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Get a £100 Discount on the Google Home Max With Today’s Daily Deals

When it comes to smart speakers (or speakers of any kind, really) you generally get what you pay for. Cheap speakers never sound as good, and if you are willing to pay a bit more you can get something a lot better. Of course we all love to save money, and when a great speaker gets a hefty price cut it should peak your interest. Especially when it's the Google Home Max, a device we called "the best smart speaker on the market" (at the time) in our official review. Read More >>

The Google Home Max is Half Price for a Very Short Time

If you've been hankering after a Google Home Max with its booming sound capabilities and self-adjusting acoustics, today is your lucky day: it's been temporarily slashed from £399 to £199 on the Google Store. Read More >>

How the HomePod Stacks Up Against Other Smart Speakers

It seems like every new wireless speaker on the market comes with a voice assistant now. Since 2014, when Amazon announced the Echo, the idea of a smart speaker has taken the gadget world by storm. Apple has finally thrown its hat into the ring with the release of the HomePod, leaving us to wonder which smart speaker is the best smart speaker. So we tested them to find out. Read More >>

Google’s Got a Proper Smart Speaker Now, Called Google Home Max

Google Home is already a smart speaker of sorts, but since every company wants to take on Sonos these days it's gone and revealed something new and (presumably) better. It's Called Google Home Max, and it actually looks like a speaker, rather than some sort of weird plant pot. Read More >>