Rebel MPs Have Another Shot at Getting Huawei Kicked Out of the Networks

Eight Conservative MPs are feeling well young and with it today as they're being described as "rebels" for the first time in their boring political lives; for trying to use the parliamentary amendment system to alter legislation and get Huawei booted out of the UK's mobile networks. Read More >>

Government Employees Lost More Than 2,000 Portables Last Year

A Freedom of Information request placed with various government departments has found that an astonishing number of portable devices have been lost by employees over the last year, with more than 2,000 phones, laptops and tablets declared lost or stolen over the past 12 months, or simply gone mysteriously missing in the days after a new iPhone was revealed. Read More >>

The Government Thinks It Can Replace Immigrant Care Workers with Machines

The UK government, which has a pretty poor record on understanding tech in general, is planning to replace all the care workers its new immigration rules will shut out with, er, robots. Or software. Or something. Honestly, it's not really clear. Read More >>

Ransomware Goons Had a Great 2019, With At Least 948 Reported Attacks

Ransomware operators are closing out a year of extorting local governments, hospitals, and schools with a bang, with at least four more U.S. cities falling victim to sophisticated scams this month alone and a recent report tallying the total number of incidents at nearly a thousand. Read More >>

The Government’s Shady Plan to Collect Your Data Is Being Investigated by UK Watchdog

The Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) is setting out to find just what the bloody hell the government is playing at by collecting the personal data of anyone who visits its various websites. Read More >>

UK Government Plans to Collect ‘Targeted and Personalised’ Data on Internet Users to Prepare For Brexit: Report

The government is planning to collect “targeted and personalised information,” on anyone who visits the government’s various websites, according to a new report from BuzzFeed News. Politicians in the UK are being told that it’s a “top priority” and that the information is needed to prepare for Brexit, which is still scheduled for October 31. Read More >>

social media
Government Attempts to Leverage the “Woke” Movement With Fake Social Brand

The Home Office has been using the language of the young people in an attempt to engage with them, with a social news network calling itself This is Woke trying to counter the emergence of extremism and radicalisation, also rebranding the bad internet people as terrorists. Read More >>

The Government’s Added 12,000 Pieces of Data to Your Smart Speaker

Talking out loud to the government usually involves yelling "NO, I SAID SELF ASSESSMENT" down the phone to HRMC's robots, which then declare that the queue is too long and hang up on you. Read More >>

autonomous vehicles
Government Unveils New Cyber Security Standard For Self-Driving Cars

The Department for Transport has announced a new cyber security standard that companies developing autonomous vehicles can use as a guideline. Read More >>

Government To Waste £2m On “You Wouldn’t Download A Car” Nonsense

Hidden in a peppy press release about giving £2m to creative industries in the UK is a line that truly makes us facepalm. Read More >>

You Might Soon Have to Get Straws from a Pharmacy

Britain's Gurner-In-Chief Michael Gove has announced that plastic items including cotton buds, straws and stirrers may be banned in England (only) within a year. Read More >>

The Plug-In Hybrid Grant is About to Be Slashed

If you've been trying to decide between a hybrid and an electric, the government's just basically made the decision for you: the financial incentives for buying a hybrid are to be slashed. Read More >>

MPs Are Going To Interrogate A Robot, And It’s Not Theresa May

MPs have invited a robot into Parliament to tell them about the impact of AI on education and the workforce. Read More >>

Electric Shock Collars for Dogs Are Getting Banned in England

The government has announced that electric shock collars, frequently used as a 'training tool' for pets, are to be banned. The ban in England follows Scotland, who banned the collars earlier this year, and Wales, where the use of such collars has been illegal since 2010. They are also banned in several other countries, including Germany, Norway, Switzerland and Sweden. Read More >>

Government Workers are Stuck Redoing Things No One Can Find or Access

Rubbish old file formats, web sites that weren't backed up, and digital scans of files no one knows how to access are triggering what one research group calls a fall in "institutional memory" within the government, as new generations of staff redo work previously done and lost, deleted, or simply left inaccessible by technology's march and the man with the password retiring and taking the proprietary cable with him. Read More >>