Huge Queues Expected for Palace’s Golden Public Toilet

Attention criminally-minded plumbers: a fully golden toilet is about to arrive in the UK, where it'll be installed at Blenheim Palace. But in a thrilling twist to societal norms, this is for our dirty proletarian bottoms to touch, not just for passing for royalty to hover over as a servant neatly folds sheets of toilet paper. Read More >>

A Breakthrough in 3D Printing Liquids Could Lead to Squishy, Flexible Gadgets

The most common types of 3D printing involve either extruding melted plastic or using a laser to solidify tiny particles, layer by layer, to slowly build up a solid object. But researchers at the Department of Energy’s Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory have found a way to radically change that process by 3D printing liquids inside other liquids—and it could mean major advancements in gadget construction. Read More >>

Metal Detectorists Discover Fake Metal Detectorists’ Haul of Fake Metal

Some terribly sad news involving a pair of genuine metal detection enthusiasts has been revealed, after the pair stumbled across the holy grail of the hobbyist world — a stash of gold coins in a field they thought could be worth up to £250,000. Sadly all was not as it seemed. Read More >>

Neil Armstrong’s Solid Gold Moon Lander Replica Stolen From Museum

It’s been a bad couple of weeks for priceless artefacts from NASA history. First, a moon-dusted sample bag from Apollo 11 was privately auctioned, and now a solid gold moon lander replica that was gifted to Neil Armstrong in 1969 has been stolen from his museum. On Sunday, a NASA investigator worried that the thieves don’t even know what they have on their hands. Read More >>

Bitcoin Is Now Worth More Than Gold

Last night, for the first time, the value of Bitcoin was higher than gold: $1,268 (about £1036) for one Bitcoin vs $1,233 (about £1,008) for a troy ounce of gold when the markets closed. Read More >>

Gold-Plating a Drone Is Officially the Worst Idea

Let’s be perfectly clear on this. Gold-plating anything, be it a phone, or a toilet, or a smartwatch, is a terrible and tacky idea. But gold-plating a drone is even worse, and it has nothing to do with aesthetics. Read More >>

The Stupidest Apple Watch Has Been Killed Off

Now for a piece of news that should surprise nobody. The laughably expensive 18-karat gold Apple Watch Edition has been taken out back and shot through the head -- a $10,000-$17,000 luxury mistake that was never going to appeal to anybody beyond celebrities (who received it for free) and tasteless idiots. Read More >>

What is the Legendary Nazi Gold Train?

Last year, historian bounty hunters Andreas Richter and Piotr Koper got everyone very excited when they revealed, sort of and according mainly to them, the location of the Nazi Gold Train -- a train containing a hidden stash of stolen art and valuables said to have been packed up and hidden by the Nazis to fund their retirements in Argentina and/or WWIII. But is it actually real? Read More >>

How to Extract Pure Gold From Busted Electronics

That little bead right there? That’s all the gold in two kilos of electronics waste. And it took so very much work to get there. Read More >>

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The Three Ways to Test If Something is Real Solid Gold or Not

Metallurgist Grigory Raykhtsaum shows Smithsonian three different ways to test if something is solid gold: a colour test, a thermal conductivity test, and a particle test. Read More >>

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The Art of Making an Impossibly Thin Gold Leaf from a Tiny Piece of Gold

Gold is so malleable that a single gram of it can be stretched into a strip nearly two miles long. A tiny little coin can be pressed into a 0.0001-millimetre-thin golden rectangle sheet the size of a tatami mat. So leave it to the talented artisans of Japan to transform a tiny bit of gold into shimmering gold leaf that’s so thin, it’s almost translucent. Read More >>

Apple’s Recycling Programme Netted £28 Million in Gold Last Year

Over the last year, Apple processed 40.80 million kilos of electronics they were unwanted or broken. It turns out they were nearly worth their weight in gold—a substance which is used heavily in electronics for its conductivity and resistance to corrosion. Read More >>

Gold Aerogel is Light Enough To Float on Cappuccino Foam

This is the least dense gold nugget in existence. It can be held up with a feather. And it’s supported by a space-age material often dubbed “frozen smoke”, but we know it as aerogel. Read More >>

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Where Does Gold Come From? Can We Make Our Own?

Where does gold come from? The answer: space, basically. Supernovae, specifically. Alchemy, sort of. So gold doesn’t actually originate from the core of Earth but actually from a star explosion that showers the universe with debris and well, gold. That means there’s not that much of it actually on Earth (all the gold mined in history only fills three Olympic-sized pools) but we can now make our own gold! Read More >>

The New Gold iPod is More Interesting Than it Looks 

You can now buy a gold iPod Touch. Eugh, I know, gold. Looking beyond the potential tackiness, beneath its golden shell, the iPod is starting to look a little bit like the low-cost phones that so many of its competitors are working on, too. Read More >>