Huge Quantities of Fugly Fruit And Veg Are Being Discarded Before They Ever Reach Supermarkets, New Study Finds

We've heard about the Ugly Duckling, but the Fugly Fennel? That's a new one on us. Apparently though, around a third of all fruit and veg grown across Europe never reach supermarkets as a result of being deemed too ugly for consumption. Read More >>

Sony’s 4K Xperia XZ2 is Coming to the UK on 31st August

Back in April Sony announced the Xperia XZ2 Premium, but revealed that it had "no plans" to bring the phone to the UK. For reasons that were never actually divulged, and probably wouldn't make sense if they were. Now that's changing, and Sony has announced the phone will be coming here on 31st August. Read More >>

The Government Wants to Trial 5G on Train Routes Between Manchester and Leeds

With the launch of 5G services sort-of imminent, there's a lot of work being done testing and trialling 5G services in various part of the country. Even if most of those locations seem to be in or near London. Now, though, the government has decided it wants to have a 5G trial on trans-Pennine train routes between Manchester and Leeds, and is looking for someone to get involved. Read More >>

The OnePlus 6T Will Apparently Arrive in October

It doesn't feel like it's been that long since the OnePlus 6 arrived on the scene, but it's apparently time to start thinking about the impending launch of the OnePlus 6T. The latest report claims that the company's mid-cycle follow-up is set to arrive sometime in October. Read More >>

Government Declares War on Grandma’s Coal Fire

There's something you need to know about coal before reading this in your gas-heated ivory bedsit. There are types of coal, like there are these little egg-shaped lumps of uniform coal that have been processed and, somehow, are allowed to be described as "smokeless" types because they burn cleaner. They're fine. They're safe and you can set them on fire all you like, as long as you do it on something metal and not on the carpet. What's about to be banned is the wrong type of coal. Read More >>

Google Might Release its Own Smart Display Later This Year

Even though it's only August it feels as though the year is basically over, so it's a little bit weird to think that we still have a bunch of major announcements yet to come. Google. in particular, is seemingly set to have a very busy few months if all the rumours are to be believed. Not only will the company launch the Pixel 3 (and XL), alongside a rumoured Pixel Watch and second-gen Pixel Buds, it's now rumoured Google will be launching its own Assistant-powered smart display to compete with Amazon's Echo Show. Read More >>

Artist Adds Honesty to Facebook’s Poster Ads

Someone with access to a big printer has been specially adapting Facebook posters around London, turning the company's attempts at mindwashing the capital with positive corporate thoughts into rather more honest takes on how the social network makes a living. Read More >>

Eon has Opened up a Smart Energy Concept Home in London

If you've ever wondered just how much impact a full range of smart home technologies can have on everyday life, you're not alone. Energy provider Eon is also curious, and with that in mind it's teamed up with developer Berkley Homes to launch a smart home filled with the latest and best tech. The goal is to study how smart tech can intgrate with daily life, and work out how to make energy efficiency "second nature" to regular people. Read More >>

Government Told to be Nicer to Vapers

A committee of MPs looking into the modern issue of vaping has declared it basically a good thing that should be encouraged, as current thinking suggests there's little evidence that e-cigs are a "gateway" to real old fashioned smoking, and that any option that keeps people away from the old cancerous type of burny-burny cigarettes ought to be embraced and more easily prescribed by doctors. Read More >>

Leaker Reckons HTC Will Stop Making its Own Phones

The past few years haven't been so great for HTC's phone-making division. The company has slowly been fading from the spotlight because people seem to have stopped buying its devices, not the mention the increased competition from companies that have been rising up the popularity league tables. So when you hear speculation that the company will stop making its own phones, it doesn't sound like the most unlikely thing in the world. Read More >>

M&S is Replacing Call Centre Staff With AI

If a company isn't talking about getting itself on the blockchain, there's a good chance they're trying to get in on the other new big-business buzzword: artificial intelligence. M&S is the latest company to get in on the action, with plans to implement voice recognition and AI to help reroute customer calls. Read More >>

eBay is Knocking 15% Off Everything Just for Today

Here's a deal you won't want to miss. For a few select hours eBay is giving users the chance to claim 15 per cent off anything on site. No rules on what sellers are and aren't taking part, just a flat 15 per cent off your order. Naturally there are some conditions you have to stick to. Read More >>

South London is Getting Some More Solar-Powered Smart Benches

Everything is smart these days. The phones, the bulbs, the TVs, even the washing machines can order some new detergent or book in a repair session without you getting involved. London has also seen the new Wi-fi emitting smart pods and green solar-powered phone box-shaped charging stations. Now South London is getting some new 'smart benches' that capture the power of the sun. Read More >>

Report Claims iPhone XI and XI Plus Will Have Apple Pencil Support

Earlier this week Samsung released an advert mocking the fact only iPads support the Apple Pencil - whereas the Galaxy Note 9 did. It was a pretty daft advert then, but it sounds even dafter now that we're hearing reports that the iPhone XI and XI Plus will have stylus support after all. Read More >>

Rod Stewart Finally Embarrassed by Leopard Skin Chair at Age 73

Rod Stewart's having a clear out of all the trappings of fame he's acquired over the past innumerable, interminable decades, with a local auction house about to shift a load of his unwanted classic and more gaudy modern furniture items, as he's moving house. Read More >>