I Tried to Avoid the Optometrist With This Gadget and Failed Miserably

You should go to your optometrist more than once every twelve years. That’s called being an adult and having good common sense. I, however, am bad at adulting and somehow found myself in my early thirties, wearing a severely outdated prescription. How bad was it? I was at the point where after getting off the train, I needed to take out my iPhone and use the camera to zoom in on the next street to see what direction I should walk in. Read More >>

Facebook Partners With Ray-Ban to Help Make its Smart Glasses Happen: Report

Hoping to avoid the failure that was the consumer version of Google Glass, Facebook has teamed up with Luxottica, the parent company of brands like Ray-Ban, to help with the development of its own augmented reality glasses, sources told CNBC. But it could still be at least three years before Facebook’s smart specs actually hit the market. Read More >>

Snapchat Glasses, Except Now Way More Expensive

It seems Snap just can’t give up its obsession with techy camera glasses. That’s because after losing a shedload of money trying (and failing) to sell its first Spectacles, and later following up with a second model to little fanfare, today, Snap announced the Spectacles 3, which are somehow uglier than ever and come with a serious price tag. Read More >>

Contact Lenses That Can Change Focus and Zoom When You Blink Move Closer to Reality

Believe it or not, contact lenses are still an option for those who wear glasses that accommodate multiple prescriptions, but because of the unique approach they take to remedying vision problems, it can sometimes take over a month to get used to using them. Researchers at the University of California San Diego have created a better alternative with a prototype contact lens that can automatically switch between focusing on near or far objects by detecting the wearer’s eye movements. Read More >>

Apple Rumoured to Have Paused Development of its AR Glasses

Apple's AR glasses are rumoured to be on hold or cancelled according a translated report from DigiTimes but the jury is out on whether the story is legitimate. Read More >>

Stanford’s Eye-Tracking Glasses Automatically Focus On Whatever You’re Looking At

If you don’t already deal with a condition called presbyopia, you probably will by your mid-40s. It’s when the lenses in your eyes lose elasticity making it hard to focus on objects up close, like the words in a book. The solution is to occasionally wear reading glasses or glasses with progressive lenses that can limit your focal range. But researchers at Stanford University have come up with another solution; glasses that detect and automatically focus on whatever someone’s eyes are looking at. Read More >>

augmented reality
Facebook’s AR Glasses May Be Getting Closer to Becoming a Reality

Facebook is reportedly dumping resources into developing nifty new augmented reality hardware – but don’t put money on seeing its products anytime super soon. Read More >>

These Bizarre Glasses Promise to Cure Your Motion Sickness – But At What Cost

The engineers at Citroën have apparently thrown almost 100 years of French design refinement out the window with a new product you don’t drive, but will improve your motoring experience. The carmaker’s new Seetroën glasses won’t win you any style points, but Citroën claims the glasses will eliminate any motion sickness you’re feeling after wearing them for just 10 minutes. Read More >>

The Only Good Wearable Records Everything You Miss While Blinking Your Eyes

An eye blink is over in less than a second, which means you can’t possibly be missing much while your eyes are closed, right? But it’s estimated that humans can blink over 28,000 times a day, and as much as 10 per cent of our time awake is spent with our eyes closed. So it turns out you’re actually missing a lot by blinking, which totally justifies a wearable that documents all those missed moments. Read More >>

Snapchat Offers Precisely Zero Good Reasons Why You Should Buy Its New Spectacles

Just in time for spring, Snap has released a new version of its original Spectacles, after FCC filings unveiled a bit more about the upcoming pair of camera sunglasses. You’ll also be happy to know, if you wrote them off entirely due to their garish appearance, that you made the right choice. These Spectacles look more like a remaster than a sequel. Also, they’re still ugly as sin. Read More >>

It Looks Like Snap Wants to Burn More Money at The Altar of Wearable Cameras

Well, it looks like we actually might see the return of Snapchat’s overhyped Spectacles soon. As Variety first reported, the US FCC published a filing by Snap for a “wearable video camera” on Tuesday, just a month after rumours came out that the company might release not one, but two different versions of its video recording sunglasses. Let’s hope they look better than the last ones. Read More >>

Contact Lenses That Darken in Sunlight Are Going to Give You Some Creepy Alien Eyes

Johnson & Johnson has teamed up with Transitions Optical, the company known for making those glasses that automatically darken when you go outside, to bring the unique technology to contact lenses. If you hate wearing glasses, they’ll save you from also having to wear sunglasses outdoors, but only if you’re okay with having creepy alien eyes. Read More >>

MWC 2018: Holy Crap, Actual Working AR Glasses That Aren’t Completely Shit

It's a good thing there are people out there too sensible to listen to everything Tim Cook says. Last year Mr We-Can't-Make-Quality-AR-Glasses-Yet claimed we don't have the actual tech to make AR glasses that are any good. I was lucky enough to get a go with the Vuzix Blade AR glasses at Mobile World Congress, and I can tell you that Tim Cook was either lying to cover Apple's tracks as it develops its own AR glasses, or completely wrong. Read More >>

18p Glasses Convince Facial Recognition Tech That You’re John Malkovich

Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University have managed to develop a set of glasses capable of fooling commercial-grade facial recognition software into identifying you as somebody else entirely. They cost $0.22 (18p) to make, and worked with unnervingly high success rates in tests. Read More >>

Guzzle Buddy Turns Wine Bottles Into Wine Glasses So You Can Sip Without Shame

Until humanity learns to accept everyone’s quirks, drinking straight from a wine bottle will continue to be frowned upon. That doesn’t mean you’re going to stop doing it, but at least the Guzzle Buddy makes it slightly more socially acceptable. Read More >>