Glastonbury Stops Pretending it’ll Happen and Declares 2020 Fallow and Void

Glastonbury 2020 has been binned, despite organisers promising as recently as last Thursday that it would go ahead as planned even though no one believed it at the time. Because surely Paul McCartney and Taylor Swift had been reading the news and all the members of The Specials are in the higher risk demographic. Read More >>

Kylie Slayed Ed Sheeran at Glastonbury

Glastonbury won its highest-ever viewing numbers on the BBC this year, and it wasn't due to some fashionable band that's popular with the young people or that new drill music that's always in the newspapers; it was because of good, old fashioned Kylie Minogue. Read More >>

Legoland Windsor Now Has its Own Mini Glastonbury

The Miniland area of Legoland is probably one of the best parts of the park. Partly because there are no queues, and also because you get to check out some of the pretty spectacular Lego displays that have been put out for you to gawp at. The park is constantly adding new bits to the area, especially around big events, and the latest to hit the grass is a miniature version of the Glastonbury festival. Read More >>

Glastonbury Bans “Tory Genocide” Band

A band that describes itself as being "Electronic Rave Punk" and plays under the name of Killdren has been banned, uninvited, and had its name removed from its place in very, very small print on page 12 of the Glastonbury 2019 artists poster, thanks to investigative reporters who actually listened to some of their songs. Read More >>

There’ll be 5G at Glastonbury 2019, Thanks to EE

The days of having no signal at a festival are long since over, and EE's decided to take things a step further by bringing 5G to Glastonbury 2019 before most of the rest of the country has it. Read More >>

Glastonbury 2019 Bans Sale of Single-Use Plastic Bottles

The organisers of the Glastonbury festival have taken steps to make this year's horrific aftermath photos a little less grim, as it's managed to get all of its numerous suppliers and caterers to agree to end sales of water in single-use plastic bottles. Read More >>

Glastonbury Could Ban Plastic Bottles in 2019

The organiser of the Glastonbury festival, which is having a year off this year for the sake of the grass, says that one of the pet projects being worked on right now is a possible ban on all plastic bottles in time for the event's return in 2019. Read More >>

Glastonbury Revellers Burned Through More Data Than Ever at This Year’s Festival

Maybe it was the shocking headliners or maybe it was the mudbath weather – either way, Glastonbury 2016 was the "most connected" ever, with festival revellers burning through 25 terabytes of data on EE's 4G network alone on their phones, whilst/rather than watching the bands. [EE Glastonbury] Read More >>

Man Eats Glastonbury Tickets in Prank Gone Wrong

If you're off to Glastonbury, make sure you've got everything you need. Tent? Check. Wellingtons? Check. Tickets? Umm... Read More >>

How Big is Glastonbury? Turns Out it’s Absolutely Huge

We know that Glastonbury is the country's biggest music festival, and that next weekend around 175,000 revellers will descend upon the Somerset field... but exactly how large is it? Blogger Richard Lartey has been trying to figure it out, and has come up with a rather interesting comparison. Read More >>

The BBC’s Epic Glastonbury Coverage Shows How Live Events Should Be Done

Having pulled some stonking Olympics coverage out of the bag last year, the BBC's planning on capitalising on its experience for future live events, starting with Glastonbury this year. There are going to be more streams, on more platforms, with even more hyper-enthusiastic BBC presenters than you thought humanly possible -- and yes, even Android and Windows Phone users get some love. Read More >>