Android Messages Is Getting Some of the Best Features From Google’s Abandoned Chat App

A couple months ago, Google announced that it would be suspending development of yet another messaging app to focus on Android Messages and to help carriers adopt Google Chat, a new messaging protocol based on RCS that should make texting a whole lot better. Read More >>

Google Hangouts: Unified Chat, Unlimited Reach

After taking some major steps forward earlier this week with the announcement that Google Talk support would finally be hitting Outlook, the long-anticipated Babel all-in-one chat service has finally been revealed as... Hangouts. Which yes, we already have sort of—but not like this. Read More >>

Google Babble
Babel Will Simply Be Called Google Hangouts, Apparently

Word on the street is that Google's incoming unified messaging service has ditched its Babel moniker. According to a source talking to TechRadar it will hit our handsets simply called Google Hangouts, which already exists, so isn't really new, then? Oh, and that it'll be launched at Google I/O next week. [TechRadar] Read More >>