Google’s Working on a Translation AI That Uses Your Own Voice

The worst part about visiting somewhere you don’t speak the local tongue is that sinking feeling as you squint at a phrasebook, open your mouth, and prepare yourself to totally butcher the language. If that’s your nightmare, good news. Google is working on an AI that can actually speak in another language using your own voice. Read More >>

Google Translate Can Help Doctors Bridge the Language Gap With Patients – But it’s Not Flawless

Doctors who serve diverse communities often face the challenge of communicating effectively with patients who don’t share their language. Some doctors are bridging this gap with help from Google Translate, an AI-driven app that has become increasingly sophisticated in recent years. But while a new study from California shows that the app can definitely help non-English speaking patients and their doctors, it isn’t flawless – rarely, the translations could even cause harm. Read More >>

Google Translate Finally Lets Us Choose Between Listening to American English and Proper English

In the past Google Translate has only been able to deal with one type of dialect for each language, which means the input and output speech for English was all American. But now things have changed. The iOS version of the app now lets users change dialects for a variety of languages, meaning we can finally hear things spoken in a more familiar tone. Read More >>

Google Translate Can’t Provide Consent for a Police Search, Judge Rules

Google Translate is a useful tool for some quick and easy translations, but a federal judge in Kansas, US ruled this week that the machine translation service isn’t good enough to allow a person to consent to a police search. Read More >>

Your Phone Camera Now Instantly Translates Japanese Text

Not enough people know that the Google Translate app includes a ridiculously cool feature called Word Lens that lets you hold your camera over some text and see a live translation. Google announced today that Word Lens now works in Japanese, meaning you can hold your phone up to a sign in Osaka and impress your friends by knowing exactly what it means. It even works offline, which you probably should be if you're in Japan without a roaming plan. Read More >>

A Swede’s Insane Rant Against the Internet, as Told by Google Translate

Bo Bergman, a 73-year-old Swedish man living in the quiet locality of Simlångsdalen (population approx. 500) is not reading this right now. This is because Bo Bergman really hates the internet. Read More >>

Google Can Now Translate Handwritten Notes

Say you have some scribbles in an unfamiliar language you want to translate. Better find a native speaker. Or you could just turn to Google Translate, which now supports handwritten translation in 45 different languages. Read More >>

The Future of Chrome on Your Phone Is the Desktop

Chrome 28 beta for Android has just hit Google Play bringing with it built-in Google Translate among other things. But what it really shows is where Google's awesome mobile browser is going. Chrome on your phone and Chrome on the desktop are headed for a collision, and it'll be awesome for all your phones and tablets. Read More >>

Google’s Just Made Google Translate Your Ultimate Travel Companion

Let's face it, as good as Google Translate is, most of the best features require a data connection, which you probably don't have while travelling. Now an update has given Google Translate the power to save a whole bunch of phrases for offline use. Your pocket translator just got much more useful. Read More >>

Google Translate Will Now Work Without the Internet on Your Android Phone

Google Translate for Android will now offer downloadable offline language packs. So now when you're staring at a weird sign in a country where you don't speak the language, your phone will actually be able to help you. This isn't an obvious jibe at Samsung's also-offline S Translate app at all. Read More >>

If Google Translate Could Translate Star Wars to English

One of the wonderful things about Star Wars was that even though you couldn't understand some characters, you still understood them. But what if you could plug in Chewbacca's growls and R2D2's beepity boops into Google Translate to find out what they're saying? Nate Smith of Awkward Elevator did just that, and it's exactly what you expected. Read More >>

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Listen to Call Me Maybe After It’s Been Put Through Google Translate Over and Over Again

Just like the French Price theme song, Call Me Maybe -- the candy pop song that desperately wanted to be the song of 2012 but got hijacked by Gangnam Style -- has been put through Google Translate over and over until it was translated back to English. Which means the lyrics have been chopped up into an entirely different, more hilarious beast. I like it better. Read More >>

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What Happens When You Run the Fresh Prince Theme Song Through Google Translate 26 Times?

Sometimes Google Translate doesn't get it quite right. To illustrate that point in the most outlandish way possible, CDZA took the Fresh Prince of Bel Air theme, crunched it through Google Translate for all 26 supported languages, then took it back to English. Read More >>

Google Translate for Android Can Read Pictures in Foreign Languages Now

Google Translate just got Word Lens, basically. The new feature in the latest update of the Google Translate app lets you take a picture in-app, and highlight text you want translated from one language into another. It's pretty cool. Read More >>