Here’s Your First Proper Look at Rick & Morty Season 4

Earlier this week we got our first look at Rick & Morty's 4th season, in the form of two pictures that didn't tell us a whole lot. Well now with San Diego Comic Con going on we've got our first actual footage. It's not a trailer, it's part of a scene and it seems like Jerry and Morty have got themselves into one hell of a pickle. Read More >>

The Boris Blimp is Going to Take to London’s Skies at Noon Tomorrow

These days if there's a politician you don't like, the popular form of protest is to turn them into a balloon. First was Baby Trump, complete with a tweeting phone, and then some people inflated a giant Sadiq Khan wearing a yellow bikini to a lot less publicity. Recently we heard plans that wannabe Prime Minister and kipper-flapping enthusiast Boris Johnson may get the same treatment. Well, today it's been announced that said balloon will take flight at noon tomorrow. Read More >>

Samsung’s Super Speedy Next-Gen RAM Is in Production but Probably Won’t Be in the Galaxy Note 10

This week, Samsung announced that mass production is starting on its 12GB LPDDR5 mobile DRAM, although it's unlikely that we'll see the chip in the Galaxy Note 10. Read More >>

Jet2 Adds £85,000 Ticket Surcharge for Woman’s Extreme Air Rage

A woman who went so ballistic on a Jet2 flight that two RAF Typhoons were scrambled to intercept it has been handed the most enormous bill to cover the cost of her alleged misdemeanours: £85,000. Read More >>

ISPs Will No Longer Be Sending Out Copyright Infringement Notices

Copyright notices being sent out from ISPs is now a thing of the past after the program was shut down by music and movie companies. Read More >>

Naturalists Promise Mass Butterfly Invasion for the Summer

Scientists have come up with a sneaky way of getting people to go outside this summer, and are asking for help from the public to help count butterflies again – only this time it's for a more ominous reason. The butterflies are prepping an invasion. Read More >>

London Underground Will Offer Some 4G Coverage by Next Year

Transport for London (TfL) has pledged that the entire tube network will have 4G connectivity by the mid 2020s. Read More >>

Birmingham and Southampton are Getting Lego Stores

For a city as big and populous as Birmingham I've always found it a bit weird that it doesn't have its own Lego store. Apparently there used to be one about ten years ago, but it shut, though times are changing a bit. Lego has announced that the people of the Midlands won't have to suffer the wait of ordering online or picking through the meagre stock in the tiny local branch of The Entertainer. Southampton is also getting one, which is nice. Read More >>

The Super Cheap Nokia 2.2 Launches Today

Nokia's cheap as chips smartphone finally get a launch date – and that day is today. Read More >>

Scotland’s Sky Proudly Displays Rare Triple Rainbow

People who live in the Scottish highlands can get bit blasé about rainbows, as they pop up everywhere and once you've filled your phone up with a few hundred photos of them there's not much point in getting excited about them any more. But someone's snapped one that's apparently so rare all the weather forecasters are excited; even the Scottish ones. Read More >>

BBC and ITV Streaming Service BritBox Is Making Its UK Debut Later This Year

The Brit-themed streaming service from BBC and ITV that made its debut in the US in 2017 is making good on the promise of its UK launch before the end of the year. Read More >>

We Celebrated the Moon Landing Anniversary by Building the Lego Lunar Lander at NASA

As many people will already be aware, the year is 2019. 2019 is not only the last year of the 2010s, and the 50th anniversary of that time Bryan Adams got his first real six string, it also marks half a century since human beings first plonked their feet on the moon. 20th July 1969 was the day that happened, and we thought we'd do something special in the best way we could think of: with Lego. Read More >>

Pretend Milk is Rapidly Becoming the UK’s Normal Milk

The various white fluids sold under the umbrella description of "milk" are rocketing in popularity in the UK, as the nation stops diluting its teas and coffees with traditional milk-milk and instead watches some almond/rice/soya/coconut blend coagulate into lumps in their instant decaf. Read More >>

doctor who
Pick Up Doctor Who’s Audio Adventures at a Discounted Price for his 20 Year Anniversary

It's been two decades since the Doctor's first audio adventure and to mark the occasion, Big Finish is slashing the price of a bunch of audio adventures. Read More >>

Vodafone’s 30-Day Service Guarantee Has Been Halved Because No-one Was Using It

After giving customers a rather generous month to reconsider their commitment to Vodafone, the network provider has cut it down to the statutory minimum cooling-off period of just two weeks. Read More >>