Huawei Will Get Mapping Tech from TomTom Because the U.S. Banned It from Using Google Maps

Huawei has a message for the United States: it can live without Google Maps. The Chinese smartphone giant has reached a deal with the Dutch location technology provider TomTom that will allow it to use the company’s maps, traffic information and navigation software to develop its own mobile apps. Read More >>

Google Begins Rolling Out Incognito Mode for Maps

Bolstering its claims of a greater focus on user privacy, Google is finally starting to roll out Incognito mode for its Maps app. Read More >>

9 Uses for Street View Besides Checking Out Your Old Neighbourhood

Street View has been with us since 2007, allowing us to spy on our old neighbourhoods, see our front door on the internet, and generally travel the globe without getting up from the sofa. This ever-expanding digital library of locations has more uses than you might realise – and here we’ve listed some of our favourites. Read More >>

Body of Man Who Went Missing in 1997 Discovered in Pond on Google Maps

The body of William Moldt, a 40-year-old man from the US state of Florida who was reported missing in November of 1997, has been found. And it’s all thanks to Google Maps, strangely enough. Read More >>

Your Google Maps is About to Get an AR-Directions Upgrade – Here’s What to Expect

GPS has done wonders for the directionally challenged, but there’s still a few quirks. Every time I emerge from the stinky depths of the New York City subway, for instance, my phone’s compass takes forever to figure out which direction I’m pointed in. Half the time I end up walking a few blocks in the wrong direction, especially if it’s in a neighbourhood or city I’m not familiar with. But today, Google announced its finally rolling out its Live View augmented reality walking directions in Google Maps. Read More >>

How You Can Improve Your Favourite Maps App so it Doesn’t Suck

The mapping app on your phone isn’t always as reliable as you might hope, and despite all the advances in AI and street photography, Apple Maps and Google Maps can still benefit from some human editing. Here’s how to make your favourite maps app better for you, and everyone else who uses it. Read More >>

Dozens of Drivers Got Stuck After Blindly Following Google Maps Into a Mud Pit

Nearly a hundred drivers in Colorado, USA this week followed a digital Pied Piper into an empty field where they all got stuck. Read More >>

Google Maps Will Now Tell You How Overcrowded Your Tube Carriage Will Be

Whenever you have to go anywhere there's always a worry about how many other people are going in the same direction. If you're in a car you're lucky because you can get traffic alerts on your phone that suggest diversions, but what about public transport? If you get to the bus stop and the bus is nearly full, you're in for a hellish ride, so what if there was a way to see how busy it is in advance? Read More >>

New AI Searches Google Street View For Street Signs That Need Repairs

Take a moment to think about all the street signs that blur past as you’re driving. Stop signs, speed limits, and traffic warnings all add up to a massive amount of infrastructure for a city that’s challenging and costly to maintain. But piggybacking on Google’s hard work, scientists have found a clever way to streamline the process of tracking signage in need of repair. Read More >>

Google Maps is Going to Piss Off Police Around the Globe With Its Latest Update

Folks, I’ve got some great news if you’re a driver and some bad news if you’re the police: Google has confirmed it’s rolling out the ability to see speed and mobile cameras, as well as speed limits, in more than 40 countries in Maps. Read More >>

electric vehicles
Google Maps Now Shows Which Electric Car Chargers Are Free

Encouraging drivers to use electric cars over fossil fuels is good for us all, and Google has already done its bit to help by adding the locations of EV charging stations to Google Maps so they're easier to find. Now, though, it's going a step further by telling you whether those stations are in use or available. Read More >>

MWC 2019: Now You Can Boss Google Assistant Around in the Messages App and More Languages

Most people associate voice assistants with smart speakers, but Google is looking to expand Google Assistant’s mobile offerings. At Mobile World Congress, Google announced it’s adding Assistant into the Messages app in Android, and adding more supported languages. Read More >>

You Can Now Talk to Google Maps Out Loud

Maybe it's a British thing, but a lot of us seem reluctant to use voice control in the many ways it's available to us. For instance, we never see anyone saying "Hey Google, what's on my calendar?" or "what's the weather like?" (maybe we all do it in secret) – but Google has just announced an integration that makes perfect sense even on these more reserved shores. Read More >>

Google Maps AR Is Being Tested by Some Users – But the Rest of Us Will Have to Wait

Last year, Google I/O gave us a glimpse of what augmented reality in Maps might look like, teasing a future in which our phones orient us using our cameras. The demonstration showed us improved navigation tools to properly direct users as well as pop-ups indicating surrounding businesses and shops. There was even a bouncy fox guide. Read More >>