Shin Godzilla Adds a Political Twist to Cinema’s Most Iconic Monster

Godzilla’s a long-standing cornerstone of cinema, both in western and eastern culture. Rarely a year goes by without some kind of Godzilla flick coming to our screens in one way or another; 2014’s Godzilla, directed by Gareth Edwards, being the most notable recent addition. There was even Colossal earlier this year where a drunk Anne Hathaway controlled a Godzilla-like beast from the safety of her American suburb. Meanwhile, Japan’s been doing its own thing, and their latest offering to the genre is Shin Godzilla, which hit UK cinemas yesterday. Read More >>

The Godzilla Anime Movie Sounds Like a Totally Wild Scifi Epic

The first animated entry into the Japanese Godzilla canon is going buck wild, it seems. We already had hints that it wasn’t just going to be your standard kaiju movie thanks to the out-of-this-world concept art, but a newly revealed synopsis teases just how out there the movie is going to get. Read More >>

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Why Japan’s Godzilla Is So Much Better Than America’s Godzilla

Godzilla isn’t just a Kaiju that’s the king of the monsters. Godzilla doesn’t just spend its time mindlessly destroying the world with its atomic breath in brain-numbing American remakes that no one should spend two hours watching. Or, fine, Godzilla is that in America. But in Japan, Godzilla represents so much more. Read More >>

Our First Solid Details About Japan’s Next Godzilla Film

Sure, we might have seen Shin Godzilla in action already, but even then, we didn’t actually know all that much about the King of the Monsters’ latest film. But now the first few details about Japan’s newest Godzilla film have arrived, including the fact that it’s a full reboot of the kaiju franchise. Read More >>

Godzilla 2 Just Lost Its Star Wars Director

Gareth Edwards had only directed one film before tackling 2014's massive Godzilla. That film got him the gig helming Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, and although he was expected to return for Godzilla 2, that’s no longer happening. Read More >>

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Godzilla Strikes Back in the First Trailer For Japan’s New Godzilla Movie

We’ve seen tiny little bits of Hideki Anno and Shinji Higuchi’s Shin Godzilla (aka Godzilla Resurgence) — including the briefest glimpses of the latest iteration of the King of Monsters himself. But now we’ve got our first trailer for the movie, and wow, does this look awesome. Read More >>

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How the 1940s Superman Cartoon Changed Eveything

The Superman cartoons from the 1940s were animated with a beauty and fluidity not seen before, but they were also hugely influential outside the world of animation. Read More >>

The Top Ten VHS Tapes People Still Buy

Believe it or not, people still buy VHS tapes. The ageing format has been in decline for years, but between the collectors and the luddites, there’s a big enough market for Amazon to maintain a massive library of tapes for sale. You’d never guess what tops the “New and Popular” list. Read More >>

Happy Birthday, Godzilla — 60 Years of Never Being Remotely Scary

The monster from the depths first appeared on cinema screens back in 1954, meaning it's about to celebrate 60 years of being an allegory for environmental catastrophe via the medium of a man in a pantomime monster suit. Read More >>

Classic Godzilla Monsters Will be Appearing in New Films

The recent Godzilla reboot went down incredibly well, so it's hardly surprising that Legendary Pictures has confirmed that a sequel is on the way. That's not all, though, it has been confirmed that classic monsters Mothra, Rodan, and King Ghidorah will all make appearances in the rebooted film franchise. Read More >>

Spiked Godzilla Hoodie Lets You Live Out Your Destructive Fantasies

With the latest version of the film destroying the box office, it's cool to like Godzilla again. And we all know that the best way to show your appreciation for anything is to wear a hoodie that turns you into a crude facsimile of it. Read More >>

These Cool Drawings Show the Anatomy of Godzilla and all His Friends and Foes

This diagram showing a medical cross-section of Godzilla was created in 1967 by Shogo Endo for a book called An Anatomical Guide to Monsters. Apart from Godzilla it contains a variety of anatomical drawings of many other kaijus, including Mothra, Gamera and Agurius. Read More >>

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Godzilla Director Will Helm the First Star Wars Spin-Off Movie

British director Gareth Edwards has been chosen to direct the first Star Wars spin-off movie, set for release on the 16th December 2016. Read More >>

Which Monsters Would You Want to See in Godzilla 2?

Gareth Edwards's excellent Godzilla reboot has taken a massive bite out of box office receipts, making £61 million internationally during its opening weekend. That's enough for Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures to greenlight a sequel already, according to Deadline. So which kaiju should go 12 rounds with the King of the Monsters next time? King Ghidora? Mechagodzilla? [Deadline] Read More >>

These Bones Might be the Biggest Creature That Ever Walked the Earth

Paleontologists have just unearthed the fossilised bones of a gigantic dinosaur that's never been seen before. They believe it's an entirely new species—and based on the size of its bones, it's way bigger than what we thought was the biggest dinosaur ever. Meet the new number one among earthly creatures. Read More >>