Google’s Big Wear OS Revamp Has Started Rolling Out

While it doesn’t have a grand, overarching designation, you can think of Google’s recently announced revamp to its smartwatch platform as the third version of Wear OS (though officially, it’s 2.1). It’s got an all-new UI, updated health and fitness tracking, better app integration, and more, and it all should be headed to your device starting today. Read More >>

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How To Get All Your Fitness Tracking Data in One Place

You’ve got data pouring in from your connected fitness tracker, your smartphone, your smartwatch, the smart scales in your bathroom and the dieting app you use to log your meals—so how do you get all of this information in one place? It isn’t easy, but here are a few pointers to help. Read More >>

Google Fit App Makes a Run for the Play Store

Google Fit is now live on the Play Store, and, well, it looks pretty much exactly like Google said it would. It also looks a heck of a lot like Apple's HealthKit and corresponding Health app – not in terms of design, but features. That aside, it does look pretty useful. Read More >>

An Apple a Day: iOS 8, Android L and the Mobile Race to Track Your Health

Fitness bands, heart rate trackers, sleep monitors -- the world of tech is no stranger to health-focussed gadgets. But when two of the world's largest technology companies, Apple and Google, reveal that they are to make a significant effort to enter into the world of health tracking themselves, it's time to sit up and take note. Read More >>

Google Wants to Keep Track of Your Vitals with Google Fit

Going head-to-head with Apple's newly announced HealthKit, Google has just revealed Google Fit, a fitness tracking service service to call its very own. Read More >>