9 Uses for Street View Besides Checking Out Your Old Neighbourhood

Street View has been with us since 2007, allowing us to spy on our old neighbourhoods, see our front door on the internet, and generally travel the globe without getting up from the sofa. This ever-expanding digital library of locations has more uses than you might realise – and here we’ve listed some of our favourites. Read More >>

Here’s Your Reminder That Google Has Always Been Evil

After nearly a decade in court, Google has agreed to pay $13 million in a class-action lawsuit alleging its Street View program collected people’s private data over WiFi from 2007 to 2010. In addition to the moolah, the settlement – filed Friday in San Francisco – also calls for Google to destroy all the collected data and teach people how to encrypt their wife networks. Read More >>

New AI Searches Google Street View For Street Signs That Need Repairs

Take a moment to think about all the street signs that blur past as you’re driving. Stop signs, speed limits, and traffic warnings all add up to a massive amount of infrastructure for a city that’s challenging and costly to maintain. But piggybacking on Google’s hard work, scientists have found a clever way to streamline the process of tracking signage in need of repair. Read More >>

An AI Accurately Guessed Race and Voting Patterns by Counting Cars on Google Street View

A robust, timely census is vital to democracy. Censuses sketch the changing face of a nation by charting both political and demographic shifts, including changes in wealth and neighbourhood transitions. Most crucially, they influence how resources and political power are doled out: in the US, cities use census data to set budgets and the Constitution mandates a national census to apportion congressional seats. But taking a census is both expensive and slow—the annual American Community Survey (ACS) represents data collected over a five-year period, creating one hell of a lag. A team of Stanford AI researchers believe we can use computer vision to speed up the process, a radical approach to a centuries-old practice. Read More >>

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You Can Now Tour The Houses Of Parliament From Your Sofa

If you've always fancied having a leisurely look around the corridors of power without having to change out of your pyjamas or, you know, move, you'll love parliament's new innovation. Read More >>

Google Street View Won’t Let Me Jump Inside This Volcano

Imagine my excitement when I saw the Google blog post about a new Street View adventure that took you inside of a volcano. I’ve always wanted to jump inside of a volcano! Then can you imagine my disappointment when I learned that the new Volcano View only lets you peer into the lava from the safety of the volcano’s rim. Very intense disappointment! Read More >>

Google Car Captures Guy’s Awful Day at Work for All Eternity

We’ve all had bad days at work, but most of us can just soldier through and move on. Unfortunately for a certain Joshua Justice, Google Street View will never let him forget one particularly terrible shift. Read More >>

Man Arrested for Attacking Google Headquarters With Molotov Cocktails

A 30-year-old man was arrested early Thursday morning for allegedly attacking Google’s headquarters in Mountain View, California, with Molotov cocktails. Read More >>

Climb Europe’s Highest Mountain From Your Bed With Google Street View

Google’s all-seeing cameras have seen a lot more than just the streets: scary mountains, underwater gardens and Venetian canals have all been visited before, and with the help of an elite team of mountaineers, Google can take you all around Mont Blanc, the 4,180-metre-high European mega mountain. Read More >>

In Case You Want To Prowl Around Japan From the Point of View of a Cat 

We have the technology, and the time is now: We can roam the myriad alleyways of Japan from a cat’s POV. Read More >>

Android is Finally Getting a Standalone Street View App

Street View has always been a separate file on your Android device (it even gets its own Play Store listing) but up until now, you got to it through the Maps app. Read More >>

Ever Wondered What It’s Like To Be a Google Mapper?

It seems like every week, Google drags its Street View cameras up another mountain (or across another monster-infested lake). The key to recording those inaccessible places? The Trekker, a custom-built 360-degree camera mated to a backpack, which turns mere humans into living, breathing Google data-capture machines. Read More >>

Now Google Street View Can Take You Deep Under The Oceans

To celebrate World Oceans Day on June 8th, Google has released a bunch of gorgeous new images of ocean life as part of its Street View feature in Maps. Now you can contemplate what it means, metaphorically, when your mapping app suggests that oceans are just as important as cities. Read More >>