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Icelanders Mourn Loss of Okjökull Glacier With Ceremony, Plaque

Politicians, scientists, and others gathered in Borgarfjörður, Iceland, northeast of Reykjavik on Sunday to mourn the loss of the Okjökull glacier, laying a plaque warning of the impact of climate change, the BBC reported. Read More >>

Seven Newly Named Glaciers Honor the Satellites That Helped Discover Them

Glaciers and other icy landscapes are often named after the scientists who first set eyes on them. But it isn’t just human eyes spotting new features in Earth’s frozen wastes; many of these remote landforms are discovered and detailed via satellite. So, shouldn’t the robots get some credit, too? Read More >>

North America’s Glaciers Are Melting Four Times Faster Than They Were a Decade Ago

Across the world’s icy landscapes, climate change is spurring a major meltdown. That includes the western U.S. and Canada where not only is ice vanishing, but it’s doing so at a more rapid pace than it was just a decade ago, according to a new study released this week in Geophysical Research Letters. Read More >>

climate change
A Massive Iceberg Just Popped off West Antarctica

While the internet was obsessing over that rectangular iceberg, some more disconcerting icy behaviour went down on the other side of the Antarctic. Read More >>

Watch a Russian Ice Cap Experience An ‘Unprecedented’ Melt Down

It’s no secret that ice around the world is receding as global temperatures rise. Even so, the sudden destabilisation of a remote ice cap in the Russian High Arctic has scientists throwing around words like “extraordinary” and “unprecedented.” Read More >>

climate change
What Caused an Entire Yukon River to Vanish Almost Overnight?

Last summer, a team of geologists set out on an expedition to study Slims River in the Yukon, but when they got there, the once majestic river was nowhere to be seen. The scientists attribute the missing river to a retreating glacier, which caused a dramatic shift in the direction of water flow. It’s yet another example of climate change affecting our planet in unexpected ways. Read More >>

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Skiing Through These Ice Caves on a Glacier Looks Majestic

Watching Sam Favret ski through Mer de Glace makes me think that there probably aren’t too many places in the world that are more fun to ski than that beautiful valley glacier in the Mont-Blanc massif in the French Alps. There are all these narrow pathways to zip through with huge ice walls surrounding you, little mysterious ice caves to explore, and makeshift ice halfpipes and ramps to pull tricks off of. Sure, crashing would hurt like hell but the views are incredible. Read More >>

Scientists Think They Know What Caused That Terrifying Tibetan Avalanche

Over the summer, two enormous avalanches struck the Aru Glacier in Tibet back-to-back. Now, after several months of careful study, scientists think they’ve identified the cause of the first ice slide, which claimed the lives of nine nomadic herders. You’ll be shocked to hear it has to do with climate change. Read More >>

A Truly Unusual Iceberg Ripped Apart From a Melting Glacier

This past summer, a massive chunk of ice slipped away from a glacier in British Columbia, but no one was there to notice. Using satellite images, a scientist from NASA has now spotted the unusually large iceberg—and he suspects it’s the largest ever seen in North America. Read More >>

Enjoy a Gloriously Detailed Look at the Arctic Before It Melts Away

A series of beautiful digital terrain maps, created by the US National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) and the National Science Foundation (NSF), are immortalising something that might soon be lost: the magnificent, ice-carved landscapes of the Arctic. Read More >>

Greenland is Building the Perfect Place to Watch the World End

A stunning structure built 150 miles inside the Arctic Circle will serve as a crucial research centre for glaciologists. But perhaps more importantly, it will be a place where humans can travel to see the real-time impact of climate change. Read More >>

Glacier National Park is on Track to be Glacier-Free by 2030

When Glacier National Park was dedicated in 1910, this stunning 1,583 square mile span of the Rocky Mountains on the Montana-Canadian border counted over 150 thick, morphing ice sheets that gave the park its name. One very warm century later, there are only 26 glaciers here. And by 2030, scientists warn, that number could be zero. Read More >>

20 Million Year Old Lake Beneath Antartica Is About to Be Uncovered

Two and a half miles under the Earth is Lake Vostok, which hasn't seen the light of day in 20 million years. It's taken almost 20 years of drilling, but Russian scientists are about to break through and explore the lake at the bottom of the world. Read More >>