Google Unveils New Lighter, Thinner Pixelbook Go Available for Pre-Order Now

Made by Google is live and the Pixelbook Go has just been announced with maximum portability being the key concept. Read More >>

This is the Perfect Laptop Under £1,200

Everyone deserves to have a laptop that they can use in a coffee house without shame, carry to classes without pain, or use to tweak a few photos on without frustration. To that end, I’ve been spending a lot of time with some of the best laptops under £1,200. Read More >>

How on Earth Can Google Expect Us to Pay £1,000 for a Chromebook?

Looking at the new Pixelbook from afar, it’s really hard to understand why anyone, let alone Google, could demand a retail price of $1,000 for this thing. It’s got Chrome OS inside—the operating system you stick in cheap laptops with cheap guts because it needs practically no processor power to run. And Google made no attempt to explain why a Chromebook should go for $1,000 during the presentation yeseterday. After playing with it, I’ve got a better idea of why Google would ask that kind of price. Read More >>