can Tell If You’re Not Listening

A school in Paris will be the first to implement a system that studies the faces of students who study remotely using their webcam. The goal is to use artificial intelligence to determine how engaged students are - basically if they are listening or not. Read More >>

Wimbledon’s Strawberries are Growing Underground

This year's fruity Wimbledon treat for attendees is being sourced from a new provider not too far away from the tennis hotbed, via a farm a few miles away -- and a few metres below -- the famous venue. Read More >>

Sir Jony Ive Has Scored Himself A Part-Time Job

Sir Jony Ive, Apple designer extraordinaire and man whose pencil is responsible for the iMac and iPhone, has netted himself a new job! Don't worry though, he's not leaving Apple, this new gig is an unpaid position as Chancellor of the Royal College of Art. Read More >>

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Everything You Need to Make Your Bank Holiday Outing as Hi-Tech as Possible

For the past two years bank holidays have led me to write up gift guides designed to have a hi-tech barbecue or garden party. This year I decided to be a bit different, because I can't be doing with writing up the same post for a third time. So what else do people do on bank holidays? DIY, obviously, sleeping (that's a personal favourite), and take advantage of their free time by going somewhere nice with family and friends. Read More >>

Martin Freeman Sells Soul to Vodafone

Martin Freeman, who will either be Tim From The Office, Watson, or a Hollywood celebrity to you, is the star of Vodafone's new UK TV advert, and the first celeb it's used to sell minutes and texts for years, if you don't count that CG Yoda. Read More >>

Armed Police Start Patrolling the UK’s Trains

British Transport Police is upping its visibility in the UK, announcing that it's to start having armed police patrolling the overground trains, like we're in some sort of futuristic society-gone-bad sci-fi thriller but with shitter Wi-Fi. Read More >>

Gatwick Leaves Bags Behind to Make Everyone Extra Miserable This Weekend

Gatwick airport has been deliberately sending people off to their destinations without their bags this morning, because its baggage system wasn't working properly for a few hours. Read More >>

This Saturday’s Doctor Who Has Been Edited Because of Manchester

The BBC has decided to cut a reference to terrorism from tomorrow's Doctor Who, out of respect for the victims of the Manchester bombing. Read More >>

It’s Official: The Bakerloo Is The Hottest London Underground Line

Ahhh, look at the lovely weather. It must be summer in London at last. Time to stroll through Hyde Park, stop for a drink at one of the capital’s countless drinking establishments… and then risk death by melting, by stepping on to an unbearably warm Tube. Read More >>

Bluetooth Beacons Are Now Helping People Navigate Gatwick Airport

Beacons are nothing new, but Gatwick Airport is throwing itself into using the technology in quite a major way, installing 2000 battery-powered devices to help provide location data. Beacons are useful when GPS can't work - indoors, mainly - and allow the airport to provide a variety of services via apps. Read More >>

England, Wales and Scotland Get Their Own Flag Emoji

A Cheeto is President of the US, the UK has decided to divide itself in two while continually arguing with itself, and we have newspapers that lie with impunity to push the agendas of their billionaire owners. But never mind, the Welsh dragon now has its own emoji. Read More >>

Keep Calm and Float on if You Fall in the Sea

Flailing about and shouting for help while trying to hold your phone above the surface of the water is exactly what you should not do if you fall in the sea according to the RNLI, which says that if you accidentally plop off the end of a pier you should try to stay calm and concentrate on serenely floating for a while. Read More >>

UK Gamblers Gave Away £13.8bn Last Year

Figures assembled by the Gambling Commission show either what a great or terrible job it's doing, with British gamblers spending, losing or giving away an enormous total of £13.8bn in one year. No wonder everyone's so poor these days that the knees are all ripped and worn away on their trousers. Read More >>