Play OnePlus’s New Tapping Game For Your Chance to Win a OnePlus 6T

The OnePlus 6T is set to be unveiled on the 30th October, but that's not stopped the company from teasing us with all the fancy details. If you've liked what you've heard so far, you may be thinking of buying one for yourself. If that's the case, you may want to take part in OnePlus's new tapping-based game. You could win fabulous prizes, including a brand new OnePlus 6T or a brand new OnePlus device every time they release a new one. Read More >>

Uber Eats is Launching 400 ‘Virtual Restaurants’ in the UK

The next restaurant you order from on Uber Eats might not technically exist. Read More >>

MPs Have Some Ideas on How to Improve Rural 4G Coverage

The big mobile networks have been working towards 5G for a while now, but some people have been sitting back and asking "well what about expanding 4G services?". It's a reasonable point, and 5G is hardly worth getting excited about when the village you live in only gets half a bar of 2G signal. There is work being done about expanding 4G coverage, primarily from BT and EE, but some MPs think more can be done and have written some reports about what they think. Read More >>

Forum Post Offers New Hints About OnePlus 6T Software

OnePlus is keeping the 6T hype train fully fuelled: a new post on the tech brand's forums gives us a lot of new information about the UI of the new phone. Read More >>

streaming video
British Startup to Launch ‘Crowdfunded Netflix’

A British startup is aiming to rival Netflix with a new streaming service that allows members to buy shares in upcoming shows before they get big. Read More >>

Essential’s 3.5mm Audio Adapter HD Has Been Approved For Sale

Despite all the hype, the Essential PH-1 didn't exactly set the world on fire. More than a year on from its release, it still hasn't properly come to the UK (though Essential will ship you one for Many Pounds), and it's even been speculated that the brand was "on its last legs" and up for sale. Read More >>

All Headphones With Google Assistant Will Soon Become Babelfish

Google Translate is full of wizardry that the Big G has historically been pretty bad at shouting about. For instance, hardly anyone seems to know that you can hold your phone camera over a menu in another language and see it in English via the magic of Word Lens, bought by Google in 2o14. Read More >>

The OnePlus 6T Will be Available to Buy From Someone Other Than O2

OnePlus has come a long way. From a no-name Chinese challenger brand with an unproven (but cheap!) flagship competitor all the way back in 2014 (that's a long time in tech, OK?) to the techies' favourite obscure handset manufacturer, to today's announcement: the OnePlus 6T will be stocked by the big networks and retailers, alongside the household names. Read More >>

Looks Like Facebook May Roll Out a Feature That Lets You Unsend Messages

Are you the sort of impulsive, filter-free individual who goes on Facebook and sends regrettable messages after one too many pints of Belgium's fightiest lager? Then good news! It looks the social media site is about to roll out a message-kiboshing feature. Read More >>

This Year’s ‘Worst Pseudoscience Award’ Goes to Anti-Vax Fraud Andrew Wakefield

Around this time last year The Skeptic Magazine awarded its Rusty Razor Award, designed to highlight the world's worst pseudoscience, to Gwyneth Paltrow's 'wellness' brand Goop. Because it had been peddling a bunch of non-scientific shit, some of which led to the company being fined for false advertising. The award is back again as part of this year's 'Ockham Awards', and it's just been announced that the infamous anti-vax activist (and former Doctor) Andrew Wakefield is the recipient. Read More >>

The Plug-In Hybrid Grant is About to Be Slashed

If you've been trying to decide between a hybrid and an electric, the government's just basically made the decision for you: the financial incentives for buying a hybrid are to be slashed. Read More >>

WannaCry Ransomware Cost The NHS £92m

The ransomware nightmare that was WannaCry cost the NHS close to £100m when it ripped through vital computer systems like a digital plague last year. Read More >>

Scottish Island Has Electricity All Day Now

The internationally renowned knitwear hotbed that is Fair Isle is in the news today, and not because someone's bought a bespoke jumper for £200. It's because the island is finally luxuriating in an uninterrupted, 24-hour electricity supply. Read More >>

The OnePlus 6T Has a Less-Good In-Screen Fingerprint Scanner

In a post on the Chinese social networking site Weibo, OnePlus has revealed a bit more info about the promised in-screen fingerprint scanner on its upcoming 6T handset – and it's not amazing news. Read More >>

Two Pints of Baileys and a Packet of Brussels Sprouts Crisps, Please

Walkers is about to launch three new types of crisp packet that will eventually end up preserved at the bottom of the Mariana Trench for millennia, and one of them will divide the country like never before. There will soon be a Brussels. Sprout. Flavour. Crisp. Packet. Containing Brussels. Sprout. Flavour. Crisps. Read More >>