Google Made Chromecast Cool Again

At Gizmodo, there are few things more rewarding than eating your own words. So here I am. It’s been six months since I reviewed the apparently boring new Google Chromecast, a gadget I said “falls short” and called “a bummer.” New Google has effectively turned the Chromecast into the video game console of the future. This is me eating my own words. Read More >>

Chromecast is Bumming Me Out

Google quietly released a new Chromecast device at its big event this week. And by quietly, I mean the company didn’t mention it at all. It was just sitting in the bottom of the bag that someone gave me when I left the venue. But hey, it’s new and it’s nice-looking. It’s just a bummer Google still hasn’t made Chromecast more useful. Read More >>

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How to Use Google Home or Amazon Echo to Control What’s on Your TV

Your smart speaker is getting smarter—and part of that involves taking over what’s on the big TV screen sat in the corner of your living room. You can buy Google Homes and Amazon Echos with screens built-in, but here’s how to use them with a separate display, whether you want to watch movies or see the weather forecast. Read More >>

You Can Now Sign Up to Get Chromecast’s Newest Features Early

Google’s launched the Chromecast Preview Program, a scheme that’ll give you access to the newest Chromecast features before anyone else (well, anyone who hasn’t signed up to it). Read More >>

These are the Best UK Chromecast Apps

...or so say our new BFFs over at Lifehacker UK! As well as the Netflix and iPlayer standards, they've picked out the BT Sport app, Red Bull TV, RealPlayer Cloud, Rdio and Plex as the cream of the crop for Google Chromecast. Google Drive presentations, Doodlecast and CameraCast didn't make the cut though. Agree with their choices? Head over to to vent your spleen. [Lifehacker UK] Read More >>

Google Chromecast UK Review: Eyes Land on the Stream

Better late than never, eh Google? After waiting the best part of a year for the Google Chromecast media streaming dongle to cross the Atlantic, the thumb-sized device is now finally available in UK stores. Has it been worth the wait? Read More >>

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Google Chromecast UK Launch Looms as Wider International Release is Touted

While running the risk of turning into the boy who cried wolf, it now appears that an official UK launch date for the Google Chromecast streaming stick is just weeks away. Chromecast is available on our shores through import, but isn't officially supported in the UK by Google. That could all change soon, with a wider international release being teased. Read More >>

Chromecast UK Launch Given Shot in the Arm by Job Listing

Expanded app support isn't the only bit of Chromecast news coming out of Google HQ. It seems the company is finally gearing up for an international launch, with Google on the hunt for an international product manager. Read More >>

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Why Hasn’t Google Made the Chromecast Available in the UK Yet?

Of all Google's attempts to make headway into the world's living rooms, from the disappointing Google TV to the disastrous Nexus Q music system, the Chromecast media streamer is its first dedicated home entertainment success. So why is there still no sign of a Chromecast UK launch? Read More >>

Google Says Local Content Could Come Back to Chromecast

Yesterday, Google upset lots of folks by pulling the plug on the most awesome aspect of Chromecast, the ability to play local content through a third-party app. Today, the company's saying it was an inadvertent mistake, and that local content will stay. What gives? Read More >>

What the Inside of Google’s Chromecast Looks Like

Curious as to what's hiding inside the Google Chromecast dongle? Thanks to the FCC, we don't have to wonder what the Chromecast comes packing anymore. There's a Marvell DE3005 chip and an AzurWare chip to take care of Wi-Fi duties, according to Anandtech. FCC documents actually show Chromecast details in May, with pictures of its innards added today. Enjoy the guts. [FCC via @nerdtalker, Engadget] Read More >>

Chromecast Is Google’s Answer £25 Getting Web Video on Your TV

Meet Chromecast. This is Google's vision for how Chrome can help unite your experience across all of the many screens we've got. And you better believe it's all about video. Who knew a little $35 (£25) dongle could change the way you watch cat videos forever? Read More >>