Spotify is the Best Streaming Music Service

In the wake of another streaming service shutting down it’s time to be blunt. Spotify continues to outpace its growing army of competitors, and if you’re going to spend money on a music streaming service, you should sign up for Spotify Premium. Or just use the free version, because it’s really rather good, too! Read More >>

Google’s All Access Music Spotify-Competitor Is Finally Live in the UK

Fancy yourself a streaming music service powered by Google? Spotify just not doing it for you? Well then, we have good news this morning, as big G has just flipped the switch on its All Access music service, firing it into the UK and across Europe. You'll get a free first month of streaming too. Read More >>

Here’s Everything Google Unveiled Last Night at I/O

Although this year's Google I/O is all about developers and tools, Google unveiled a lot for the users too. No sign of Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie, just a 4.3 Jelly Bean update, but everything from search, chat, gaming, Maps, Music, and Google+ got a feature-filled refresh. We even got a bloat-free Samsung Galaxy S4 "Google Edition" to call our own. Here's everything Google fired out into the ether last night. Read More >>

Google Play Music All Access Is a Subscription-Like Spotify

Google's moving into the streaming world. Get ready for Google Play Access. Here's everything you need to know about Google's crack at rocketing to the top of the charts. Read More >>

Rumour: Google Will Spit Out a Spotify Competitor Tonight

Google's apparently just managed to sign up all the music labels for its streaming service, ready to unleash its assault on Spotify later this evening, beating Apple to it in the process too. No word if it'll be fired across the water to the UK from the off (probably not), but if you're truly tied heart-and-soul into Google, you might want to ditch Spotify for it? [The Verge] Read More >>

Would You Pay For an Ad-Free YouTube?

Reports from both Fortune and The Guardian indicate that Google is planning to start a subscription music service like Spotify soon. But the craziest little nugget buried in the reports is that YouTube might be getting an ad-free option. Imagine no more Vevo ads. Hello, holy grail. Read More >>

Google Is in Talks to Create Its Own Spotify-like Streaming Music Service

According to the Financial Times, Google is currently in talks with "big music labels to launch a streaming service to compete with companies such as Spotify." Google previously launched its own digital music store over a year ago but this service will be different than the digital tunes shop, Google's streaming music service will offer free unlimited access to songs (with adveritsements), along with subscription options. [Financial Times] Read More >>

gift guide 2012
Instant Emergency Presents to Make You Look Like a Total Legend

It's Christmas eve -- if you don't have everyone covered by Christmas presents yet, you're pretty screwed. Well, apart from these beauties that is. Here are your not-even-slightly-lame emergency Crimbo presents you can grab right now, instantly from your computer, and look like a legend come tomorrow morning. Read More >>

Google Music
If Google Music’s Scan and Match Didn’t Work For You Before, It Should Do Now

One of Google Music's aim-squarely-at-Apple features is 'Scan and Match', which does what it says on the tin. Just like Apple's £22-a-year iTunes Match, it scans your music library and matches it with Google's own library, giving you instant streaming access for free. Well, now it's meant to be working, and what's more, it apparently scans any music you've already uploaded to Google too. Read More >>

iphone apps
Screw iTunes Match and Grab the Free Google Music On Your iPhone With This Awesome App

Android has a really solid, free streaming option now that Google Music's finally launched in the UK, but what about iPhone users? They've been left out in the cold, until now. GoMusic puts Google Music on your iPhone, native style. Read More >>

Microsoft Might Be Bringing Music to SkyDrive Just in Time for Christmas Jingles

Spotted in the wild: code in Microsoft's SkyDrive that seems to show a native music player in the Redmond giant's cloud storage solution -- looks like Microsoft's finally planning something to challenge Google Music. (But ok, it probably won't be out in time to play Jingle Bells on repeat.) Read More >>

Google Music
Google Music Is Now Live in the UK and For Free too

Take that iTunes Match -- you've been equalled, if not bettered in the UK, as Google's finally launched its free streaming music service in Britain for us all to use and abuse. It'll match your music tracks, and upload the ones it can't, letting you stream them in-browser or to any Android device with a connection. Finally, Google Music's actually useful in the UK. Read More >>

Google Music
Google Music Finally Becomes Useful In the UK and Takes On iTunes Match Head-On

Well, here's a turn up for the books. Finally, something useful for the UK out of Google Music. Starting November 13th, Google Music will officially launch in the UK, complete with a 'Scan and Match' feature that matches tracks in your library with Google's database letting you stream them to your Android phone or tablet, just like Apple's iTunes Match. Read More >>

WSJ: Google Planning AirPlay Killer

According to the usual band of invisible anonymous sources, the Wall Street Journal says Google's cooking up its own AirPlay rival. Are they? Probably! Read More >>

Google Music UK launch imminent?
Rumour: Google Music UK Roll Out Imminent

According to the mobile gear-heads over at Recombu, their Android phones have updated with the latest Google Music app on this side of the pond. So far you can't buy music, but does this mean that Google Music is due to roll out soon in the UK? Read More >>