How Science Fiction Ruined Smart Glasses

When you picture a pair of smart glasses, chances are you’re envisioning something slick. Perhaps, a stylish pair of aviators that with either a discreet tap or voice command, will immediately pull up an array of information based on whatever you’re looking at. In any case, you probably imagine someone like James Bond or Tony Stark wearing them. Read More >>

Apple Might Be Quietly Planning To Make A Google Glass Competitor

Augmented reality headsets haven't quite revolutionised the world like some originally speculated they would. They're clunky, heavy and their functionality is pretty limited right now. But a new report claims Apple might be throwing its hat in the AR headset ring anyway. The report claimed to have discovered code on iOS 13 suggesting there's one on the way. Here's what we know. Read More >>

Google Glass Gets a Fresh Update With More Powerful Guts – Still Look Dorky as Hell

Almost two years ago, Google parent Alphabet reminded the world that Google Glass wasn’t dead – it just wasn’t for regular consumers. Rebranding Google Glass as an enterprise tool for blue-collar factory workers and doctors was a savvy move that breathed new life into the smart glasses. Today, Alphabet is building on the progress it made in its switch to enterprise with some refreshed hardware for Google Glass. It’s also transitioning Glass from its experimental X division to main Google. Read More >>

Google Glass Is Back, But Only For Big Business

First Brexit, then Trump and now Google Glass is coming back. What have we done to deserve this? Is it because we touch ourselves at night? Anyway, Google's much-maligned augmented reality headpiece is making a return Read More >>

The Future of Tech Is Sideways Headphones

For better or for worse, Silicon Valley is always on the hunt for The Next Big Thing. But while tech giants like Apple and Google have bet big on developing the latest wearable technology, the real future of smart devices might have been sitting right under our noses (or is it on top our heads???) all along. Read More >>

Google Glass Is Dead, Long Live Snapchat Spectacles

It seems like it was ages ago that Google Glass was the future that nobody wanted. The wearable tech had at least one bad design flaw—it seemed to get its early adopters punched in the face because people didn’t like the camera being pointed at them. Now, Snapchat thinks people are finally ready for glasses-mounted personal recording. Read More >>

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This Augmented Reality Future Looks Like a Living Hell

It’s fun for the occasional tech demo, but now we know the real reason that Google Glass, and other augmented reality solutions, have failed to catch on. The future they’ve promised us will eventually turn into the same nightmare that surfing the web has become—a sea of intrusive ads and countless another annoyances trying to sell you something. Read More >>

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Someone’s Managed to Install Android 4.4 KitKat on Google Glass

Google Glass may have been pulled last year, but it’s far from dead. The high-tech eyewear still has a wide fanbase, with users determined to help the device reach its full potential. One such fan has managed to install a build of Android 4.4 KitKat on his Google Glass, and he’s promised to release the source code in the near future. Read More >>

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Tesla Reportedly Using Google Glass to Build Cars Better

Google Glass has thus far been a flop for regular people doing normal things. But for more boring tasks like enhancing productivity and increasing profit, there’s still promise. A report from Electrek claims that Tesla is using the new Enterprise Edition headsets at one of its factories. Read More >>

The Unannounced New Google Glass is on Sale on eBay and Nobody Knows Why

The Google Glass timeline is a bloody confusing one, and it’s just become even stranger. After suddenly pulling its original high-tech piece of eyeware from the market last year, it quickly emerged that the company was working on a follow-up headset, which sounded very similar to the first. Read More >>

Google Wants to Forget it Ever Tried to Sell Humans Google Glass

After many months of silence, Google’s finally scrubbed the internet clean of its weird wearable consumer experiment known as Google Glass. Spotted by 9to5Google, Glass-related accounts on Google+, Twitter, and Instagram have been shutdown with only Google+ giving any kind of parting farewell: Read More >>

Google Glass Is Still a Bad Idea

Google ended its Glass Explorer programme a year ago, bringing a welcome end to the experiment. But Google Glass is not dead. Instead, the device is being resurrected as a tool for workplaces, and government regulators just released images of a prototype. Read More >>

Patent Suggests the New Version of Google Glass Will Be Ugly and Creepy (Again)

Google’s been granted a patent for what looks like the follow-up to Glass, its original and widely-ridiculed headpiece. The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has approved the company’s 2012 patent submission, which comprises a wiggly heads-up-display that appears to wrap around one side of the user’s head. Read More >>

Google’s Distributing a New Clip-On Glass Product for Workplaces

Remember how useless Google Glass seemed when the search giant launched the geeky and invasive product? Turns out, some workplaces actually think they’re useful. And now, Google is now distributing a new version of Glass to select businesses. Read More >>