Unbreakable and Split Collide in the First Outstanding Trailer for Glass

Eighteen years after we first met the unbreakable David Dunn and the extremely breakable Elijah Price, they’re back in the first trailer for M. Night Shyalaman’s Glass, and this time they’ve got Kevin Crumb and his 23 personalities with them. Read More >>

The First Photos From M. Night Shyamalan’s Glass Are Hauntingly Beautiful

After that wild twist at the end of Split, we’ve been waiting for ages to see what M. Night Shyamalan could do when it came to smashing together James McAvoy, Samuel L. Jackson, and Bruce Willis for the Unbreakable sequel no one saw coming. And so far, the results are sinister and weirdly gorgeous. Read More >>

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Skyscraper Window Replacement Goes Horribly, Horribly Wrong

Construction workers in Moscow using a rooftop crane to lift a giant pane of glass to the top of a 30-plus-story skyscraper will unfortunately have to try it once again. The glass was almost in their reach when the cable apparently snapped, sending the window and its support rig plummeting to the ground. Read More >>

The First Footage From the Unbreakable Sequel Glass Includes a Supervillain Team-Up

Before M. Night Shyamalan debuted the first footage from his upcoming movie Glass at CinemaCon, his star Samuel L. Jackson had something to say. “It’s about time I got the title role in my own motherfucking movie,” he said to the audience in Las Vegas. And, from the looks of the footage, what a movie this could be. Read More >>

Plastic Guilt is Reviving the Milk Bottle

The UK's network of smaller local dairies are reporting a surge in demand for milk in old fashioned glass bottles, as the nation's resolve to move away from plastic containers strengthens. Read More >>

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Making a Pair of Prescription Eyeglasses From Scratch Is Insanely Hard

Here’s some free advice if you ever find yourself in a post-apocalyptic world and need glasses: squint. Because after watching How to Make Everything attempt to make a pair of prescription eyeglasses, let me tell you, it’s going to really, really hard for you to actually make a pair yourself. There are just so many materials and so many steps and so many places where things can go wrong that getting a lens that’s clear enough and that is shaped to what your eyeballs needs that it seems impossible. Read More >>

Volkswagen Put an Invisible Layer of Silver in Its New Windshields to Melt Away Snow

It’s impossible not to look at a new feature from Volkswagen with a skeptical eye after Dieselgate, but we’re hoping the company’s new climate windshield, that can melt snow and ice without the need for distracting wires, delivers as promised — because the winter sucks if you own a car. Read More >>

Modern Stained Glass Window Covers Entire History of Knowledge From Creation to Mr Bean

Some of the finished panels that will make up a 200 foot long stained glass window are touring the UK ahead of their installation in a university in the US, with key events in the history of mankind -- like Sir Isaac Newton's discoveries and the airing of Mr Bean -- included. Read More >>

The World’s First Transparent Glass Slide Looks Like a Nightmare to Clean

Our perpetually-dropped smartphones have pushed glass manufacturers to create stronger and more durable materials to survive our clumsiness. But if you’re curious just how advanced glass making techniques have gotten, someone has made a 30-foot working glass slide that’s completely transparent. Read More >>

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Why Glass Bottles Shatter at the Bottom When You Smack the Top with Your Bare Hands

There’s nothing quite like using the scientific method to figure out what’s happening in a silly party trick that we’ve seen way too many times (if you’ve been to bad parties, at least): the ol’ smack the top of a glass bottle and watch the bottom burst out in shards gag. Read More >>

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Watch a Guy Transform an Old Glass Bottle into a Sharp Arrowhead

Junkyard flint knapping is my new favourite thing because it takes a piece of rubbish, and recycles it into something else with just a few taps (okay, more than a few taps). Read More >>

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Seeing Glass Get Blown Is Melty Goodness

When it’s burning that bright orange and oozing out like goo, glass looks almost like some sort of alien honey. Read More >>

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Watch Glass Explode in Spectacular Slow Motion

Glass can explode, and seeing it happen in slow motion is damn incredible. The Slow Mo Guys pointed the Phantom V2511 high-speed camera at a Pyrex glass measuring cup that was heated with a torch and then doused in cold water to capture the exploding glass (the sudden temperature change isn’t good with tempered glass) and you can see just how fast it blows up. Read More >>

Troubled Toshiba Axes Google Glass Rival a Week Before Launch

Toshiba has apparently got cold feet (cold eyes?) about the wearables market, deciding to cancel the launch of its Wearvue TG-01 Google Glass clone mere weeks before it was destined to go on sale and sit unloved in electronics superstores. Read More >>

Optical Data Storage Squeezes 360TB on to a Quartz Disc—Forever

Want to make sure you back something up indefinitely? Then you could do worse than a new digital data storage technique that uses laser light to store 360 terabytes of information on nanostructured quartz for up to 14 billion years. Read More >>