Vodafone Tops the Table When it Comes to Broadband Complaints

Ofcom has published its latest telecoms and pay-TV complaints league tables and new(ish)comer Vodafone retains its position in the upper echelons. Read More >>

facial recognition
London Police Inexplicably Rolling Out Facial Recognition Even Though its Success Rate is Shit

Flying in the face of the hundreds of thousands of pounds frittered away on tech that's failing its supposed purpose of 'catching criminals', facial recognition is coming to London anyway. Read More >>

Tesco Frees the Baked Beans Multipack from Plastic Wrap

Tesco's food packaging scientists have come up with a new method of holding four cans together – the power of the mind. Instead of holding four cans of beans together with plastic, it'll only sell tins individually from now on, encouraging users to buy four of them for a discount via signs and whatnot instead. Who decided beans should only be bought four at a time anyway? Read More >>

health and fitness
This Massage Gun’s Marketing Guy is Apparently the Dude Bro to End All Dude Bros

We all love a good gadget, especially when it comes to health and fitness, but fuck me this company has missed the mark. Read More >>

Birmingham Approves Huge Plan to Sideline Private Cars

Birmingham and the West Midlands as a whole have been operating under a self-declared state of climate emergency since 2019, and now they have a plan. It's to make "active travel" the first choice in the region's big city while building a "fully integrated, high quality public transport system," relegating the place of the car to that of a historical aberration. Read More >>

Lego is Letting Fans Vote on Which Star Wars Model Will Be Next in the Ultimate Collector Series

The set is inevitably going to be super expensive, so this way you can at least have some input before dropping hundreds of pounds. Read More >>

Starburst is Opal Fruits Again, For a Short, Glorious Summer

Whatever evil chemical conglomerate is behind the production of Starburst has decided it needs to win over the hearts of the older generation, as it's bringing back the Opal Fruits brand name for those who want everything to be like it was 20 years ago. Read More >>

Pornhub Goes Hard on Privacy With Tor Mirror Sites

You can now enjoy your porn-viewing sessions with the added security of knowing prying eyes are going to have a time of it. Read More >>

Nestle is Shaking Thing up With the Newly Announced Smarties Buttons

In a bid to give its chocolate rainbow morsels a facelift, Nestle is rolling out Smarties Buttons to keep things fresh for the 83-year-old classic. Read More >>

warhammer 40k
Warhammer 40k Escape Room is Opening its Doors (and Locking You in) in April

Games Workshop and Escapologic are teaming up to trap you and four of your friends on a pretend spaceship for an hour. Read More >>

Giffgaff Overhauls its Sim-Only Deals Including the Super Cheap Ones

It's a new year with new customers to lure in, and giffgaff is going all out by refreshing a handful of its goodybags. Read More >>

Volunteers Needed to Look for Slugs So We Know How Many of the Buggers There Are

No, this isn't to keep a note of their ranks so that we're prepared should they ever sprout legs and declare war on salt. Read More >>

disney plus
Disney Plus is Getting a Dedicated App on Philips Android TVs in Europe

Disney Plus is still not here and I'm sure you've been patiently waiting to watch the platform's exclusive shows and not pirating anything. But when it does finally drop, it'll have a convenient native TV app. Read More >>

Disney Shouldn’t Have Waited to Launch Disney+ in the UK

At the start of November last year, mere weeks before the launch of Disney+ in the US and Canada, Disney announced that its first proper streaming service wouldn't be hitting the UK and other western European countries until 31st March – six months down the line. That date has been moved up by a week, but we really have to wonder whether the delay was actually necessary. Read More >>

Google is Back on Its Paper Phone Bullshit

If you're an adult with all the self-control of an unsupervised child left in a sweet shop where everything is free, you'll love the latest 'innovtion' from Google's Special Projects. Read More >>