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Sweden’s Tallest Peak Has Lost Its Title, Thanks to Climate Change

Sweden may have to follow Iceland’s lead in holding a funeral for the dying ice atop Kebnekaise, the nation’s former tallest peak. Scientists have confirmed that the title of Sweden’s highest point has changed hands, after two blistering summers eroded the glacier capping the mightiest mountain in the country. Read More >>

Watch 25 Years of Glacier Movement in Under a Second

Ever wondered just how much glaciers move over the decades? Well, this gif shows 25 years of motion of glaciers on the Karakoram mountain range of Asia in just 0.7 seconds. Read More >>

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A Massive Glacial Crack Just Made an Iceberg as Big as New York City

a massive crack in the Pine Island glacier (PIG) in Antarctica has created a massive iceberg—which is as big as New York City. Read More >>

Real Science + Animated GIF = Awesomeness

NASA satelite imaging has revealed that a massive crack in Antartica's Pine Island glacier is growing fast. Which is bad. But the GIF it's made is so good it almost makes up for it. Read More >>

Would You Pay Less for Backup Storage You Can’t Immediately Access?

So Amazon Glacier is here as super cheap storage for "data that is infrequently accessed and for which retrieval times of several hours are suitable." But that's different from a lot of the storage you might have used in the past. Read More >>

Amazon Glacier Locks Your Data In a Fortress of Solitude

If you've got a lot of data that you rarely touch, Amazon wants to put it on ice. Amazon Glacier is a new ultra-cheap cloud storage offering from Amazon Web Services that's designed for companies—or data-hoarding individuals—who have a lot to stow away for the long haul. Read More >>

Turns Out Some Glaciers Are Actually Getting Bigger

In one corner of the world, there is more ice today than there was 10 years ago. New satellite data shows that the glaciers in the Karakoram have grown slightly over the last decade, bucking the global trend. We don't know why it has happened - but it's important to keep it in perspective. Read More >>

Man Arrested For Stealing a Glacier

Stop! Thief! That man has my glacier! Well, five tons of it, anyway. Police have arrested a man in Patagonia who was stealing a massive chunk of ice to sell as designer cubes for cocktails. How the hell do you steal a glacier, anyway? Read More >>