Google Promises to Crack Down on Ads Offering Official Services at Extortionate Prices

Following a BBC investigation, Google has promised to investigate instances of ads for overpriced services eclipsing the official channels that are much cheaper, and sometimes free of charge. Read More >>

Google Lifts Ban on Addiction Rehab Ads

For several months, Google did not allow any ads for recovery-oriented services to appear when you searched drug addiction-related terms. But the search giant is easing up on its rehab-related restrictions, TechCrunch reports. Read More >>

Google: Please Don’t Look at Our Very Tiny Ad Problem

It’s been a tough few weeks for Google. Several companies have pulled their ads from its network after various news outlets revealed that those ads have appeared on extremist, racist, or otherwise offensive videos. But never fear. A Google executive says the problem is, actually, small. And not just very small, in fact. Not even very, very small. But very, very, very small. Read More >>