How to Make Sure You Return to a Tidy Inbox After Christmas

If you’re lucky, the holiday season means a few days away from work and the office – but the soothing, calming effect of that break can be quickly undone when you return to an inbox overflowing with hundreds of emails. Before you head off to spend some time with friends and family, here’s how to make sure you come back to a tidy inbox. Read More >>

Gmail’s Dark Theme Is Finally Here for Android 10

While Google announced a new dark theme was coming to Gmail late last month, it appears the rollout has arrived for Android 10 devices as of last night. Read More >>

Gmail Is Getting Autocorrect to Fix Your Duckups

Everyone has carefully crafted and proofread an email, only to find a glaring typo or grammatical error after hitting send. To help our fallible human eyes, Google is introducing new spelling and grammar autocorrection to Gmail. Read More >>

Email Aliases Are an Incredible, Sanity-Improving Hack

We’re all fighting a battle against the daily deluge of incoming emails, and one of the ways you can turn the tide—and get your inbox a little more organised—is by creating an email alias. This feature is available on email services from Google, Apple, and Microsoft, and is also useful for protecting your identity and your privacy. Read More >>

The Lead Designer of Gmail Has a New Chrome Extension That Kills the Confusing Redesign

Fifteen years of feature creep have left Gmail feeling a little cluttered and over-burdened for some users, including Michael Leggett, who served as the product’s lead designer from 2008 to 2012. (Fast Company has an interview with Leggett about the extension.) So who better to help strip Gmail back to its simpler roots? His free Chrome extension, Simplify, does just that, polishing away all the Gmail excess leaving only its most basic and important functions exposed with easier to find shortcuts. Read More >>

21 of the Best Gmail Features You Might Not Have Found Yet

Almost everyone is using Gmail these days, but how many of those users know all the tricks and features Google has dropped into its email platform over the last 15 years? How many neat options on the web and mobile remain undiscovered by the Gmail masses? Let us bring you right up to speed with the best Gmail features you might not have found yet. Read More >>

Gmail Finally Gets Email Scheduling Baked Right In

Google’s ubiquitous email service has now been around for 15 years, so to celebrate this milestone, Gmail is getting a couple of important new features. Read More >>

Inbox By Gmail Shuts Down on 2nd April

If you're a Google fan, you're probably pretty used to things you use shutting down. Inbox by Gmail is the latest app to get 'sunsetted' (Silicon Valley's wanky way of saying 'cancelled'), closing down on the second of April. Read More >>

How to Make Sure Important Emails Stay Out of Your Spam Folder

The algorithms guarding our inboxes have now developed to the stage that spam is usually kept at bay, but these auto-sorting processes aren’t perfect yet—if you’re not regularly opening up your spam folder to check on your email provider’s accuracy, you could well be missing some genuinely useful messages that you need to see. Read More >>

Woman Locked Out of YouTube, Gmail and Twitter for Having Same Name as Pop Star

Meghan Trainor, 45, has been an exhibiting artist and performer for more than 15 years. She’s worked in 3D printing, brain-computer interface, robotics and medieval technology. Drone metal outfit Earth is her favourite band and, this week, she was locked out of her social media accounts for 'impersonating' Meghan Trainor – that is, herself. Read More >>

Google Is Adding Excellent Right-Click Features to Gmail

“Google is making changes to Gmail” is not a phrase we’re used to hearing without a shudder going up our spine. But this time around, we’re feeling pretty good about it. Read More >>

9 Cool Tricks for That You Can’t Do in Gmail

For years Gmail has ruled the land of web-based email services, but slowly and surely Microsoft has been making a force to be reckoned with. We’re not yet at the stage where we can confidently declare is superior to Gmail for your online email checking—but what we can say is here are nine cool tricks for Microsoft’s webmail service that Gmail can’t quite match. Read More >>

Google Is Killing Inbox—Here Are Some Alternatives

Bad news for fans of innovative email systems: Inbox by Gmail is shutting down, less than four years after it first saw the light of day. If you’re a deeply invested Inbox user, where can you find the same sorts of features and tools beyond next March? We’ve got some ideas. Read More >>

Gmail Will Soon Let You Turn Off Those Damn Smart Replies

The Wall Street Journal spoke with numerous Gmail users who are a little weirded out by the now-fully rolled out Smart Reply feature that scans your email for context and suggests three potential replies. Among the anecdotes about awkward interactions and giving up our personhood to the machines, the piece also revealed that Google will soon make the feature optional on desktops. Read More >>

Google Says It Doesn’t Go Through Your Inbox Anymore, But It Lets Other Apps Do It

Millions of people use third-party apps in conjunction with their Gmail accounts, and hundreds of millions of messages flow through the service on a regular basis. Last year, Google itself vowed to stop scanning users’ personal emails for data-driven advertising gold but it reportedly is still giving outside apps the ability to snoop through inboxes. Read More >>