volcano diving
Google Street View Won’t Let Me Jump Inside This Volcano

Imagine my excitement when I saw the Google blog post about a new Street View adventure that took you inside of a volcano. I’ve always wanted to jump inside of a volcano! Then can you imagine my disappointment when I learned that the new Volcano View only lets you peer into the lava from the safety of the volcano’s rim. Very intense disappointment! Read More >>

google maps
Take a Very Cheap Trip Around the World Using Over 3,300 Google Maps Screenshots

Planning a trip is tiring, but planning a trip around the world is exhausting. Aren’t holidays supposed to be relaxing? Instead, save yourself a bunch of time, stress, and money by visiting some of the world’s most popular tourist destinations through this impressive hyperlapse video. It’s assembled from 3,305 Google Maps screenshots, so strap in and get ready to armchair cruise. Read More >>

Apple’s Latest Desperate Attempt to Catch Google Maps Sounds Especially Ridiculous

Apple is going to try and close the gap between its mapping application, Apple Maps, and Google Maps by deploying a fleet of drones to scan streets, according to Bloomberg. Details are sparse, but what we do know sounds absurd. Read More >>

google earth
Watch Humans Destroy The Earth in 30 Years With Google Earth Time Lapse

Humans do not treat the Earth kindly, and now we have even more evidence. Google just updated the Google Earth Engine to include four years of additional imagery, petabytes of new data, and generally a much clearer view of any location on Earth from 1984 to 2016. The best part: You can watch any area on Earth in a time lapse video. Read More >>

Google Maps is Protecting This Cow’s Identity

We heifer bovine social media (not a real thing yet) storm on our hands. The UK's cattle population has got beef with Google, after its mapping service decided to protect the privacy of a mysterious cow at Coe Fen, Cambridge. Read More >>

Google Car Captures Guy’s Awful Day at Work for All Eternity

We’ve all had bad days at work, but most of us can just soldier through and move on. Unfortunately for a certain Joshua Justice, Google Street View will never let him forget one particularly terrible shift. Read More >>

google maps
10 Tricks to Make Yourself a Google Maps Master

Google Maps has been available for more than 10 years now, and since its launch, a huge number of features and functions have been added to the service. Are you sure you know all of them? Here are our favourite tips and tricks for getting more out of Google’s mapping service. Read More >>

Uber Reportedly Will Invest £377 Million Into Mapping the World

Earlier this month, satellite imaging technology company DigitalGlobe announced it was partnering with Uber to “leverage DigitalGlobe’s industry leading constellation of sensors to access imagery and location intelligence to help identify and improve pick-up and drop-off locations". Last week, Uber posted a press release to announce that Brian McClendon, the former head of Google Maps who left the company for Uber last year, would be leading Uber’s global mapping initiative. McClendon wrote that the company is “doubling down” on its mapping investment but didn’t say how much it would spend. Read More >>

pokemon go
Meet the Guys Who Cracked Pokémon Go Wide Open

I’m in the back of a Gregory’s Coffee in New York’s midtown across from Dronpes and flanked by Moots7, who are careful to tell me as little about themselves as possible. From what I can gather Moots is freewheeling, works in finance and comes from rural Colorado, while Dronpes is a developer at a tech company, hard-working with a cautious, controlling streak. Both are tall, stubbly white guys in their late 20s — the right age to have fond memories of the first generation Pokémon games. Six months ago they embarked on creating The Silph Road, a project that has become the Pokémon Go player’s bible. Read More >>

New Google Maps Android Features Can Be Yours (If You Can Handle Beta Bugs)

Ready to risk losing yourself down some dark dingy alley for the sake of becoming a Google Maps trailblazer? Then the latest Google Android beta testing program is just for you. Google is inviting Android users of its Google Maps navigation app to try out some of the new features of the service for those willing to put up with some inevitable bugs in the process. Read More >>

Google Maps Driving Mode Is Your Essential In-Car AI

You’re probably used to getting turn-by-turn directions to your next destination with Google Maps, but there’s also a pretty-well-hidden Driving Mode just for... well, driving. It alerts you to traffic problems, directs you to nearby petrol pumps and shops, and is useful for those times when you already know your route or don’t even have a destination in mind. Read More >>

Demolition Company Tears Down Wrong House, Employee Blames Google Maps

Lindsay Diaz and Alan Cutter were the proud owners of two halves of a house in Rowlett, Texas. Sadly it had been damaged by tornadoes over Christmas, but it was ready to be repaired so things were looking up. Then a demolition company tore it down by accident. Read More >>

Google Maps Now Includes a Tab For Uber

Google Maps will soon be able to give you time and fare estimates on a variety of ride-sharing apps so your drunk self can get home in the least amount of time for the best price. Read More >>

What Happens When You Zoom in Too Far on Google Maps 

Sleeping too well lately? Looking for that “something something” to turn those boring restful nights into a horrorscape? Turns out, zooming in too far on Google Maps’ user-uploaded 3D Spheres produces some impressively fucked up images. Read More >>

Google Maps’ Next Trick: Working Out Your Destination Without Asking

Google Maps might know the local traffic better than me, but for short trips around town, I can’t be bothered to turn it on. But thanks to the latest update to Maps on Android, I don’t have to. Read More >>