Google’s Self-Driving Car Crash Sends Operator To Hospital

Self-driving cars will probably make the world a better place—someday—when they eliminate the likelihood of injuries in crashes. Today, is not that day. Read More >>

If You Don’t Like the Idea of Google Driving Your Car, Maybe You’ll Trust IBM?

IBM’s Watson can make drinks, detect sarcasm, and beat you at game shows. The world’s most famous computer already acts so much more like a human than most people I know. Now transportation startup Local Motors is putting Watson behind the wheel. Read More >>

Google is Opening a Detroit Office to Poach Auto Talent

Just few weeks after Google got us all excited about its impending fleet of autonomous Chrysler people carriers, the company’s Self-Driving Car project announced that it’s packing up at least part of its operation and moving it to Detroit, aka Motor City. Ford, hide your engineers! Read More >>

This Is the Totally Wrong Way to Think About Self-Driving Cars

I’m no fan of cars, as you might have guessed from some of my previous stories. But I do believe that better technology—namely the kind that will prevent humans from driving them—can make cars, and our world, better. Read More >>

Google Knows Its Self-Driving Cars Are ‘Going to Have Worse Days’ 

“We don’t like our car bumping into things,” said Chris Urmson, head of Google’s self-driving project, addressing the February 14th incident where Google’s car stuck a bus. “This was a tough day for us.” Read More >>

A Google Self-Driving Car Got Into a Crash With a Bus (And That’s Okay)

Well, it finally happened. One of Google’s autonomous vehicles might have caused a minor fender-bender. (Luckily, it appears nobody was hurt.) And guess what—it’s probably going to happen again. And that’s fine. Read More >>

How Autonomous Vehicles Might Lead to More Cars on the Road 

Self-driving cars bring many promises: fewer deaths, less congestion, no more ugly car parks. But a new study highlights a critical disclaimer: unless these vehicles are shared, we’ll probably see an increase in driving. Read More >>

Why Self-Driving Cars Really Shouldn’t Ever Have Steering Wheels

The head of Google’s self-driving car division made headlines recently for asking US federal regulators to permit a vehicle without human-facing features like a steering wheel. Now he’s made a very good case for why no autonomous vehicle should have these things at all. Read More >>

Google’s Cars Drive Three Million Simulated Miles Every Day

Google’s self-driving cars have racked up about 1.4 million self-driven miles on actual roads in the last six years, but as impressive as that sounds, it’s a pittance compared to what the simulators have been doing behind the scenes. Read More >>

Not Even Google’s Self-Driving Car Can Escape the Cops

Google’s self-driving car might be intentionally designed to look cute and innocent, but as we all know, puppy-dog eyes are not enough to escape the police. Read More >>

Study: Humans Driving Cars are More Likely to Hurt Other Humans Than Self-Driving Cars

With autonomous vehicle operators now required to report their crashes, we finally have some data to compare robot drivers to human drivers when it comes to road safety. Here’s one good argument for a robot-driving future: human drivers are more likely to get in crashes that hurt or kill other humans. Read More >>

Will Autonomous Cars Kill the Traffic Light?

The first electric traffic light blazed to life a century ago this month, transforming the way our cities managed vehicular flow. But this icon of the automobile age could become a rarity on our roads, thanks to the advent of autonomous cars. Read More >>

Google’s Autonomous Car is Programmed to Speed Because it’s Safer

Self-driving cars are coming, some people are freaked out about them. Here's something that might not put those people at ease: According to a Google engineer, the cars are designed to exceed the speed limit. Don't worry though! There's actually a good reason for it. Read More >>

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This Spooky Google Car Is Driving Itself

Google's driverless car prototype has been around for a couple of years now—but have you ever spotted one in the wild? We just did, and it's equal parts insane, terrifying, and hugely cool. Read More >>