Before You Throw All Coronavirus Caution to the Wind, Don’t Forget We’re Still at Alert Level 4

The sun is shining - with the sunniest month on record in the UK wrapping up - and lockdown restrictions are easing up, but that doesn't mean we're all suddenly immune to COVID-19 or that it's vanished from the face of the earth. Read More >>

John Lewis Has Knocked £100 off the Giant Lego Star Destroyer Again

Back in April John Lewis grabbed our attention by knocking £100 off the Lego Star Destroyer, an enormous Lego set that normally costs £650. It was only released last year, which made such a generous discount so noteworthy - especially Black Friday isn't happening for another five months. The deal sold out rather quickly, but if you missed it that time round you're in luck - that discount is back, and at the time of writing the set is still in stock. Read More >>

Primark Opens Its Doors on June 15 so Get Ready for a Free-for-All

If you've been missing your bargain basement fashion fix since Primark closed its doors, salvation is almost at hand. The brand will be reopening all 150 of its stores in England on June 15. Read More >>

Lego House is Offering Virtual Tours, Which is Good Because We’ll be Stuck Here for a While

The thing about this pandemic is that it's hitting different countries in different ways, usually based on the attitude of the local people and the way the government has responded to the threat. In our case it's been a mix of both, with the government screwing things up at every turn and heaps of people presumably ignoring lockdown rules to go to the beach at weekends. Read More >>

Ministers are Already Looking at Ways to Lessen the UK’s 14-Day Travel Quarantine Rule

The UK's weird, post-horse-bolting travel quarantine plan is already at the point of being changed, as sources suggest government ministers are hunting for ways to water down the 14-day isolation rule for travellers entering or returning to the UK. Read More >>

Vulnerable People Shielding From Coronavirus Given the Okay to Run Free Outdoors

Secretary of State for Housing, Communities, and Local Government, Robert Jenrick, has said that it's now okay for those deemed vulnerable during the pandemic to get back outdoors. Read More >>

Lego’s Classic Wooden Duck is Getting the Plastic Brick Treatment, But Only at Lego House

Back in the day Lego was all about the wooden toys, rather than the plastic blocks that made it one of the best-known toy companies in the world. The wooden duck was one of the first toys the company made back in 1935, and to this day is probably the only majorly recognisable product from the pre-plastic days. Well, that duck is coming back, but this time it's going to be in plastic brick form and it's exclusive to the Lego House. Read More >>

House Prices Enjoy/Suffer Worst/Best Drop in 11 Years

Something either very good or very bad has happened to the UK's house price index, with the thumb up or thumb down status of the news depending on if you own a house or not. If you don't, it's party time. Read More >>

Morrisons Rolls out a Vegan Food Box and Has Pretty Much Everyone Covered Now

Morrisons has been on the ball since the pandemic hit, launching a range of essentials food boxes for around £35 with all the basics you need to get by. It came in handy when everyone went nuts and started panic-buying, but the boxes are sticking around, with the latest addition catering to vegans. Read More >>

The May We Saw Through the Window Was the Sunniest Month Ever in the UK

Scientists have reminded us that there's the other unfolding catastrophe to worry about too, lest we forget the world's shrivelling up to a cosmic prune, as the data for May reveals it was the sunniest month on record across the UK since we invented the calendar and humans learned to count. Read More >>

Matt Hancock Elaborates on ‘Localised Lockdown’ Strategy to Handle COVID-19 Flareups

Following the ease up of lockdown restrictions this week, health secretary Matt Hancock detailed how the 'local flareups' of coronavirus will be handled, but left a number of questions unanswered. Read More >>

Swimmers Warned Against Cooling Down in Beautiful Toxic Quarry Lagoon

The beautiful Old Kiln Lakes in Oxfordshire have been attracting plenty of visitors of late, with keen wild swimmers enjoying a cooling dip in their waters, now England's coronavirus lockdown has been relaxed a little. The only problem, for them, is that the site's a former mine and the pretty blue water's rather toxic. Read More >>

Internet Reacts to a (Very Possibly Mad) Woman Adding Peas to a Full English Breakfast

We Brits love our breakfast. Mostly because our 'cuisine' is comprised of bland root vegetables and sad lumps of meat wrapped in pastry, so we latch onto the two or three good things we do have with an unhealthy fervour. And this absolute heathen has just taking a big fat dump all over one of them, and that dump is made of peas. Read More >>

MPs Calling for UK’s 2-Metre Social Distancing Rule to Drop to WHO-Approved 1.5-Metres

A handful of Conservative MPs are suggesting that the UK consider reducing its 2-metre social distancing rule to 1.5 metres in preparation for the reopening of the hospitality sector. Read More >>

School Union Says “No Way” Will Everything Be Normal by September Term

The Association of School and College Leaders has told dads not to get their hopes up about the children going back to school full time any time soon, as it says this half-arsed June start for England is likely to be a right old on/off mess – and you can write off September too if you're hoping for a quiet cup of tea back in bed by 9:00am once the kids have gone. Read More >>