Hilarious Ebook Scanning Error Replaces “Arms” With “Anus”

Well, this is awkward. You're reading a 19th-century romance novel where the plucky heroine is finally reunited with her lover, so she joyously flings "her anus around his neck." Wait, what? It turns out this is a surprisingly common turn of events in Google Books search. OCR, you sure have some kinky tastes. Read More >>

Google Wins the Right to Keep Scanning Millions of Books for Free

Nearly a decade after it started, the lawsuit between the Authors' Guild and Google over its book-scanning program has been thrown out. This means that Google can keep digitising millions of books for free distribution, and more importantly, that fair use is in the public's best interest. Read More >>

Travellers Beware: Google Play Might Delete All Your Books

It's easy to forget that owning something digitally is way different from owning it for real. And if you do forget, it can bite you in the ass. That's what happened to Jim O'Donnell when he traveled into Singapore and found that Google Play Books app on his iPad had up and deleted all his ebooks. Read More >>

Google Books Has Just Become a Book-Pirate’s Dream

Part of the Google I/O onslaught yesterday was an update to Google Play Books for both Android and iOS. In and of itself it's not exactly ground-breaking, but Google'll now let you read books uploaded to your Google Drive (through Google Books), which means cloud-syncing for your own, erm, acquired books. Read More >>

Google Books Now Available On British Soil

This is great news for Android users -- Google Books has finally appeared in the UK. Available on Android 2.1 and higher devices, the ebooks service has over two million free public-domain ebooks, plus a few hundred thousand for sale. [Android Market via Eurodroid] Read More >>