Google is Buying the World’s Most Boring (But Useful) Startup

You know how sometimes when you Google a shop, you get a pop-out sidebar containing info about products that store currently has in stock? Well, in a deal announced today, Google has agreed to purchase the startup responsible for making those sidebars possible. Read More >>

Google Search Now Has a (I’ll Probably Never) Watchlist

There is entirely too much content out there – so much so that plenty of people find it quite literally overwhelming. And trying to keep track of all those horror movies and melodramatic reality shows and whodunnits starring Chris Evans in a cable knit sweater (oh ok, fine. There’s only one of those. But I’m optimistic for the future.) Read More >>

Type ‘’ Into Your Google App to See a Weird Bug in Action

If you’re an Android user, grab your phone, pull up Google’s Search app or Google Assistant, and type “” into the search bar to see a bizarre and recently discovered bug that will show your most recent text messages. Read More >>

Google Doesn’t Have to Screen for Defamatory Search Results, German Court Rules

Germany’s highest court on Tuesday ruled that Google has no obligation to check websites for defamatory content before including them in search results. Read More >>

Digital Footprints Paint an Eerily Accurate Picture of Europe’s Refugees

Using search data collected by Google, researchers at the Pew Research Center have reconstructed the journeys taken by refugees flowing into Europe from the Middle East. It represents a new way of tracking migration patterns—but the technique could eventually lead to misuse. Read More >>

Google ‘Solitaire’ and Watch What Happens

You can now play Solitaire inside of a Google search. Read More >>

Google Home is a Voice-Activated Google Search Smart Hub

Sorry Amazon, Echo's got company. At it's 2016 Google I/O conference, Google showed off the Chromecast team's latest gadget – Google Home, a voice activated smart hub that can do, well, basically anything Google wants it to. Read More >>

Google Wants to Help You Find a Plumber

Need a plumber or a locksmith? Google might be your new best friend. The other day, Google began rolling out a search feature that displays listings for qualified home service providers when you search for telling phrases, for instance, “clogged toilet.” Read More >>

All The Stuff You Can Send to Your Android Phone From The Search Bar

Over the last few weeks, Google has quietly been rolling out the ability to interact with your Android device on a limited basis, right from the search bar. It started with asking Google to “find my phone”; now, you can set alarms, send directions, or leave yourself a note. Read More >>

Google Wants to Help You Get Pissed

You've a cupboard full of half-finished spirits, and a fridge full of fruit juice dregs. If only there was a web based search engine that could quickly teach you what cocktails those ingredients could make... Read More >>

Google’s 2014 Top Searches: Robin Williams, World Cup, Ebola, and More

Here's your 2014 Google Zeitgeist, better known as the last 12 months in Google Search. The company does this every year, and it's always fascinating because search sheds light, however disappointingly, onto what people around the world are thinking about. Because when you want to know more about something, you Google it. Read More >>

Google’s New Search App Has a New Look and App-Searching Superpowers

Over the last few weeks, Google has been adding Lollipop's Material Design flourishes to all of its big-name apps and services, and now the standard Google browser app is finally getting the same treatment. But in addition to its new look, Google is pushing its Google Now voice assistant even harder by opening up "OK Google" search to app developers. Read More >>

Google Search for iOS Just Got Updated With a Siri-Esque Search Feature

Google search for iOS just got updated with Siri-style voice searching—including follow-up questions like "what's the weather like?" followed by "how about this weekend?". It also features custom alerts to keep you updated on your favourite sites, blogs, and more. Download it here, free. [iTunes via 9to5mac] Read More >>