The Real Story of How Apple Made the Gold iPhone

Forget Jony Ive or Phil Schiller or anyone else Apple wheeled out on stage at the iPhone launch -- this is clearly the guy really behind that tacky new iPhone Apple's launched. Read More >>

This is Apparently the Golden iPhone 5S

With all this talk of a golden iPhone I was expecting something a bit more gaudy, but "champagne" as it seems to be called now doesn't look that bad. In fact, it's barely any different from the white one, just slightly more yellow. Read More >>

11 Gold iPhones You Can Buy Right Now

The scuttlebutt today is that the rumoured iPhone 5S will come in gold. GOLD! While the colour option would be new to Apple, it's not exactly a new concept. People have been blinging iPhones in myriad ways since the gadget's very earliest days. Here's how you could have a gold iPhone today — while it's still cool. Read More >>

Why a Gold iPhone 5S Actually Makes Sense

Full disclosure: We've been seeing the gold iPhone rumours for weeks now, but have largely been brushing them aside. Fake Apple rumours are as easy to come by as tangled EarPod cords this close to a new product launch, and this one in particular seemed too outlandish, too... tacky. But gold iPhone reports have reached that saturation point — even AllThingsD is confirming — where they can't be ignored anymore. Especially considering how much sense it all makes. Read More >>

Is a Gold iPhone a Step too Far?

Along with the rumours of the iPhone 5S and the puke-green iPhone 5C, there's also been the idea of a gold iPhone 5S banded around. Black, white, and gold. Isn't the shiny yellow stuff a bit gaudy for a phone? Read More >>