John Lewis’s Black Friday Sale Kicks Off Today, Here are Some of the Best Tech Deals

We're really in the Black Friday season now, properly and none of this pre-Black Friday sales malarky that we've had so far this week. The big retailers have really kicked things off, and John Lewis is among them. It's had discounts already, but these are the proper deals as part of the Black Friday shopping season. Read More >>

Black Friday
Black Friday Season is Here, and Amazon has Discounted All its Devices to Celebrate

Everyone is having not-quite-Black Friday Black Friday sales, and here's our pick from Amazon. Read More >>

black friday
Here are Today’s Best Tech Deals in the First Day of Amazon’s Black Friday Sale

The rest of the world decided Black Friday started long ago, but the biggest champion of the sale on these shores has only just kicked off its Black Friday sales period. The proper one, I mean, not that pre-Black Friday season that had very few deals of actual note. Read More >>

Black Friday
Nokia Black Friday Deals Knocks £50 off the 4.2

Nokia's budget mini flagship is now just £99.99 for the duration of Black Friday. Read More >>

Conservative Party Criticised Over ‘Fake’ Labour Website

The conservatives are in hot water again, this time over a reported Google ad that supposedly hijacked search results. Read More >>

Sarson’s Vinegar Nets You 50% off Fancy Fish and Chips This Black Friday

Sarson's partners up with London seafood restaurant Fish! to bring you half price black squid ink-battered fish and chips. Read More >>

You Can Buy a Lifetime Membership to Pornhub Premium This Black Friday

Pornhub is great for porn, because you can access a huge database of porn without having to sign up or pay for access, but that doesn't mean everything is so freely accessible. Some people may have noticed that there are videos and features locked away behind a subscription, which costs between £8 and £10 a month. But what if you could pay a bunch of money in one go and access Pornhub Premium for the rest of your life? Read More >>

“Climate Emergency” is 2019’s Oxford Dictionaries Word/Words of the Year

The managers of the Oxford English Dictionary brand have their eyes on a retweet from Greta Thunberg this week, as they've declared "Climate Emergency" as 2019's hottest new, dictionary-bound term. The poor old OED had its thunder somewhat stolen by rival dictionary provider Collins last week, though, when climate strike won admission to its lists of words. Basically, adjust your SEO practices to involve the word climate ASAP and you're on to a winner. Read More >>

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O2’s Black Friday Deals Are Live, Complete With Lots of Money off Phones

It's a very good time to be in the market for new devices, because everyone is competing in the Black Friday sales to try and stave off Amazon supremacy and the collapse of the high street. The latest retailer to add to your list of maybes is O2, which has launched a range of deals on phones, tablets, and related accessories. Read More >>

UK’s Gambling Machines Updated With Calming Time Out Measures

The Betting and Gaming Council is a brand new organisation that's been formed to look after the interests of those who run the controversial modern money-taking devices, and its very first decision is to try to convince a disbelieving public that it's now using intelligent software controls to restrict the playing habits of the most addicted gamblers. Read More >>

Black Friday
Desperate for You to Install Its Cameras in Your House, Facebook’s Portal Is £50 off This Black Friday

Facebook is offering up to £50 off is Portal and Oculus devices this Black Friday. Read More >>

AO Has Added More Black Friday Deals in its Tech Categories

AO already kicked off its Black Friday sale last week, promising it would be the "biggest ever". Well the biggest one it's done itself. The thing about going big is that you can't just throw up a bunch of deals and be done with it, and that's probably why AO has released a load more tech deals for people to enjoy. Read More >>

Coldplay Pause Touring to Have a Think About How to do it Environmentally Soundly

Members of the band Coldplay have declared a moratorium on the touring of their new album, as the band tries to come up with a way of getting lots of amplifiers and lighting equipment from Cambridge to San Francisco in a way that isn't quite as environmentally unsound as getting a load of hungover tattooed blokes to load up a chartered 747. Read More >>

Black Friday
Don’t Sleep on This Massive 40% off Black Friday Sale at Emma Mattress

The website is rolling out its biggest deal to date and you've got two weeks to get in on it. Read More >>

LoveHoney’s Black Friday Discounts Should Stay Exciting Long After You Unbox It

Grabbing a bargain on a big TV or that Lego set you've been eyeing for a while can be exhilarating. But that feeling will end eventually. Even if you don't notice it happening you'll eventually get used to the thing you bought and that will be it. Read More >>