Deer Are The Most Common Roadkill In Britain – And The A303 Is The Deadliest Road For Animals

The freedom of information act is an amazing tool, as it allows you get access to all sorts of interesting government data. Today, for instance, the government was forced to publish the statistics it holds on roadkill - animals killed on British roads. Read More >>

Woolworths Could Return to the UK High Street

Woolworths, which still exists in the high streets of other countries but was so broke here that it closed and sold off all its fixtures and fittings in the UK in 2008, might be about to return to the fatherland. Its former boss is looking to buy the brand name back and use it to launch a fresh attack on the UK's budget retail market. Read More >>

Fully Autonomous Cars Should be on the Road by 2019

A fleet of properly driverless, fully autonomous cars should be allowed out onto the motorways of the UK by the end of 2019, backed by a development fund of over £8m from the Government's Centre for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles. Yes, we have one of those. Read More >>

Someone Else Wants to Redo the ZX Spectrum

Another week, another go at reinventing the ZX Spectrum, with a new reworking up on Kickstarter and already through its funding target thanks to looking practically finished, particularly amazing and ready to roll out of the factory. Read More >>

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A Complete Guide to the Marvel Cinematic Universe (Updated for 2017)

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has been going strong for nine years now, changing the world of comic book films for ever. Phases 1 and 2 are now over, but there is still plenty of Marvel magic on its way in Phase 3. Phase 3 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe started in April with the release of Captain America: Civil War, and ends in 2019 with the release of the fourth Avengers film. Read More >>

London Mayor Subsidises Featureless Box Homes

London's mayor has come up with a great idea to make housing in London more affordable -- build worse houses. Literally make something resembling a shipping container then put people in it to cry alone while living the dream that is owning a home in thrilling London, is the idea. Read More >>

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A House In South East London Is Allegedly Funding The North Korean Nuclear Programme

An unassuming house in Blackheath, South East London could be funding North Korea's nuclear weapons programme. Read More >>

A Naked Statue Is Causing Outrage In A Hampshire Village

A naked statue of Archimedes, the greek mathematician and inventor who first approximated pi, could distract drivers in Ellisfield with his nudity, claims one outraged resident. Read More >>

Forget Podcasts – Now You Can Make Your Own DAB Radio Show

Ever wanted to host your own radio show? Like, on the proper radio? Well, now could be your chance thanks to a new, experimental DAB radio station called Upload Radio. Read More >>

Labour Tries to Win Us Over By Flaunting Extra Bank Holidays

If there's one thing that we have in common as a nation, it's that we love a free day off work. Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn is trying to score votes by taking advantage of our love for bank holidays by promising an extra four every year. Read More >>

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Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2: Essential Reading Before You See the Film

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 hits UK cinemas screens on Friday, and if you want to be extra prepared for the highly anticipated sequel, there are some books you should probably stick your nose into beforehand. It's not 100 per cent necessary, but what kind of geek would you be if you didn't? So here's a list of everything you should check out, plus a few other purchases you might enjoy. Read More >>

Three Network Recovers From Downtown: SMS Texts Were Reportedly Going To The Wrong People (Updated)

Update (08:24am Sunday): It appears that Three thinks that it has done something overnight, as the @ThreeUKSupport account is now telling a number of users that the problem has been fixed, and recommends restarting your phone if you're still having problems. So fingers crossed everything is back to normal! Read More >>

Spoilt Instagram Generation Fat Cats are Developing Diabetes

Vets are seeing a massive rise in cases of diabetes among cats in the UK, as a generation of the furry social media content generators falls victim to the same obesity crisis as their owners. Read More >>

Government Publishes £1.2bn Bike Riding Spending Plan

A government initiative to get more people than ever riding bikes and walking to near-ish places by the year 2040 has been fleshed out, with a breakdown of the headline £1.2bn budget revealing how and where the money's going to be spent. Read More >>