Poor Self Control? This Chrome Extension Will Help Curb Your Impulse Shopping

Right now we're in the midst of a shopping season designed to try and get you to buy lots of things before Christmas - whether you actually need them or not. It's easy to be taken in by a convincing deal, and even if you know that you don't really need a NVIDIA SHIELD that 20 per cent discount is enough to make you want it. Luckily there is a Chrome extension to help out if your self control is that bad. Read More >>

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Black Friday’s Winding Down, But Don’t Miss This Great Offer on the HTC Vive

With such a high entry price, decent PC-based virtual reality isn't very widespread. But the sales days are always ripe with opportunity to reduce the amount you have to spend, and HTC's Vive headset has one such deal Read More >>

It Looks Like EE’s About to Launch a Budget All-Glass Smartphone

It's been a while since EE launched a smartphone under its own brand, rather than carrying everyone else's, but that might be about to change. According to sources speaking to Engadget, EE should be launching a new all-glass budget smartphone very soon. Read More >>

Government Raises Spectre of Compulsory Bike Helmet Laws

Comments made by transport minister Jesse Norman have been taken to mean that the government's considering implementing laws that would make helmets compulsory for cyclists, with a review of cycling safety potentially handling the radioactive potato in the future. Read More >>

Nintendo Has the SNES Classic Back in Stock for Black Friday

Nintendo's had a good year for sales, what with the Switch and the SNES Classic seemingly exceeding the company's expectations and proving to be insanely popular with the gaming public. The SNES Classic has been hard to get hold of for a while, but Nintendo's official store has some new stock - just in time for Black Friday. Read More >>

Sodding Millennials Won’t Even Get a Round in

When a young person finally stops looking at their phone long enough to head to the bar and get a drink, chances are they'll only come back with one for themselves. The art of getting a round in is dying. Maybe someone needs to build a bloody drink-cost-sharing app so they understand the concept? Read More >>

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Forget the Fire TV, NVIDIA’s Knocked 20% off the SHIELD

These days there's lots of talk about streaming devices. Legit stuff like the Apple TV, Chromecast, or Fire TV, along with the cheap Android boxes that a lot of people use to stream stuff illegally. But there's another that people tend to (unfairly) forget about if they're not tech-inclined, and that's NVIDIA's SHIELD. Read More >>

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FatFace Pulls Grumpy Face at Black Friday

FatFace, maker of clothes people we don't associate with buy, will not be joining in with Black Friday. It's boss is extremely down on the idea, and thinks all it does is shift customer spend from December into November. Read More >>

Tom Baker’s Fourth Doctor Returns to Live Action in the Shada Remaster

Shada is a Doctor Who story that sadly never got to be completed thanks to industrial action, leading to a number of attempts to 'finish it' over the resulting decades. The BBC's upcoming release, complete with new animated sequences, is the first time Tom Baker got involved to reprise his role, and it turns out it'll see his Doctor return to live action once more. Read More >>

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GAME’s Black Friday Offers Include a Reduced Xbox One X

If you want Microsoft's latest piece of hardware, GAME is currently the best place to pick one up: the Xbox One X has been reduced to £430, and also includes a two-month Now TV entertainment pass (worth £16). That makes the console itself technically £414. Still a lot of money of course, but if you're wanting to take the leap, it's the cheapest you're going to get it right now. Read More >>

I’m Not Sure Currys Understands What Black Friday Actually Is

If you're an Xbox One owner hoping to get yourself a bargain copy of the new Assassin's Creed game, Origins, you might want to avoid Currys. As you can see above, they don't seem to understand that Black Friday is about deals - not bumping up your prices to laughable levels. Read More >>

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Want a Nintendo Switch? Amazon’s Got the Best Black Friday Deal

Despite what Microsoft would like, 2017's best console is obviously the Nintendo Switch - that thing that's been so popular retailers struggled to keep it in stock for a while. Despite Nintendo saying it wouldn't be approving any Black Friday price drops, some retailers have put the hybrid console on sale anyway. But if you're looking for a deal, Amazon might have the best ones for you. Read More >>

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Britain Does What Britain Does Best, By Forming Orderly Black Friday Queues

If you look at Black Friday footage on the news, particularly in America, you'll likely see shots of people literally fighting each other for the opportunity to spend money on stuff. This year you'll be glad to hear that people are being civilised - by forming an orderly queue and patiently waiting their turn for a bargain. Read More >>

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Today is Probably the Only Day You’ll Get The Lego Death Star for a More Reasonable Price

Last year Lego went ahead to re-release the giant Lego Death Star set, after discontinuing the model from 2008 a few years earlier. The only problem was that it cost over £100 more, despite not having many extra pieces, then suffered a £10 price hike earlier this year. Read More >>

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Here Are Our Picks of Amazon’s Best Black Friday Deals

Today is actual Black Friday, the day we all become consumerist nightmares. Well, providing any of us actually have any money left, considering a lot of retailers have been running their deals all week. Read More >>