Primark is Finally Considering Online Shopping

It's taken them until the eve of the apocalypse, but Primark has finally noticed it's 2019 and decided it should maybe look into this online shopping thing. Read More >>

electric vehicles
Google Maps Now Shows Which Electric Car Chargers Are Free

Encouraging drivers to use electric cars over fossil fuels is good for us all, and Google has already done its bit to help by adding the locations of EV charging stations to Google Maps so they're easier to find. Now, though, it's going a step further by telling you whether those stations are in use or available. Read More >>

Samsung is Taking All its Galaxy Fold Review Units Back

The sad saga of the Samsung Galaxy Fold continues with the news that the company has apparently decided to take all its handset samples back from reviewers. Read More >>

New Tube Seats Remind Passengers ‘Not All Disabilities Are Visible’

Giz UK's Good Guy of the Day Award goes to Transport for London, whose new designs for the priority seats on the underground go some way to reminding people how to be decent human beings. Read More >>

Vodafone is Still the Worst

Which? has just released the results of its annual survey of the UK's phone networks, and for an impressive eighth year on the trot, Vodafone came out worst. Read More >>

NHS to Make Whistleblowing Easier for Staff

The NHS is to end the practise of asking staff to sign non-disclosure agreements, or NDAs, documents which bind them to secrecy over what they've seen. It's to encourage and protect whistleblowers within the health service, as such speaker-outers are seen as a vital cog in the enormous NHS machine. Read More >>

It’s Official: the OnePlus 7 is Going to be Announced on 14th May

I haven't really felt the hype for OnePlus 7. Mainly because the number of decent leaks we've had has been at a trickle, and the information we've had hasn't really been that interesting. But the phone is coming, and the company has officially announced that the OnePlus 7 launch event will begin at 4pm on 14th May - just like the rumours promised. Read More >>

Self-Powered Aeroplane With Lungs Tested in Portsmouth

This airship thing is not an airship, despite the visual clue of having the shape of an airship. It's one potential contender for the next generation of autonomous flying machine, using the weird science of variable-buoyancy propulsion to move itself along. Read More >>

Hot Weekend Shuts Down the Coal-Fired Power Stations

The UK ran on not-coal-generated forms of electricity for the longest period since our best method of power generation was the water wheel and pulling things up rivers with horses, with the coal-fired power stations left smouldering and offline for 90-straight hours over the warm long weekend. Read More >>

Full OnePlus 7 and OnePlus 7 Pro Specs Have Apparently Leaked

Rumour is the OnePlus 7 will arrive on the 14th May, and that there will be at least two different iterations of the phone coming along for the ride. Which is very unlike OnePlus, but hey. There's a lot we still don't know about what's on the way, but a brand new leak may tell us exactly what to expect in both the OnePlus 7 and OnePlus 7 Pro people are expecting to see. Read More >>

Here are Lego’s UK Star Wars Day Offers, Arriving Just in Time for May 4th

It always seems busy over at the Lego company, but right now it seems busier than usual. No only is it seemingly running out of stock of Avengers: Endgame tie-in sets, there's also the new release of the Spider-Man: Far From Home tie-in sets and the ongoing 20th anniversary celebrations for the Lego Star Wars theme. But May 4th is on the way, and as Star Wars day approaches we just found out what sort of offers Lego has in store for us. Read More >>

This is the Breath of the Wild Labo VR Headset Nintendo Should Have Made

Don't get us wrong, we love Labo VR -- the cardboard-based super-bonkers Nintendo take on virtual reality that's more than made up for the disappointment that was the Virtual Boy. Read More >>

Dorset Locals Rave Like it’s 1989

Locals in and around Wareham, Dorset, were kept awake by whatever throbbing music the kids listen to these days over the weekend, as the ancient ritual of the outdoor rave was resurrected on farmland. Read More >>

The Government’s Added 12,000 Pieces of Data to Your Smart Speaker

Talking out loud to the government usually involves yelling "NO, I SAID SELF ASSESSMENT" down the phone to HRMC's robots, which then declare that the queue is too long and hang up on you. Read More >>