Heinz Cupcakes Are Coming to a London Bakery This Week With Some Really Freaky Flavours

Heinz is celebrating 150 years with some cursed cupcake flavours this Friday-the-almost-13th. Read More >>

IFA 2019
Everything Happening at IFA 2019

This year's IFA has hit Berlin, and with it has brought brought loads of lovely, shiny new tech. Being one of the biggest tech shows out there — there's well over 1,500 exhibitors — there's a lot of new stuff being announced. Read More >>

London is No Stranger to Housing Shortages, and The Great Fire Caused One of the Worst

In 1735 a dramatic escape from Newgate Prison took place in which the secretive and dastardly highwayman – known by the names Phillips, Clark and Matthews, despite actually being only one person – managed to break out of his cell. The scoundrel took advantage of the labyrinthian array of houses that characterised London to hide from authorities and aid in his eventual disappearance. Read More >>

O2 Joins the Ranks of Network Operators That Will Be Offering the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G

O2 wants you to know that it will also be offering the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G on its network, joining Vodafone and EE. The service provider is also be the only one in the UK to stock the Samsung Galaxy S10 devices – including the S10, S10+ and S10e – in the new Prism Blue colour. Read More >>

Lego’s Christmas Countdown Offers Kick Off Today With 20% Off Technic Sets

Between today and Christmas Eve, the Lego shop is running a series of exclusive Christmas countdown offers both in-store and online. Exactly what those offers will be over the course of December we don't know, but it has kicked off today by offering 20 per cent off all Technic sets. Read More >>

Gizmodo UK’s Halloween Hub of Horrors 2018: Petrifying Pumpkins, Frightful Films and Creepy Costumes

It's almost Halloween! That means it's an excuse to dress up like something spooky, eat a load of sweets and go and annoy strangers by knocking on their door. Well, providing you're under the age of about 12 that is. For the rest of us, it's a chance to complain about how Americanised the UK has become... while secretly looking for an excuse to dress up like a stormtrooper. Read More >>

Swimming in a Canal? Beat the Elements With a High-Tech Wetsuit

Just how nutty do you have to be to get up at the crack of dawn, don a high-tech wetsuit and then try to swim your way through 420 metres of ice cold water and climb 18 metres over seven canal lock gates in the middle of Glasgow? Quite nutty we’d say, but around 600 athletes did that at the weekend as part of Red Bull’s Neptune Steps event, held in the Maryhill Locks area of Scotland’s largest city. The gruelling challenge is already in its fourth year and there’s no shortage of competitors, with twice as many people taking part this year compared to the 2017 event. Read More >>

NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Takes Lovely Photos Of The Moon

Sure, you've seen the moon. But have you seen in HD? Read More >>

Prince’s Music is Coming to Spotify

As of Sunday 12th February, Prince's catalogue of music from his time at Warner Bros. from 1978 to 1996, including 1999, Diamonds and Pearls and Purple Rain, will be available on streaming service Spotify, as well as Apple Music and Napster. Read More >>

Supermarkets May Introduce “Plastic-Free” Aisles

Around 300 million tonnes of plastic are produced every year, and every year, 8 million tonnes end up in the ocean. You've probably seen the adverts and the documentaries: dead sea-birds cut open to reveal loads of tiny pieces of plastic in their stomachs, seals with six-pack rings around their necks, and that huge floating trash island in the Pacific. Read More >>

You’ll Soon Be Able To Talk To Your Sky Q Box

In a presentation to industry bods, Sky has revealed that its plans for this year include adding voice search and later, full voice control to its Sky Q boxes. Read More >>

Video Game Speedrunning Marathon Raises Record-Breaking Charity Donation

Over the past week (8-15 January) Awesome Games Done Quick has been running on Twitch. Read More >>

An LG G4 for £250 is Our “Smartphone Saver” Deal of the Day

Happy Monday, Giz UKers! Hmmm, "Happy Monday" isn't really thing people say, is it? Well, forget about all that and busy yourself checking out some of these great deals and savings. Read More >>

This is What Manchester Wankers Search For on Pornhub

Manchester’s done well to establish itself as the home of the UK's third-largest population of sex-crazed Pornhub-bers. After digging out the stats with the porn giant, we’ve discovered that Mancunians have some unusual fantasies. ‘Gay daddy’ and ‘gay straight guys’ are right up there with ‘scally’ and ‘chav’ in the strangeness stakes, proving that the city’s retained its... edge. Read More >>