WHSmith to Bring Unique Blend of Expensive Water and Outdated Stationery to the US

WHSmith is doing the opposite of going bankrupt, calling in the administrators, sacking staff by automated mass text message and boarding up half the high street, as it's somehow doing so well for money and credit worthiness that it's found and agreed to spend £312 million on purchasing a US-based rough approximation of itself. Read More >>

Red Poppy Will Now Represent Civilians Killed in Acts of Terror Too

The iconic red poppy is getting a refresh to expand the symbolism to encompass victims of terrorism. Read More >>

The Pixel 4 Doesn’t Have 5G Because the Technology Isn’t up to Snuff

The Pixel 4 was officially announced this week, and it's conspicuously lacking a 5G model. The reason? 5G just isn't good enough. Yet. Read More >>

Lego Says It’s Not Totally Against the Idea of Renting out Sets

Lego says it's open to the idea of renting out products, but knowing what people are like, that's a bloody stupid idea. Read More >>

Yahoo! Groups Is Shutting Down And Taking a Big Piece of the UK’s Infrastructure With It

Yahoo! Groups has been used in the management of UK phone numbers by mobile networks for some reason, and now it's shutting down. Read More >>

Red Dwarf is Getting a TV Movie

There were days when the idea of seeing Red Dwarf on the big screen seemed like a pipe dream. It had been attempted, but nobody would pay for the thing that would have brought back the Dwarfers for the first time since Series 8's explosive cliffhanger. But now after a few extra series popped onto Dave, it looks like a movie is on the way. Read More >>

Chick-Fil-a Is Closing Down Its First UK Branch After Protests From Gay Rights Groups

Just a week after opening, it's been announced that the UK's first Chick-fil-A will be shutting down. Read More >>

You Can Now Get Sky Q and Netflix for £25 a Month

Normally Sky Q would cost you £34 a month, and if you wanted to add Netflix on top of it you'd have to pay up an extra £10-£12 depending on which Netflix plan you wanted to get. But now, for a limited time Sky is offering the two for just £25 a month. Read More >>

Argos EGX 2019 Deal Gets You up to 40 per Cent off a Range of Gaming Products

If you're headed to EGX, Argos has some exclusive deals just for you on a range of games and hardware. Read More >>

Sainsbury’s Stops Selling Fireworks for Benefit of the Dogs and the Easily Scared

Supermarket giant Sainsbury's is being widely praised this morning for not selling something, thanks to bosses taking a decision not to stock any fireworks across the entire group ahead of this year's bonfire night parties. Read More >>

motorola razr
Moto Razr Could Be Unveiled at an Event Next Month

After months of radio silence, it looks like Motorola will be announcing its rebooted Razr next month. Read More >>

Get the Huawei Watch GT 2 for Free by Diving Into the Royal Victoria Dock This Weekend

Huawei is giving away its next gen smartwatch for free to those of you willing to dive into the icy depths of the Royal Victoria Dock to get it. Read More >>

BBC Decides VR is Dead Too

The BBC, at the end of a very long post about how committed it has been to VR productions, has said it is abandoning VR productions, with its in-house VR Hub to close this year after one final launch. Read More >>

Galaxy Fold 2 Rumoured for April 2020 Launch With a New Design

If you've already splashed out two grand on a Samsung Galaxy Fold, it sucks to be you because there's a better one on the horizon. Read More >>

12 Advent Calendars Featuring Something Other Than Chocolate

Christmas is coming, but before then we have another big event to look forward to. Not Black Friday, though we can all appreciate some money-saving bargains, I'm actually talking about Advent. You know the holiday that nobody except the most devout Christians would know about if it didn't involve cardboard boxes full of cheap chocolate pieces. But, chocolate advent calendars are pretty boring, especially when you're an adult. The chocolate is rubbish, and the pieces are so small you can't really appreciate them one square at a time. Read More >>