Sorry, Google Play Music, YouTube Music Is Now Android’s Default Player

It looks like Google’s dessert-themed naming scheme isn’t the only thing getting replaced with Android 10. YouTube Music is kicking Google Play Music aside as Android’s prepackaged music player, YouTube announced on Friday. The app will come bundled with all devices launching with Android 10. Read More >>

YouTube Unveils YouTube Music, Its New Streaming Service, While Rebranding YouTube Red

YouTube Music, a streaming music platform designed to compete with the likes of Spotify and Apple Music, officially has a launch date: May 22nd. Its existence will also shift around YouTube and Google’s overall media strategy, which has thus far been quite the mess. However, it will debut in the US, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, and South Korea before expanding to the UK and 13 other countries. There's no date yet, but it's "coming soon". Read More >>

Your Favourite Music App Has Higher Quality Audio Than You Think

Chances are you’ve signed up to at least one streaming service—but are you making the most of the best-quality music on offer? A quick audit of your apps can boost both streaming and downloaded bit-rates, so you’re always assured of the highest fidelity audio flowing through your pricy headphones to your eardrums. Which means you hear more of the music and a little less of the noise that can accompany lower quality music files. Read More >>

What’s Better: Apple Music or Google Play Music?

Think streaming music, and the first name that springs to mind is probably Spotify—but there are some great alternatives out there. Both Apple and Google have music services for streaming, downloads, and playing local files across phones, tablets, and desktop. There are lots of different ways to compare the two services, but we’re going to try and simplify it by starting with all the similarities. Here’s how Apple Music compares to Google Play Music. Read More >>

How to Use One of iTunes’ Best Features in Google Play Music

One great feature we lost in the transition from iTunes to all-you-can-eat streaming services is the smart playlist. When you have 30 million tracks to choose from, queueing up everything you’ve not heard for six months makes less sense. Thankfully, you can bring the feature to Google Play Music with a simple Chrome extension. Read More >>

Play Google Play Music From Your Computer Desktop

Google Play Music lives on the web and as several mobile apps. But as you would expect from Google, there’s not much in the way of desktop support. If you do want to air your tunes from a desktop application in Windows or Mac OS X, then there are a couple of third-party, open source options available: Here’s how to find and use them. Read More >>

Five Places to Get Better New Music Recommendations

There’s a lot of music out there, millions of tracks on each streaming service, with new songs and albums dropping every week. So how do you cut through the noise? Here are six places you can find new music to suit your tastes, based on what you’re already interested in. Read More >>

Google’s New Family Plan for Music Is a Damn Good Deal

Google just announced a “Family Plan” for Google Play Music. For just $15 a month, you get up to six accounts that family members can use on any device. The plan will even keep each preferences and recommendations. Read More >>

Google Play Music is Now an Even Better Spotify Alternative

Google Play Music just upped the capacity of its free music locker service from 20,000 songs to a whopping 50,000. Spotify is really being given a run for the best online music service right now. Read More >>

YouTube Music Key Hands On: Streaming Music Has Never Been Easier

Last week, YouTube announced its new streaming music service, which is finally rolling out in beta form. It comes complete with out-of-app background listening, cacheable videos, ad-free music, and a six-month free trial. It turns YouTube into a great little music player. I just tried it out and so far, so good. Read More >>

Google Play Music Has a Stunning New Visualiser

Visualisers were the kind of thing that I kind of assumed had died with Windows Media Player and Winamp. But Google says no. Google says you must have motion with your music. Read More >>

Google Play Music Gets a New Look and Songza’s Suggestion Superpowers

Today, Google Play Music gets smarter about the suggestions it offers, by taking into account the time of day, day of the week, and device you're using. So when you're dragging at the end of the work day, you get just the jams you need to get through it. Read More >>