Google’s New ‘Reminders’ Feature Seems Like a Great Way to Piss Off Everyone You Live With

Google has announced a new feature for Assistant to that enables anyone in a given Google family group – be they family, friends, or god help us, roommates – to receive an “assignable reminder,” which Google says might include anything from completing chores to notes of encouragement. Read More >>

Microsoft Confirms Your Cortana and Skype Recordings Aren’t Private Either, Surprising No One

At this point, if you don’t want strangers to listen to recordings from your devices, it’s looking like you may just have to go off the grid. On Thursday, Microsoft became the latest tech giant to admit it uses human contractors to review its users’ audio. So in case you’ve lost track by now, that list also includes Apple, Amazon, Facebook, and Google. Read More >>

Google Is Doing Something Good With Its Money This Hurricane Season

After natural disasters strike, families are forced to cobble their lives back together. However, government aid may take months to reach the hands of those who need it. In the interim, organisations usually rally to send items such as food and water into hard-hit communities, but what if groups gave survivors cold, hard cash so they could buy what they actually need? Read More >>

US Federal Trade Commission Chief: Well Yes, We Could Break Up Big Tech, But Only If We Really, Really Wanted to or Something

The chair of the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC), Chairman Joe Simons, acknowledged in an interview on Tuesday that perhaps maybe, just maybe, one outcome of an FTC task force inquiry into whether tech giants violated American anticompetition laws could be forcing them to break up into smaller companies, according to reports in Reuters and Bloomberg. Read More >>

Google Pixel 4: All The Facts And Leaks So Far

We're still a few months out from when Google will most likely unveil the Google Pixel 4. Read More >>

Russia Demands Google Cease Sending YouTube Push Notifications for Protest Livestreams

Russia’s Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology, and Mass Media (Roskomnadzor) has demanded that Google cease promoting livestreams of demonstrations with push notifications, a day after “tens of thousands” of Russians “staged what observers called the country’s biggest political protest for eight years on Saturday,” Reuters reported. Read More >>

Here’s Why Some Websites Can Still Tell You’re In Chrome’s Incognito Mode

The whole point of Incognito Mode on Chrome is to maintain some level of privacy on the internet—meaning, sites don’t know when you’re on them, and as a nice bonus, you can sometimes get around pesky paywalls. That said, web developers and publishers have since wised up, prompting Google to recently try and make Incognito mode more incognito with Chrome 76. The operative word being try, as it appears some sites, including The New York Times, have figured out how to still bypass Incognito Mode. Read More >>

Another Google Pixel 4 Has Reportedly Been Spotted in the Real World

Google's upcoming Pixel 4 has apparently been spotted out in the world and confirms a lot of the rumours we've already heard. Read More >>

Your Google Maps is About to Get an AR-Directions Upgrade – Here’s What to Expect

GPS has done wonders for the directionally challenged, but there’s still a few quirks. Every time I emerge from the stinky depths of the New York City subway, for instance, my phone’s compass takes forever to figure out which direction I’m pointed in. Half the time I end up walking a few blocks in the wrong direction, especially if it’s in a neighbourhood or city I’m not familiar with. But today, Google announced its finally rolling out its Live View augmented reality walking directions in Google Maps. Read More >>

Google’s Pixel 4 Specs Leak and Suggest Some Wild Stuff Is Happening to the Camera

In the run-up to the next Made By Google event typically held later in the autumn, Google has already shared the first official picture of the Pixel 4, along with info on all the fancy sensors and tech stashed inside its top bezel. Read More >>

Google Fixed Its Algorithm So That Lesbian-Related Searches Are Less Pornographic

Google is one of the most powerful and popular search engines, but that oftentimes doesn’t conflate to being free from flawed results. And when a French news site and Twitter account campaigned against the sexualised search results for the word “lesbienne,” Google claimed that it fixed its algorithm. Read More >>

US Senators Urge Google to End Its Poor Treatment of Contract Workers

Google depends deeply on its contractors, but a series of damning reports indicate that while these workers make up around half of the company and are tasked with essential work, they are largely treated as second-class citizens. In response, a group of US senators wrote a letter to the tech giant in late July calling it out for this shitty labour practice. The letter follows hundreds of Google employees demanding fair treatment of contractors at the company. Read More >>

Amazon Adds Option to Keep Contractors From Eavesdropping on Your Alexa Requests

Alexa users who don’t want their recordings reviewed by third-party contractors finally have an option to opt-out thanks to a new Amazon policy implemented amid mounting criticism against the company and its voice assistant competitors, Apple and Google. Read More >>

Amazon Really Doesn’t Care, Huh?

Apple and Google recently revealed that they have temporarily stopped letting contractors listen to recordings from their voice assistants. The announcements come after reports that some of these hired hands heard Siri users doing things like having sex or discussing private medical information. Amazon has not announced a pause in its process of letting humans listen to Alexa recordings, and that’s not a big surprise. Humans are bound to be a part of this process. Read More >>

Google is Testing a Monthly Subscription Pass for Play Store Apps and Games: Report

It feels like a lifetime has passed since WWDC 2019 in early June, when Apple announced Apple Arcade, a monthly subscription service that gives users access to a curated list of games on the App Store. Now, while people continue to wait for Apple Arcade to go live later this autumn, it seems Google is testing out something similar with its Google Play Pass. Read More >>