Ford’s Noise-Cancelling Kennel Keeps Dogs’ Ears Safe From Fireworks

Good Boy Of The Day goes to Ford, which has used its knowledge of noise cancelling tech to create a kennel that protects dogs from firework noise. Read More >>

OnePlus Warp Charge 30 Works With the Old Cables, But Not the Old Phones

Last week when OnePlus announced the McLaren Edition 6T, with its 10GB of RAM, the company also unveiled its brand new fast charging system - Warp Charge 30. Using the 30W  Warp charger means the special edition phone can regain 50 per cent of its battery in 20 minutes, which is 10 minutes faster than the old fast charging system. Now the phone is out in the world we're learning a bit more about Warp Charge and how it works. Read More >>

Protesters Picket London Police’s Facial Recognition Van

This very out of place, unmarked, bright green, coned-off van bang in the middle of London's tourist and shopping district is rightly arousing suspicions, not because people think it might be packed with terrorists psyching themselves up enough to leap out and make everyone spill their festive lattes in shock, but because we know it's the Met Police testing mass surveillance/facial recognition technology on the ruddy-cheeked festive passers-by. Read More >>

gift guide
The Best Gifts for Handling Cold Snaps

So what's happened here is that it's turned cold like the Daily Express said it would back in June, and you're looking on the internet for something to fix it and make you warm. That's beyond current technology, sadly, as Elon Musk cannot yet locally direct warming heat rays from space for 99 cents (92 pence) a shot, but we do have the next best thing; items to buy that make the cold fun, or at least more bearable and doable. Read More >>

Blippar Stops Doing Whatever it Was That it Did

Whatever it was that Blippar did won't be getting done any more, as the company that did something -- almost certainly via an app -- has crashed into administration. As in, everyone decided simultaneously to stop giving it money to spend on whatever it used to spend money on doing in any particular week. Read More >>

Yorkshire Tea’s Getting Grief Because its New Biodegradable Tea Bags are Splitting Open

Yorkshire Tea is usually considered some of the best stuff by casual tea connoisseurs, so it's welcome news to hear that the company has moved into the business of biodegradable teabags - because shockingly most tea bags aren't. The problem is people are now complaining their bags are splitting open on them, which shows you can never please everyone. Read More >>

Case-Maker Renders Show of a Huawei P30 Pro With Four Cameras and a Teardop Notch

2019 is coming up fast, and while we've already heard a lot about the phones we should expect to see next year there's still a lot we don't know. But with 2018s releases out of the way, and the days inching closer to inevitable release dates, more information is hitting the net. The latest piece of early information comes in the form of renders for Huawei's P30 and P30 Pro. Read More >>

Clampdown on Bank Overdraft Fees Could Save £2.4bn

The Financial Conduct Authority is introducing new regulations covering bank overdrafts, bringing in the end of higher rate fees for accidentally dipping over any agreed overdraft limit. The hope is it'll lower the £2.4bn the banks make in fees each year, with 30 per cent of that coming from high charges for unarranged overdrafts. Read More >>

This Raspberry Pi-Powered Claw Machine is a Fun Way to Do Some Charity Work This Christmas

People get charitable around Christmas, and there are companies out there that like to get in on the action. Some release products designed to raise money for charities, while others launch stunts for a variety of reasons. This connected claw machine from Liberty Games is definitely the latter, but it's quite a fun way to help donate some money to homelessness charity Crisis - all without having to put much effort in. Read More >>

Xiaomi Told That 10 Cheap Phones Does Not a Flash Sale Make

The Advertising Standards Authority has shamed mobile upstart Xiaomi for offering just 10 phones to the public in a recent flash sale, as it wasn't made particularly clear that only 10 mobiles would be included; so a load of men crashed a web site for nothing. Read More >>

Vodafone Dressed a Drone Up Like Santa’s Sleigh for the UK’s First 4G Drone Delivery

For all the talk there's been about using drones to deliver things to people, there's been a distinct lack of progress making it happen. In fact the UK has only just managed to complete a single drone delivery using 4G, which shows how far things are from Jeff Bezos's dream of flying courier-free Amazon fulfilment. But even baby steps are progress, right? Read More >>

EasyJet Did A Christmas Lights Switch-On On A Plane

Everyone loves a good Christmas lights switch-on, including, apparently, EasyJet. Read More >>

Streaming Subscriptions Will Overtake Cinema Revenue In 2019

It's finally going to happen: money made from streaming services worldwide will soon be higher than cinema takings for the first time, says a new report from media analysts Ampere. Read More >>

Leaving House Derisked as YouTuber Banned from Theme Parks, Bridges and Buildings

YouTuber Ally Law, who made a name for himself recording videos of bantering derring-do in legal grey areas, has been banned from entering UK theme parks and TV studios, lest he disrupt processes and incur massive security and clean-up costs. Read More >>

Don’t be Fooled by Fake TV Licence Threats, Says Action Fraud

If you've ever lived at an address without a TV licence you'll know all about the letters that arrive in the post containing all sorts of threats about non-compliance. I saw in a red envelop once, because red is BAD, obviously. Well it seems to email phishers have figured out this is probably a great way to con people out of money, to the point where Action Fraud has put out a warning. Read More >>