The Next Version of Chrome Could Remove a Major Source of Battery Drain

Google Chrome is often maligned as kind of a resource hog, which means it tends to suck up more energy on mobile devices like laptops. But a new experimental flag in the next version of Chrome could help reduce the browser’s battery drain and extend the life of your laptop by up to two hours. Read More >>

YouTube Will Let AI Suggest Replies to Video Comments

Google announced Wednesday that it had implemented its SmartReply system for YouTube creators, which will give those users access to suggested replies based on what someone has commented. Unlike the SmartReply system Google currently uses for Gmail, SmartReply on YouTube required some further tweaking because of the way people us language on that platform compared to email – it will even auto-suggest emojis. Read More >>

The Pixel 3a Is Dead

The Pixel 3a has been one of our favorite phones over the past year, but it seems its time has come to an end as Google has confirmed that the Pixel 3a has been officially discontinued. Read More >>

UK Regulators Aren’t Happy About Apple and Google’s Search Deal

The UK Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) is investigating a deal between Apple and Google, and might wade in to break up the party. Read More >>

It Looks Like Google Is Killing Chrome’s Unofficial Forced Dark Mode

In recent builds of Chrome for Android, Google provided a hidden option that allowed users to force dark mode onto websites that would normally feature bright white backgrounds. Sadly, based on updated settings from the Canary build for the next version of Chrome (86), it appears Google is dropping support for forced dark mode entirely. Read More >>

Google Buys North Smart Glasses and North Then Kills Its Smart Glasses

Last Friday, it was reported that Canadian smart glasses startup North was on the verge of being snapped up by Alphabet, Google’s parent company. Today, it’s official. Read More >>

Qualcomm’s New Wearables Chip Could Finally Improve Wear OS Watches, I Hope

Google may have been one of the first companies to the smartwatch scene, but its Wear OS platform has so far been a journey of unfulfilled potential. For a long time, that was partly because most Wear OS watches were running on outdated hardware: the Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 2100 chip. That was supposed to change in 2018, when Qualcomm introduced the Snapdragon Wear 3100. But that change was incremental. Fast forward another two years: Qualcomm is introducing its latest wearables SoC (system on a chip), the Snapdragon Wear 4100+ and 4100. Read More >>

Alphabet May Be Buying Smart Glasses Startup North, But Don’t Expect New Google Glasses Any Time Soon

Tough times seem to keep rolling in for makers of augmented reality glasses. North, the Canadian startup behind the consumer-focused Focals by North smart glasses, is in the final stages of a $180 million (£146 million) sale to Alphabet, according to a Globe and Mail scoop. Read More >>

Google Leaked its Own Android TV Dongle

We've unofficially known about an upcoming Android TV dongle coming to the Made By Google range for some time now: leaked renders show a pebble-shaped device codenamed Sabrina. Read More >>

Google’s Promise to Delete Your Data Has a Major Loophole

Google’s push to become a privacy-positive company over the past year has been, depending on how you look at it, an act of genuine benevolence, a brilliant marketing decision, or straight-up bullshit. So when Google CEO Sundar Pichai announced the company’s latest moves in the privacy-protecting space on Twitter on Wednesday, the biggest surprise – at least to me – was the lack of scepticism I was seeing from other reporters in the privacy and policy spaces. Read More >>

Google’s Licensing Program to Pay Publishers Won’t Solve Its News Problem

Faced with the increasingly vocal criticism that it’s one of the primary reasons why newsrooms are struggling, Google announced today a new licensing program that will pay certain publishers for content ahead of launching a “new news experience” later this year. Read More >>

No, Apple and Google Didn’t Secretly Install Contact-Tracing Apps on Your Phone

Recent social media posts (which I won’t link to, but you can find them easily with a Twitter search) claim Apple and Google are installing contact tracing apps on your phone without your permission. The posts show even convincing screenshots and allude to statements made by both companies indicating they have been developing technologies to help aid in contact tracing efforts; this evidence is served up as proof the mega-corps are hiding apps on your phones and tracking everywhere you go. Read More >>

Here’s An Idea: The Trump Campaign Should Simply Take Over MySpace

Following a series of grievances with the social media networks that millions of people actually use, Donald Trump’s re-election campaign is floating the idea of setting up shop on a new platform, the Wall Street Journal reported on Wednesday. Well, there’s a perfectly good network sitting right there. Read More >>

Google Is Adding Fact-Checking Labels to Image Search

Misinformation is rampant online, but while it’s pretty easy to debunk a spurious article or rumour, it can be a bit harder to fact-check images. To fix that, Google says it’s adding information to help users fact-check images found via a Google Images search. Read More >>