Google Faces Lawsuit in Belgium for Not Blurring Military Sites and Nuclear Power Plants on Maps

Belgium plans to sue Google over the tech giant’s refusal to blur sensitive military sites and nuclear power plants on the company’s various mapping platforms. Military leaders in Belgium have not yet filed a formal complaint but confirmed to Reuters that they intend to sue. Read More >>

Google Earth Now Lets You Pointlessly Measure Distances and Areas, and We Couldn’t Be Happier

It’s Tuesday afternoon and Google has given you a reason to waste some of your precious workday in Google Earth. Read More >>

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4,000 Google Earth Photos Were Edited and Assembled Into This Dizzying Race Across the Earth

You don’t always need a wealthy record label to create a memorable music video. As YouTube’s Adnaan demonstrates, all you need is access to the massive archive of satellite photos on Google Earth, and enough time to painstakingly assemble over 4,000 of them into a frantic race across the Earth. Read More >>

Google’s Greatest Time-Sucking Invention Just Got a Lot Better

Google Earth is one of the purest, most beautiful gifts the company has ever given us. Today, the globe-trotting software received a major overhaul that will delight hardcore fans and remind others that it’s still a great way to throw away hours of your life. Read More >>

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Watch Humans Destroy The Earth in 30 Years With Google Earth Time Lapse

Humans do not treat the Earth kindly, and now we have even more evidence. Google just updated the Google Earth Engine to include four years of additional imagery, petabytes of new data, and generally a much clearer view of any location on Earth from 1984 to 2016. The best part: You can watch any area on Earth in a time lapse video. Read More >>

The First Full-Colour HD Videos of Earth Taken From Space are Amazing

Satellite imagery has become a part of our daily digital lives. We use stills of our planet to navigate to the local shopping centre, for goodness sake. But when those images are moving, the result is so stunning that it’s almost magical. UrtheCast has released the first full-colour HD video of Earth shot from the International Space Station. And it’s just gorgeous. Read More >>

These Stunning Geometric Patterns Were Created From Google Earth Images

Satellite images of our world are incredible on their own. But artist Federico Winer has taken aerial photography to a new level by portraying planet Earth as a mesmerising kaleidoscope of geometric patterns and colours. Read More >>

This Chrome Extension Turns New Tabs Into Aerial Art

Want an easy way to liven up your day? Download the new Earth View from Google Maps extension for Chrome. It shows you a striking new satellite image every time you open a new tab, and it's delightful. Read More >>

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Space Detective is Now a Job That Exists

Want to use some damning images from Google Earth to back up your case in a lawsuit? Right now it's not quite that easy. Which is why a satellite imaging specialist and space lawyer (actual thing) have just formed what is about to become every NASA-loving kid's dream job: the world's very first space detective agency. Read More >>

Google’s Mapping Team Finish Building 3D London

Spinning around London's tourist hotspots via Google just got substantially more impressive, thanks to the overgrown search engine provider adding full 3D imagery and maps for the majority of London. Read More >>