Network Rail Says Our Trains Should be Batterified

The boss of Network Rail has had a great idea for a way to save the cost of electrifying the chunks of the UK's railway network that haven't been converted -- battery powered trains. Read More >>

BBC’s Slow Radio to Feature Four-Hour Walk in the Countryside

BBC Radio 3 is taking the trend for slow TV -- hours of pottery, train rides, canal trips and bus journeys shown unedited -- to a weird new place, by broadcasting four hours of "slow radio." Read More >>

Warner Bros Says HTC Vive Is Best VR System, Chooses It For ‘Ready Player One’

HTC Vive got a big endorsement today as Warner Bros Pictures announced that it'll be the official partner for all VR content for Ready Player One – calling it the "best system to represent the future of VR" in the process. Read More >>

Maltesers are the Latest Victim of Exchange Rate Shortchanging

Mars Confectionery, the producer of nice things we buy in public and consume in bouts of intense private shame, is the latest manufacturer to reduce portion sizes in some of its treats. This isn't to save us from ourselves or stop the nation turning obese -- it's so it can charge the same amount of money for giving us less. Read More >>

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The Best Swag to Celebrate the Return of Power Rangers

It's Morphin' Time! Or, at the very least, it's time to head down to the cinema for the latest nostalgia-fuelled big-screen revival. Power Rangers has arrived on the big-screen, and while the series never really left our television screens over the past 20-odd years, it's nice to see a new version of the original team brought back to life. If you've been looking forward to the reboot, or you've already seen it and decided you can't get enough of all things Power Rangers, we've got some stuff you should check out. Read More >>

5 Reasons Why The Home Secretary’s Proposed Encryption Ban Is Aggressively Stupid

One week on from a terrorist outrage and - surprise! - the government is trying to appropriate it to soften the ground for more crazy, draconian and illiberal laws. Read More >>

“Rise Up Against Apple,” MP Tweets From Her iPhone

MP Nadine Dorries is the latest butt of Twitter's jokes after tweeting that "we need to rise up against companies like Apple and Whattsapp [sic]" from her iPhone. Read More >>

Ofcom’s Biggest Ever Fine Goes To BT

Ofcom's fining BT a record £42,000,000 for abusing its market power to reduce the amount of compensation it paid other companies. Read More >>

No More Needles? Fake Blood Takes A Step Forward

Giving blood is an immensely noble and selfless thing to do, but it's no picnic. Needle-phobes will be happy to know that science has a solution on the way: mass-produced artificial blood, which is now more likely than ever before. Read More >>

Week in Geek
The Week in Geek: Spider-Man: Homecoming, Power Rangers, Star Wars, and More

Welcome to the Week in Geek, rounding up all the best geeky news you might have missed this week. We have news on the future of the Power Ranger film franchise, info about the upcoming Star Wars films, promo material from Spider-Man: Homecoming and more. Read More >>

How 4K Could Be The Saviour Of Formula 1

Formula 1 is back on our screens this weekend as the 2017 season kicks off in Melbourne. This is a new look F1, and not just because the cars have undergone one of their biggest regulation changes in years, moving to wider, lower slung chassis and larger, grippier tyres. Read More >>

Children Vote to Ban Wearing of Red Noses

Children at a school in Bedfordshire are worried about NTDs (nose-transmitted diseases) to such an extent that they have voted to cancel the wearing of the comic nasal prosthetics during the school's charitable festivities today. Read More >>

Men are More likely to Lose Their Jobs to Robots

Some people, probably men, have been thinking about how robots and AI and the general trend of automation will affect the UK job market, finding that as many as 10 million jobs might go off to robotic methods within 15 years. So those shiny metal arseholes had better start paying their taxes. Read More >>

10 Of The Best Red Nose Day Sketches Ever

It's Red Nose Day once again, so we've delved into the archives to find ten of our favourite moments from the star-studded sketches over the years, from Kylie on Men Behaving Badly to Robert Webb doing Flashdance. Read More >>

An Automated Crap ISP Compensation System is on the Drawing Board

Communications regulator Ofcom is looking into the mechanics of an automated refund system that would gives users money back when they suffer crappy service from their ISP, with compensation to be offered when appointments are missed or repairs overshoot deadlines. Read More >>