Video Adverts Are Coming to Google Play

Nobody likes adverts, but most of us have to accept that they're a part of life on the internet. People like video adverts even less, and yet companies keep pushing them as if they're good for anything other than pissing everybody off. Well Google's decided they're a wonderful idea, which is why it's rolling out video ads to the Google Play store. Read More >>

Google Says It Used AI to Help Block 700K Bad Apps on the Play Store

With over 2.8 million total apps, Google’s Play Store is the biggest app store on the planet. And with that many apps, sometimes simply finding the software you’re looking for can be a challenge, let alone trying to make sure that none of those downloads are harmful or malicious to the over 2 billion active Android users. Read More >>

Looks Like Audiobooks Are Coming to Google Play

Amazon's Audible has long had a stranglehold on the audiobook market, but that may be about to change. Thanks to some eagled-eyed work from 9to5Google, it looks like the Big G may soon be getting in the digital tome game. Read More >>

Google Pulls 60 Apps From Play Store After Malware Exposes Kids to Porn

Security researchers on Friday disclosed the existence of malicious code buried inside dozens of apps that displayed pornographic images to users. Many of the apps are games reportedly geared toward young children. Read More >>

Google Play Has Revealed the Top Android Apps of 2017

It's December now, so there are only 31 days left until everyone keeps forgetting to write down 2018. With the end of the year coming the business world is gearing up with ways to remind you of all the things that have happened since this time last year. Google is no exception, and has revealed the top Android apps from Google Play. Read More >>

Symantec Concludes Just Eight Google Play ‘Minecraft’ Apps May Have Added Millions to Botnets

In a blog post on Wednesday, Symantec security researchers wrote they had discovered at least eight Google Play Store apps that functioned as fronts for a “new and highly prevalent type of Android malware” called Android.Sockbot. The apps in question presented themselves as skins for player characters in popular app Minecraft: Pocket Edition and boasted “an install base ranging from 600,000 to 2.6 million devices.” Read More >>

12 of the Best Android Apps You Can Beta Test Today

Google has recently been rolling out improvements to the Play Store that make it easier to find and manage beta apps, so if you’re eager to try out some cutting edge features and are prepared to put up with a few additional bugs, there’s never been a better time to get started. Here are 12 apps worth checking out. Read More >>

pokemon go
More Fake Pokémon Go Apps Were Released To Ruin Your Phone

There have been reports of malicious Pokémon Go apps out in the wild since the game was released over a week ago, but more of them are popping out of the brush than Caterpies just out of Pallet Town. Read More >>

Save Loadsa Money By Sharing Films With Google’s New Family Library

Google is making it easier — and cheaper — to share with family members. For no additional charge, you can now share purchased apps, games, movies, TV shows, and books with up to six family members across Android, iOS, and the web. The offer has been rumoured for months, and it’s now available to everyone with a Google Play account. Read More >>

The Taliban’s Android App Didn’t Last Long on the Google Play Store

It’s back to the drawing board for the Taliban’s digital team. The group’s Android app Alemarah has been pulled from the Google Play Store just a day after launch, and nobody knows why. Just kidding. Though Google’s been keeping its lips sealed, it’s almost certain that the app violated a Google app policy prohibiting hate speech. Read More >>

Top Android Apps Are Engaging in Secret Naughty Chat That’s Killing Your Phone’s Battery

Android doesn’t have the best of reps when it comes to security, and this news isn’t going to do the operating system a great deal of good. A group of researchers have discovered that around two thirds of popular Android apps engage in private communications with remote servers, and nothing good is coming of it. Read More >>

Sign ‘o the Times: Prince Removes Records From Stream Sites

Prince is removing his back-catalogue from music streaming services, with tracks vanishing from Spotify and Rdio so far. They’re still up on Google Play, Deezer and Tidal, perhaps not for long. Read More >>

star wars
Good and Bad Star Wars Films Now Yours, Digitally

The gears of the world are turning to ensure that maximum publicity is gained for the year-end arrival of the new Star Wars film, hence the original trilogy -- and those three other rubbish films -- now appearing on digital formats for the first time. If you don't count Bittorrent. Read More >>