This Dry Glue Only Becomes Sticky When You Crush It

Usually, dry glue is a sign that you need a new tube of adhesive. But researchers in Japan have developed a new type of glue that’s perfectly dry until you crush it—at which point it becomes super sticky. Read More >>

After 150 Years, Scientists Finally Know How Barnacle Glue Works

Over a century and a half ago, Charles Darwin first described the remarkable adhesive capabilities of barnacles. He couldn't figure out how their natural superglue worked, though. And it took until now to finally unlock the barnacle glue's mysteries. Read More >>

This New Worm-Inspired Surgical Glue Can Mend Wet, Squishy Heart Tissue

The great irony of trying to fix ruptured blood vessels is that you have to suture or staple, basically poking holes in the very thing you're trying to mend. But now, scientists have developed a light-activated glue for mending internal wounds that is pretty incredible. Read More >>

Glue Made From Sturgeons Holds This Ruined Masterpiece Together

Giorgio Vasari's "Last Supper," catastrophically damaged by the 1966 flooding of the Arno River in Florence, has finally been pieced together again—with the help of glue made from sturgeons. That's right: fish. Read More >>

Watch This Hilarious Russian Racoon Try and Fail to Top Himself Again and Again

This dark comedy sequence about a suicidal racoon is just an advert for superglue, but it's proper funny. The melancholy little fellow just wants to end it all, but the sodding superglue is just too damn good, forcing him to try it again and again! It reminds me of those suicidal bunny cartoons. Read More >>

Insanely Strong Molecular Glue, Inspired by Flesh-Eating Bacteria

If you've ever stuck your fingers together with super glue, you know pain. But imagine sticking them together with glue that bonds materials at the molecular level: that's real pain. It's also what scientists are doing, with the help of flesh-eating bacteria. Read More >>

Why Horses Make Good Glue

If you ever drive through Northern France, you'll see a lot of butchers that sell horse meat. You'll also see a lot of glue factories. The two are very definitely linked — but why is it that horses make good glue? Read More >>

This Centimetre of Dried Glue Is Apparently Worth Thousands of Pounds

This glob of dried glue kind of looks like Homer Simpson. Kind of. The thing is that this insignificant blip in the scheme of humanity is about to sell on eBay for a metric crap ton. It's at £151,000 with two days to go. Read More >>