21 Tips to Make Google Docs, Sheets and Slides Work for You

Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides have evolved to become very component online productivity tools, enabling you to churn out documents, spreadsheets and presentations from any computer (with other collaborators, if necessary). But are you taking full advantage of everything these web apps have to offer? These 21 tips will save you time, improve your work, and help you do more with these apps. Read More >>

Microsoft Bans Employees From Using Slack, Has Amazon Web Services and Google Docs on a ‘Discouraged’ List

PC giant Microsoft has informed its staff not to use popular chat app and competitor Slack, adding it to a list of “prohibited and discouraged technology” comprised of software and services that it does not want employees using outside of specific circumstances, Geekwire reported on Friday. Read More >>

You Can Soon Create and Edit Google Files in Dropbox

Dropbox has finally delivered on a long-awaited partnership with G Suite for native editing tools, and it definitely seems like it was worth the wait. Read More >>

Google’s .New Feature Makes Starting a Doc or Spreadsheet a Little Less Soul-Sucking

If you’ve long been a user of Google Docs, Google Sheets, or any other various G Suite tools, you may be familiar with the semi-arduous process of navigating to a document, sheet, form, or other file every time you need to start a new one. On the scale of things to find incredibly annoying, taking three extra seconds to open a new spreadsheet is pretty small potatoes. Even still, Google has kindly eliminated this multi-step process with the announcement of its recently unveiled “.new” domains. Read More >>

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Weird Google Docs Bug Is Locking People Out of Their Drafts

Google Docs users have been hit with a nasty surprise today as they try to edit documents—they’re getting locked out of their drafts and receiving a message warning them that their documents violate Google’s terms of service. Read More >>

Everything You Need to Know About This Week’s Massive Phishing Worm

Over a million Gmail users got hit by a phishing worm on Wednesday afternoon, sending the security world into a cacophony of screams and laughter. Screams, because the attack looked like it came from Google itself. Laughter, because the attack looked like it came from Google itself. Read More >>

5 Reasons You Might Ditch Google Docs For Dropbox Paper

Image: Dropbox
Hey Google—there’s a new lightweight, web-based, word processing tool in town and it’s called Dropbox Paper. After more than a year of beta testing, the app is finally available to anyone with a Dropbox account. It might not be loaded with as many features as Google Docs, but there’s still plenty to love that sets it apart from the more staid cloud-based word processor. Here are some of the reasons you might want to make the switch from writing all your missives in the Google ecosystem. Read More >>

Woman With Google Docs Name Has Been Getting Harassing Messages

If you’ve used Google Docs, you might have noticed that all the templates use the randomly generated fake name “Casey Baumer”. Turns out, “Casey Baumer” is also the not so randomly generated real name of a real 20-year-old food stylist who has been plagued with suspicious messages for years. Read More >>

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The Most Beautiful Video About Google Docs You’ll Ever See?

Clickhole is The Onion’s piss-take on digital media. It recently uploaded this video titled Beautiful: Israelis and Palestinians Join The Same Google Doc. Read More >>

Dropbox Wants to Take on Google Docs… Good Luck!

You probably know Dropbox for one thing, and one thing only: storing shit. Maybe you’ve used its acquired Mailbox app or even Carousel, but storing photos, videos, spreadsheets, or other digital ephemera is what Dropbox is known for. Now the company wants to expand — into Google Docs territory. Read More >>

New Feature for Gmail Broadens Microsoft Office Compatibility

Gmail's new feature means you can now convert attached Microsoft Office files to Google Docs and edit them, all within your inbox. There's also support for 15 lesser-used MS Office filetypes, and increased support for tables and charts and the like. Happy spreadsheeting. [VentureBeat via The Verge] Read More >>

Google Docs’ Autocomplete Knows Where You’d Rather Be

As far as cloud-based text editors are concerned, Google Docs is just about as convenient as they come. Still, old habits die hard; Google Docs knows this. And it's here to smack the MS Office right out of you. Read More >>

Beware of This Convincing Google Docs Phishing Scam

A very tricky phishing scam that takes advantage of Google Docs is making its way around the web. And since it uses a URL and even makes use of Google's SSL encryption, it's almost impossible to tell that it's a hack. Your best safeguard, as always, is a little bit of common sense. Read More >>

Google Adds on Third-Party Plugins for Docs and Sheets

Google's just added third-party plugins to Google Docs and Sheets. Called Add-Ons, they enable tasks like printing address labels or getting approvals on documents—similar to the apps Microsoft Office users are familiar with. Read More >>