Google Edition Phones Aren’t the Answer You Were Hoping For

Google Editions of the HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S4 — phones devoid of manufacturer skins, running pure Android — were supposed to be the solution to one of Android's biggest problems. No longer would premium hardware be left behind when platform updates happen. That was the idea, anyway. But today we found out that's not quite the case. Read More >>

Install the Cool New Android 4.3 Camera App on Any Unrooted Phone

We might not be able to snag ourselves a Google Edition of the HTC One or Samsung Galaxy S4 in the UK yet, but we can at least get a taste of what they're like through their leaked camera app. Thanks to some enterprising users, you can now download the APK and install it on pretty much any Android 4.0+ phone without having to root. Read More >>

You Can Turn Your HTC One Into a Google Edition With This ROM

Well that didn't take long. The Google Edition of the HTC One has really only just gone on sale in the US, but already some enterprising hackers have dumped its ROM and made a version any UK HTC One owner can install on their non-Google Edition devices. You didn't exactly love Sense, right? Read More >>

The Sony Xperia Z Is the Latest Rumoured Google Edition Phone

Whether Google's dumping the Nexus line or not, it seems the "Google Edition" series is growing fast. First we had the Samsung Galaxy S4 without all that bloat, then an HTC One with stock Android, and now rumours are circling that we'll get a Sony Xperia Z with Jelly Bean sans skin the way Google intended. Read More >>

HTC’s Looking at Bringing Stock Android to Existing One Owners

After the wholly unsurprising, but still-good-to-hear news yesterday that HTC is producing a stock Android, 'Nexus' version of the HTC One for Google, HTC also let slip that it's looking at giving early adopters (read people who have already bought Ones) a taste of stock Android too. Read More >>