electric vehicles
Google Maps Now Shows Which Electric Car Chargers Are Free

Encouraging drivers to use electric cars over fossil fuels is good for us all, and Google has already done its bit to help by adding the locations of EV charging stations to Google Maps so they're easier to find. Now, though, it's going a step further by telling you whether those stations are in use or available. Read More >>

Google Pulls Selfie App With Over 50 Million Downloads for Secretly Clicking Ads

Six apps have reportedly been removed from the Google Play Store after a Buzzfeed investigation found that they were involved in ad fraud. The apps, which were all tied to Chinese app developer DU Group, were fraudulently clicking on ads and didn’t disclose to users that they were sending their data to China. Read More >>

YouTube and Amazon Give Up Their Dumb Dongle Fight

After more than a year, it seems the ridiculous streaming video slap fight between Amazon and Google is now mostly over thanks to the return of the YouTube app on Fire TV devices and support for Amazon Prime Video on Chromecast devices. Read More >>

YouTube Music is Now Free on Google Home Speakers

Google and YouTube announced today that YouTube Music is now free to listen to on Google Home speakers, albeit with ads. Read More >>

Google Adds AI That Automatically Stops You From Filling Your Pixel 3 With Selfie Rubbish

Take a peek at your smartphone’s camera roll and you’ll probably find hundreds of duplicate shots, all snapped while trying to take the perfect selfie. To remedy this, Google is bringing some new AI smarts to its camera app so that it only takes a photo when everyone is selfie-ready. Read More >>

YouTube’s CEO Responds to its Bad Content Problem, Exposes the Core of its Platform Problem

Seemingly with each passing week, YouTube faces another content moderation problem. And despite the companies own efforts at moderating its platform, it can’t seem to get its hands around the problem. Read More >>

Google Home is Currently £69

We're not sure Easter sales are really a thing, but it seems they're happening nonetheless. Read More >>

Indian Authorities Order Apple And Google to Remove TikTok From App Stores

Indian officials have been scrambling to stop people from using TikTok in the country, so they can control porn and political trolling. Read More >>

US Federal Agents, Police Are Using Google’s Location History Feature to Track Down Suspects

American law enforcement queries of Google’s massive mobile device location tracking database, which employees call Sensorvault, has “risen sharply in the past six months,” the New York Times reported on Saturday, citing sources at the company. Read More >>

I Have, Honest to God, Lost Track of Who Is Launching What Service

Have you heard the news? Someone is launching another goddamn service. This time, if I recall correctly, it’s Amazon. Read More >>

Looks Like Google Will Show Off the ‘Cheap’ Pixel 3A Range on 7th May

There have been many rumours about the future of Google's Pixel range, but none have been so pervasive as those detailing the cheaper, less powerful models that are said to be on their way. Past rumours claimed that the new cheaper Pixel range would arrive sometime around Google's annual I/O, and it looks like they were right on the money. Google itself has confirmed that there will be some Pixel-related news on 7th May, which just so happens to be the day if the I/O keynote. Read More >>

Apple Cops Another Anti-Trust Investigation (Congrats!)

Apple is renowned for its ability to amass thousands of talented engineers, millions of users, and billions in cash-on-hand. While nowhere near prolific in this particular growth sector, it’s also gotten pretty good at attracting anti-trust complaints. Read More >>

Google Will Now Let You Use Your Android Phone as a Physical Security Key

By now you should know that two-factor authentication is a vital and necessary component of good security hygiene. That said, the most common ways of getting 2FA codes usually involve text messages or authenticator apps, which aren’t always hacker-proof. But today, Google announced at its Cloud Next conference that you can now use any Android 7+ phone as a legit physical security key. Read More >>

Google WiFi Units Drop to £99 Each

Google has dropped the price of Google WiFi mesh units from £129 to £99 each, possibly permanently if the US drop to $99 is anything to go by. Read More >>

You Can Soon Create and Edit Google Files in Dropbox

Dropbox has finally delivered on a long-awaited partnership with G Suite for native editing tools, and it definitely seems like it was worth the wait. Read More >>