My Weird Cat Taught Himself to Piss in the Toilet – and Showed Me the Meaning of Life

I don’t know how else to say this: My cat taught himself to piss in the toilet. Yes, the people one. Yes, on his own. Without any instruction, my cat has effectively potty-trained himself, squatting over the toilet bowl in an eerie approximation of human bathroom use – and now I don’t know what to believe. Read More >>

Scientists Need 10,000 Dog Volunteers for Very Important Research

Calling all good boys and girls: This week, researchers debuted a citizen science project that’s hoping to enlist 10,000 furry friends to better study ageing in both dogs and people. And they’re asking pet owners across the U.S. to volunteer their pups to participate. Read More >>

Ancient Cave Art Depicts Oldest Evidence of Dogs Wearing Leashes

A new analysis of ancient rock art demonstrates that humans hunted with dogs on the Arabian Peninsula over 8,000 years ago—and it looks like those dogs wore leashes. Read More >>

Terrifying Looking T-rex Ants Actually Total Wimps

There are a lot of silly ways you can name a new species—maybe after a boat, or the President, or the sound you made when you found it. But this little ant probably received one of the most badass names possible: Tyrannomyrmex rex, T-rex for short. Read More >>

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Two Good Boys Pull a Snowboarder Through a Storm

Barney and Cabot are golden retrievers. The man on the snowboard is Barney and Cabot’s dad. Barney and Cabot’s dad is using his good boys as transportation. Read More >>