Catwoman Will Be Played By a Different Actress in the Gotham Season Finale

For the past five bonkers seasons, Camren Bicondova and her incredible hair have played Selina Kyle on Gotham. But for the last episode, she’s being replaced. Read More >>

David Mazouz Will Become Batman Before Gotham Ends, But He Won’t be the One in the Batsuit

We’ve known for a while that, as Gotham draws its batshit bonkers story to a close, we will finally see Bruce Wayne become Batman. But while the character will indeed don the Dark Knight’s iconic costume, the teenage actor playing him won’t. Read More >>

Gotham’s Version of Bane Looks Like a Mortal Kombat Character Puked Up a Terminator

One of the most intriguing additions coming to the fifth and final season of Gotham is Batman’s longtime comic book nemesis, Bane. Well, the first look at the character has now been officially revealed, and what can we say? It’s a choice. Read More >>

Batman’s Butler Alfred Is Finally Getting the Live-Action Origin Story He Deserves

Gotham may be on its way out, but one of its producers is not done with Batman television prequels. Read More >>

Gotham’s Been Renewed for One Last Season so Bruce Can Finally Become Batman

While it’s been fun to watch as Fox’s Gotham has tossed out the traditional Batman origin story in favour of a wilder, more generally batshit spin on Bruce Wayne’s early years, we all know that the show’s been building to this moment. Read More >>

Gotham Might Have Solved Its Joker Problem (in an Appropriately Ridiculous Way)

Ever since Gotham introduced Jerome Valeska in season one, a character that over the course of the show acted increasingly like the future Joker and dressed like the future Joker and laughed like the future Joker and also had his face cut off and stapled back on like the Joker of the comics, fans have wondered if he was, in fact, the Joker. Read More >>

Gotham Is Giving Total Psychopath Professor Pyg His Own Musical Number, Because Gotham

Warning: Potential spoilers if you haven't seen any of Season 4 yet. Read More >>

Here’s Your First Look at Gotham’s Take on Ra’s al Ghul

We’ve known for a while that the Demon’s Head himself would be coming to Gotham—as well as the fact that Game of Thrones and Deep Space Nine star Alexander Siddig would be playing him. Now we’ve got our first look at him in action, and for Gotham, it’s surprisingly an on-point comic book look for Ra’s al Ghul. Read More >>

Gotham’s Best Decision Yet Is Hiring Star Trek’s Alexander Siddig to Play Ra’s al Ghul

Gotham’s made a lot of... let’s say interesting choices over its three seasons. Some of then have been amazing to watch unfold, some, less so. Its latest choice however means we’re getting Deep Space Nine and Game of Thrones’ Alexander Siddig on the show, as one of the most infamous Batman villains, and that’s fantastic. Read More >>

Gotham Showrunner, Surrounded By Good Superhero Shows, Doesn’t Think Superheroes Work Well on TV

Oh really, Bruno Heller, showrunner of the hit Fox television show/Sisyphean punishment simulator Gotham? Superheroes don’t work well on TV? Do go on. Read More >>

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How Gotham City Evolved Into the Worst Fictional City in America

This is cool. The Nerdwriter has chronicled the 75-year history of Batman’s hometown, from its humble beginnings as New York City (really!) to the crime-ridden, neo-gothic nightmare town we know today in the films, comics and video games. Read More >>

13 Superhero TV Shows That It’s Hard to Believe Somebody Greenlit

We’re living in the Golden Age of superheroes on television. But capes and superpowers have lived on the small screen for decades—and there have been some truly bizarre ideas for how to translate them from comics. Here are 13 superhero shows it’s hard to believe someone thought were a good idea. Read More >>

Batman Fans Urged to Help Save Building in Gotham… Village

The Gotham & District Community Venture committee needs YOU, or at least perhaps some of your money if you're a rich comics nerd, as it would like to buy the village's Royal British Legion building and turn it over to the community where it could be used for sparsely-attended charity coffee mornings to the betterment of society. Read More >>

Netflix Subscribes to Batman Prequel Gotham

Streaming TV aggregator Netflix has jumped everyone when it comes to bagging the rights to show forthcoming Batman prequel Gotham, signing up the show before a single episode has even been screened. Read More >>

Gotham Batman Origins Show Heads to Channel 5 in the UK

Gotham, the pre-Batman Batman origins TV show has found its UK broadcaster. The show (which focuses on a young Jim Gordon as he takes on the titular city's fledgling crime-lords) is headed to Channel 5. It'll air in the US on September 22nd, hitting the UK "shortly afterwards." Read More >>