Drones Buzz Golden Gate Bridge, Prompting Security Fears

The earthquake-prone Bay Area is already a pretty precarious area for bridges, but now suspicious drone activity is also a concern for San Francisco’s famous Golden Gate. Read More >>

The Golden Gate Bridge Looked Even More Stunning Before It Had a Road

The Golden Gate Bridge is almost certainly America's most iconic bridge, and one of the country's most-photographed landmarks. But here, you see it in a state only a handful of people ever witness: reaching across the San Francisco Bay for the very first time. Read More >>

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The Golden Gate Bridge Looks Good as Ever on Its 75th Birthday

Yesterday was the Golden Gate Bridge's 75th birthday. To mark the occasion, there was a day-long party in San Francisco, which culminated in a massive fireworks display and light show. And we have to say, the old bridge looks as beautiful as ever bathed in the light of the fireworks. Read More >>