Google Photos Keeps Tagging My Images Wrong And I Love It

There’s a new image storage service in town and, if you haven’t heard, it’s dang promising. Unlimited storage? Automatic geotagging? Search by photo subject? Yes, please. Google Photos is poised to take over my digital image library. It’s also good for a laugh when it gets it all wrong. Read More >>

Google’s New Hands-Free Feature Will Lets People Pay With These Magic Words

“I’d like to pay with Google.” Say that phrase at a shop’s register, and you could soon check out without even touching your wallet—or phone. It’s called Hands Free, and it comes on the heels of Google announcing its upcoming payments app, Android Pay, at I/O. Read More >>

Why Google Now is the Most Compelling Reason to Use Android

In the early years (like five years ago, in fact), iPhone and Android were at odds. Closed vs. open; Design vs. customisation. Now, those lines are more blurred than ever. But Android has always had one absolute ace, and Google I/O 2015 just proved it: Google Now. Read More >>

Google’s Putting Some Icing On Its Half-Baked Android TV Cake

Last year, Gizmodo’s Sean Hollister declared Android TV an exciting, beautiful mess. “You should probably steer clear till Google gets its shit together,” he wrote. At I/O, Google’s telling us about an updated Android TV that may indicate that its shit is actually being gathered. Read More >>

A History of Android, From Cupcake to Android M

Android was born in early November 2007. Since then, it’s grown up to be one of the most dominate operating systems in the world. But that didn’t just happen overnight. Like all of us, Android went through some awkward years and learned some hard lessons before becoming the OS it is today. Read More >>

When is This Going to Get Creepy? Google’s Thirst for Data is Bloody Terrifying

Last night Google held its latest glitzy product update presentation at the start of its I/O developers conference in San Francisco. Clocking in at a punishingly long 2 hours and 17 minutes, the presentation was a detailed look at updates across the entire suite of Google products - from Android M, to wearables, to virtual reality. Read More >>

Google’s New Android Features, As Told By GIFs

Android M is here! Ok, the developer preview is here, but still. It’s got Android Pay. It’s got battery-saving superpowers. It’s got a more powerful Google Now. Here’s the very first look at Android M in the subtle art of the GIF. Read More >>

Google Now on Tap Hands-On: Contextual Awesomeness

One of the most exciting features in the (distant future) release of Android M is the upgraded version of Google Now. It’s built to understand context better than before. I just got a quick look at it on a Googler’s Nexus 5, and while this was obviously a demo, I’m cautiously optimistic about it. Read More >>