The Bob Ross of Glow-in-the-Dark Drawing

It appears semi-intentional and a little silly but YouTuber Peter Draws is making a solid attempt at channeling Bob Ross’ meditative tone coupled with slightly odd commentary. And it’s some soothing stuff. Read More >>

Watch the Art in this Gallery Transform When the Lights Go Out

What happens when the lights go out in this gallery? All kinds of cool stuff. Brooklyn- and Barcelona-based graphic designer Alex Trochut has adorned Kinfolk 94 with a series of his trippy glow-in-the-dark art, and the result is stunning. Read More >>

Get All Starry-Eyed With This Indestructible Tyvek Constellation Map

I am useless when it comes to constellations; identifying Orion's Belt and the Dippers (Big and Little) is about as deep as my skills go when it comes to eyeballing the heavens. This Crumpled Sky Map by Palomar seems like it would be an awesome tool to help me and my fellow heavens-blind folk educate ourselves in the ways of the cosmos. Read More >>

NASA-Developed Moonglow Material Keeps This Watch Glowing All Night

A built-in battery-powered light is the easiest way to check the time on your watch in the middle of the night. But what if your watch doesn't have a battery? Read More >>

Glow In The Dark Bog Roll
Bog Roll to Light-Up Your Midnight Meanders to the WC

So obvious, I'm amazed I haven't seen this before -- glow in the dark bog roll! Your night time rendezvous with the porcelain throne will never be the same again. Who needs a night light with £8 luminescent toilet paper. [Curiosite via GeekAlerts] Read More >>