Google Threatens Pulling News From EU as Disastrous Copyright Legislation Flounders

The European Union has spent the last year working on a controversial overhaul of its copyright laws and was scheduled to finalise the proposal on Monday. Lawmakers failed to come to an agreement and the legislation is stalled for the time being, but that hasn’t stopped Google from threatening to pull its News service from the EU entirely if the copyright directive eventually passes. Read More >>

How Google News Compares to Twitter, Facebook, and RSS for Your News

There’s a new news aggregator in town (well, an old one, revamped). The updated, refreshed, and smarter version of Google News is out now on Android, iOS, and the web, so how does this reimagining of the news stack up against the other ways we usually get our headlines — Facebook, Twitter, and RSS? We’ve been diving deep into the transformed platform to get a better idea. Read More >>

Apple News Is Better Than Newsstand, But That’s Not Saying Much

Well iOS 9 is here and it’s the most minor major—or maybe the most major minor—upgrade to the Apple’s mobile software in recent memory. But there are a few brand spanking new apps to talk about, and one of the big ones is Apple News. Read More >>

Now You Can Use Google’s News and Weather App on iOS

Google News & Weather, a new iOS app that provides (you guessed it) updates on news and weather, is now available. Read More >>

Google News Confuses Steps Star Ian “H” Watkins With Convicted Paedophile

There's probably not a lot that's worse than being accused of being a paedophile, especially when it involves a case of mistaken identity. So imagine if a major news website posted your picture with a story about a convicted paedophile. How would you feel? Angry? Upset? Scared? Probably all three. Read More >>