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Free-Diving in a Frozen Lake Looks Terrifying and Surreal

In apparent preparation for moving to an Atlantean utopia after nuclear fallout, Matthew Villegas recently went free diving underneath the frozen lake of Morrison Quarry in Quebec and captured the scary adventure on camera. The results are a terrifyingly surreal blue-green adventure. Read More >>

The Trailer for the Point Break Remake is Basically Every GoPro Video

You know all those GoPro videos you see on the Internet? You know the ones. Where crazy people skydive off planes and fly in wingsuits and snowboard and ride motorcycles and jump off cliffs and live Very Extreme Lives. All of that happens in the trailer for the remake of Point Break. Only they slapped a dark and gritty filter to make it “cinematic”. Read More >>

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Watching a Go-Pro Camera Fall 10,000 Feet is Mesmerising

A Go-Pro camera was recently found outside of Kristianstad, Sweden, after its skydiving owner lost it during a jump. Remarkably, the camera was still functional, but even more incredible is the footage it captured during nearly 10,000 feet of descent. Read More >>

How the GoPro Became the Best Selling Camera In the World

The GoPro is an amazing action camera that lets people record extreme sports, daredevil feats, and other spectacles. Just a few years ago it would have been impossible. But now it has become the best selling camera in the world. Read More >>

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This 4 Minute Video of GoPro Footage Proves Why It’s So Great Being Human

Every once and a while we need a reminder to be more awesome by doing more awesome. Jump off a cliff. Sky dive. Race a plane. Ride a bike. Surf. Anything. When you attach a GoPro to your head and put a thumping electronic beat as your soundtrack, life will always seem pretty rad. Read More >>

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How to Stop Time With a Ceiling Fan, Two Torches and a Camera

Remember the now-ubiquitous bullet time effect in the Matrix? That technique requires dozens of cameras and other expensive gear, but JPL engineer, inventor and Gizmodo friend Mark Rober, figured out how to do it for just a few quid. Read More >>

Inside the GoPro Hero 3: The Secret to Getting Huge Pictures Out of a Tiny Camera

What the little GoPro Hero 3 lacks in size, it makes up for in big pictures. But what makes that rugged camera work? The teardown scientists over at iFixit took a look under the hood of GoPro's latest. Read More >>

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Seagulls Love Stealing GoPro Cameras and Flying Away

The conspiracy of GoPro and its under-the-table payment of seagulls to create awesome viral video continues. Yes, this is a "thing". Maybe. Probably not. Anyway, check out this video of how a GoPro, which was taking a sunset of San Francisco, was ruthlessly stolen by a seagull who went on a quick flying tour of the Bay Area (complete with Golden Gate Bridge). Read More >>

GoPro Goes Off the Deep End With HD Hero Dive Housing

The awesome little GoPro HD Hero cameras, which always pop up on TV whenever someone's doing something extreme and needs a camera strapping to their heads, now has a case designed to take the popular video capture machine underwater. Read More >>

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The 12 (Actually 13) Most Awesome GoPro Videos So Far

Man, you really can strap a Go Pro to just about anything, can't you? Our friends at Oobject have assembled twelve of the most creative uses the versatile camera. Read More >>

CamOne Infinity Is the First Action Cam With Interchangeable Lenses

The CamOne Infinity is an action cam with a key difference that could help set it apart from the GoPro if it arrives to market: it has interchangeable lenses. Read More >>

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Watching People Pull Extreme Tricks on a Pogo Stick Is Spine Bending

Pogo sticks always amused the hell out of me. Up. Down. Up. Down. Repeat. These guys, however, take pogo sticks to the next level, it's more like: Up. Down. Spin. Jump over a woman in a wheelchair. Grind the railing. Up. Down. Go crazy. Read More >>

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Here’s What It’s Like to Have a Dog Chew on You

Of all the times you've played fetch, it's doubtful you've ever empathised with that poor stick. Today, that changes. One enterprising canine owner mounted a Go Pro cam to a stick, and now the world knows. It's cute and frightening! Read More >>