Burger King’s Dystopian New Ad Campaign Is Already a Cyanide and Toenail Clippings Disaster

Just hours after launching, Burger King’s new smart home ad campaign is already crashing like the goddamn Hindenburg. On Wednesday, the company released a weirdly intrusive 15-second spot designed to intentionally trigger viewers’ Google Home devices. In theory, the devices would then read back a list of the Whopper’s ingredients from Wikipedia. Anonymous online vandals, however, had other ideas. Read More >>

Google is Reportedly Working on an Amazon Echo Rival

A new report from The Information says Google is working on its own personal assistant hub, similar to Amazon’s Echo. Only recently, through a series of updates and new hardware, has the Echo grown into a gadget worthy of its original transformative promise, and Google’s apparently taken notice. Read More >>

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Use Nicknames With Siri and Google Now to Reach Contacts Faster

Both Google Now and Siri now support the use of nicknames for your contacts, so you can quickly get in touch with “mum,” “dad,” “the boss,” or “maverick” more easily than ever. Here’s how to ditch those long-winded real names and get your nicknames set up instead on Android and iOS. Read More >>

Google’s Now Launcher Finally Forces Every Icon To Be the Same Size

Android app developers don’t always play by the rules when it comes to icon size, which can leave the home screen looking a bit of mess. But now Google is forcing icons to assume a unified size, pleasing design-pedants everywhere. Read More >>

Nine Google Now Voice Commands to Take Control of Your Smartphone

Google Now is partly a portal to the main Google search engine, so you can ask the digital assistant anything that you would query Google for: the height of the Eiffel Tower, what six inches is in centimetres or even what’s on your agenda. But the app also integrates with specific features on your phone—here are nine commands you can use with your mobile. Read More >>

You Can Now Download Cortana for Android and iOS

Every mobile operating system comes with its own walled-off digital assistant. iOS has Siri, Android has Google Now, and Windows phone has Cortana. But now, Microsoft is giving all smartphone users some choice, as Cortana escapes (the sinking ship that is) the Windows phone and officially migrated to Android, iOS and also Cyanogen. Read More >>

Hackers Can Use Siri and Google Now to Take Control of Your Phone

Researchers have figured out how to remotely hack Siri and Google Now, by using your microphone-enabled headphones as a makeshift antenna. Read More >>

Here’s Proof of Apple’s Downward Fall From Innovator to Imitator 

Imitation in the tech world is normal, even expected. But during Apple’s developers conference on Monday, Tim Cook and company were in rare form. They didn’t have much uniquely Apple to show off at all. Read More >>

Why Google Now is the Most Compelling Reason to Use Android

In the early years (like five years ago, in fact), iPhone and Android were at odds. Closed vs. open; Design vs. customisation. Now, those lines are more blurred than ever. But Android has always had one absolute ace, and Google I/O 2015 just proved it: Google Now. Read More >>

Google Now on Tap Hands-On: Contextual Awesomeness

One of the most exciting features in the (distant future) release of Android M is the upgraded version of Google Now. It’s built to understand context better than before. I just got a quick look at it on a Googler’s Nexus 5, and while this was obviously a demo, I’m cautiously optimistic about it. Read More >>

Apple May Be Creating a Google Now Alternative for iOS 9

The iPhone’s big software version for 2015 seems surprisingly dull. Security and stability are always good things, but iOS 9 had appeared to be more about maintenance than a makeover. However, a new rumour about a feature called “Proactive” suggests iOS 9 might have a few tricks up its sleeve. Read More >>

Android Wear Has Been Updated, Now Has Wi-Fi Support

Android Wear users, rejoice! Google has just announced a new software update, and with it comes with a bunch of new features for the smartwatch-based OS. Among them is the much-requested Wi-Fi support many have longed for. Read More >>