Scientists Finally Observed Time Crystals—But What the Hell Are They?

The Harvard team’s time crystal (Image: Soonwon Choi)

Nikon’s New DL Cameras Are All the Point-And-Shoot You’ll Ever Need

Point-and-shoot cameras are stuck in a bad place between smartphones for most people, and mirrorless shooters for people who care more. Nikon’s new DL range is hoping to change all that. Read More >>

Relive the Majesty of the Historic Falcon Landing With Gratuitous Guitar Shredding

Did you know you were waiting for an epic supercut of SpaceX’s historic Falcon 9 launch and landing, complete with a suspenseful soundtrack and a victorious cheering scene that looks like it was ripped straight out of The Martian? Probably not, but SpaceX has delivered! Read More >>

The Troubled Ouya Console May Soon Be Under New Management

Ouya, the little Kickstarter Android console that was pretty popular until people actually started using it, has had a quiet year. But a new report says that Razer, who’s had there own troubles breaking the Android-based gaming market with Forge TV, might be joining forces with the little console that couldn’t. Read More >>

How Gizmodo Decides Which Laptop to Buy

Earlier today, Gizmodo Brit Jamie Condliffe asked us for advice on his next laptop purchase. We had some opinions! Enough that we thought we'd share how we work through it with you, dear readers. So without any more ado, here's Gizmodo talking laptops: Read More >>