We’re Just 140 Years Away from the Climate That Caused a Planet-Wide Extinction

Humans have pushed atmospheric carbon dioxide to heights unseen in our short (geologically speaking) existence. But give us another few generations, and our geologic impact on the planet will be clear. Read More >>

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Climate Change Could Thaw the Home of Humanity’s Doomsday Vault

If climate change has its way, the seeds the world is saving for doomsday might just be able to grow in the Arctic, according to a report released Monday by the Norwegian government. Read More >>

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Australia Continues to Fry Under Scorching Heat Waves

The second heat wave in two weeks in Southern Australia continued to punish the region, with temperatures in Melbourne hitting 42.8 degrees Celsius on Friday afternoon, and the state of Tasmania struggling to deal with “30 uncontained fires,” according to the Guardian. Read More >>

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Last Year Was a Hot One – and 2019 Will Be Hotter

Earth capped its fourth-warmest year in human history in 2018, and this year will almost certainly be hotter according to a newly-released analysis. Read More >>

The Doomsday Clock Is Just Two Minutes From Midnight, Again 

Last year brought the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists’s famed Doomsday Clock as close as it’s ever been to midnight. This year’s update will test if you’re a glass half full or empty person. The clock is at the same daunting precipice it was last year thanks to the “two simultaneous existential threats” of climate change and nuclear war, as well as growing concern over efforts to debase truth and information warfare. Read More >>

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Permafrost Melt Could Destroy a Third of All Arctic Infrastructure, Affecting as Many as 4 Million People

All the glue that has held the Arctic together for millennia is being dissolved by climate change, right down to the ground beneath millions of people’s feet. Read More >>

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Oil Allies Refuse to Welcome Key Scientific Report at UN Climate Talks

In what is likely an unsurprising but no less troubling move, the oil alliance between Kuwait, Russia, Saudi Arabia, and the United States has intercepted the adoption of a key finding from the historic Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report at the United Nations climate talks—a move that is being chastised by many of the world’s nations as well as climate scientists. Read More >>

Human Carbon Emissions Are Dissolving the Ocean Floor

It seems humanity isn’t just content to screw up the surface of the planet. We’re going to do the deep ocean, too. Read More >>

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Here’s Where the Post-Apocalyptic Water Wars Will Be Fought

A United Nations report published last week said we have about a decade to get climate change under control, which—let’s be honest—isn’t likely to happen. So break out your goalie masks and harpoon guns, a Mad Max future awaits! Now, as new research points out, we even know where on Earth the inevitable water wars are most likely to take place. Read More >>

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We Have a Decade to Prevent a Total Climate Disaster

By 2030, we as a collective 7 billion humans will know our fate, or at the very least, the fate of the most vulnerable among us. A landmark report released on Sunday sets the clock ticking for humanity and its quest to keep global warming to within 1.5 degrees Celsius of pre-industrial levels. Read More >>

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Climate Change Is Making Hurricane Scales Obsolete

One of the things you can count on in the wake of a hurricane making landfall is people clamouring for a new classification system. That’s what happened with Hurricane Florence in the US. And frankly, the discussion has never been more urgent thanks to climate change. Read More >>

Hurricanes Aren’t Moving as Fast as They Used to, and That’s Bad

The pace at which hurricanes move across the planet is slowing, according to new research. This suggests Hurricane Harvey, which stalled over Texas last summer, may not have been an anomaly, and that highly destructive, slow-moving tropical storms are becoming more common. Read More >>

The Sea’s Waves Are Getting Higher

The sea is getting angry about all these straws and cup lids we keep flushing into it, it seems, as researchers measuring the height of Atlantic waves have found that they've been getting higher for years. Read More >>

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Boaty McBoatface Has Returned From Its Most Perilous Mission Yet

Our favourite autonomous underwater vehicle, Boaty McBoatface, has completed a two-month mission in which it explored a massive ice shelf in Antarctica’s southern Weddell Sea. Swimming nearly a kilometre beneath the surface, and without any human assistance or oversight, Boaty spent over 50 hours directly beneath the Antarctic ice. Read More >>

Australia Hits Worst Greenhouse Gas Emissions on Record

Australia’s finally done it! A new NDEVR Environmental analysis shows Australia has never been emitting more greenhouse gas when unreliable estimates for land use-related emissions are excluded, the Guardian reported on Sunday. Over the past year, Australia released an estimated 138.78 metric tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent in greenhouse gases. The last quarter measured was the second highest since 2011, even though Australia has invested heavily in wind power plants in the intermediary years. Read More >>