The GoPro Hero 7 Black is Now Just £219 on Amazon

Flagship GoPro cameras are nothing if not expensive, with the most recent Hero 8 Black rocking in with a £378 RRP. That's a lot of money, but if you're happy grabbing the older model for a hefty discount Amazon has your back. Read More >>

GoPro Karma Drones are on the Bloody Fritz Thanks to a Possible GPS Glitch

GoPro Karma drones have been on the fritz all over the world thanks to a possible GPS glitch. Read More >>

GoPros are Expensive, But Black Friday Means They’re a Lot Less Anxiety-Inducingly Pricey

GoPro is the king of the action camera business, and usually with good reason, but fucking hell are those little cameras expensive. Well cameras are expensive in general, but GoPro knows it's top of the market and prices its flagship action cams accordingly. So when shopping seasons roll around it's always great to see that they're getting some sort of discount. That way you don't hit your credit card limit absurdly early. Again. Read More >>

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The GoPro Max Makes Shooting 360-Degree Video Dead Simple

Two years ago, GoPro took its first stab at a 360-degree action camera with the GoPro Fusion. It wasn’t a particularly good stab. It was bulky, it required two micro SD cards, and the footage was a royal pain to work with. In the intervening years, we’ve seen decent 360 cameras from the likes of Garmin, Insta360, and Rylo, but this sub-genre of action cam hasn’t really caught on. The £480 GoPro Max hopes to change this by putting a focus on enabling creativity. Read More >>

GoPro’s Hero8 Black is Boring – and That’s What Makes It Great

No single upgrade in GoPro’s new flagship camera will surprise you. There is no “new killer feature” that sets it apart from either the competition or last year’s Hero7 Black. It doesn’t even have a built-in selfie screen (although you can buy one as a new add-on “mod.”) And yet, somehow, the Hero8 Black is the GoPro I’ve been waiting to see for years without realising it. Read More >>

GoPro Gets Weird With the Hero Max 360 Camera

GoPro is giving the 360 camera thing another try, this time with the Hero Max, a dual-lens camera that the company swears is a far more user-friendly device than its previous consumer version, the GoPro Fusion. Read More >>

YouTuber Found SD Card Showing Man’s Final Moments Before Drowning

Before a travel YouTuber named Rich Aloha went scuba diving at a waterfall in Tennessee he filmed himself saying he planned on doing “treasure hunting” in the water, and he expected to possibly find a drone, iPhone, or GoPro. Instead, he found an SD card that may provide some closure for a family mourning the death of their son. Read More >>

Images of GoPro’s Upcoming Hero 8 Have Leaked Along With Some Juicy Titbits on Specs

Leaked images of GoPro's next camera have appeared, alongside rumours about the specs. Read More >>

DJI Made a GoPro Clone With One Killer Feature

GoPro, I have some bad news. Drone giant DJI just released a rugged new camera called the Osmo Action. It’s a lot like a GoPro – so much so that I thought it was a GoPro when my colleague handed it to me. The Osmo Action and the latest GoPro aren’t quite identical, but they’re so similar in size and design that it’s clear how hard DJI is biting GoPro’s style. Read More >>

GoPro Will Replace Your Broken Camera for a Fiver a Month

GoPro has brought the full benefits of its GoPro Plus subscription to the UK (and 24 other countries), meaning you can now get a replacement if something happens to your camera, just like you've been able to in the US for ages (*shakes fist*). Read More >>

The GoPro Hero 7 Black is a Bargain in John Lewis’s Easter Sale

If you've had your eye on a new GoPro Hero 7 Black for a while, you might want to jump on the latest offer from thoroughly middle class purveyors of tech John Lewis. Read More >>

Recycling a GoPro Box Into a Working Aquarium Is the Best Reason to Upgrade

Many factors have contributed to GoPro’s financial woes in recent years, but it doesn’t help that the company’s userbase simply doesn’t have a solid reason to upgrade their cameras every year like they would a fancy smartphone. YouTube’s Imaginative Guy actually makes a stronger case for upgrading your action cam than GoPro does. Built-in video stabilisation? Nah, try turning the camera’s packaging into an adorable miniature aquarium. Read More >>

I Strapped GoPro’s Hero7 Black to My Dog and My Hog to See How Stable the Video Really Is

On paper at least, I’m the stereotype of a GoPro customer. I snowboard and mountain bike. I ride motorcycles and dirt bikes. I fly drones. I go on scenic hikes with my dogs. But I haven’t actually purchased an action cameras since 2014 when I picked up a Hero4 Silver. Until last week, I thought it did the job fine. Boy, was I wrong. Read More >>

The New GoPro Hero 7 Black Promises Smoother Footage, But That’s About it

Following another round of in-store display leaks that GoPro just can’t seem to avoid, the action cam maker officially announced today a new 7-series line featuring three compact cameras differentiated by scaling features, but now easily distinguished by black, silver, and white housings. Read More >>

Leaked GoPro Product Display Appears to Show the Unreleased Hero 7

Images of the next line of GoPro cameras, the Hero 7, appear to have been leaked in the form of a product display via Reddit, the Verge reported on Saturday. Read More >>