The Amazon Echo Can Now Enlist Gordon Ramsay to Insult Your Food

If you've ever looked at Gordon Ramsay's Twitter account, you'll see that people can't stop asking him to assess the quality of their cooking. Most of the time he doesn't have very nice things to say, which only seems to spur people on. It can be tricky getting him to comment on your cooking, but now you can use the Amazon Echo and Alexa to do it for you. Read More >>

Gordon Ramsay Sparks Potato Peeler-Panic In Brixton Prison

Gordon Ramsay recently caused a serious spud-related security scare over at Brixton Prison where he’s teaching inmates how to cook for a new show. His production team set off a prison wide search after it appeared a potato peeler was missing and potentially in the lethal hands of those at her Majesty’s pleasure. Read More >>