Under Cover Of BBC Pay, the Government Sneaks Out Pension Age Increase

The government used BBC salary day as a way to sneak out news that it's moving the pension age to 68. While this was always going to happen, it was originally scheduled to be changed in 2044. It will now take place between 2037 and 2039. People aged between 39 and 47 will be affected with younger workers kept waiting to find out when they might eventually get a pension. Read More >>

Australia Looking To Ban Encryption, Claims Maths Doesn’t Apply Down Under

The Australian government is currently seeking the ability to inspect messages sent by its citizens, even if those messages are encrypted. Like the UK, the Australian government feels that it would be able to prevent more terror attacks if it could have a backdoor into people's messaging apps. The Australian Attorney General, George Brandis, has also claimed that British spooks at GCHQ have the ability to crack end-to-end encryption. Read More >>

Google Called in for Quiet Word With Government Over Extremist Ads

The Cabinet Office is the latest governmental department to bring in an internet company for a formal chat, with this encounter seeing the search giant questioned over accusations that its vast advertising network is being used to fund hate groups around the world. Read More >>

Google And Microsoft Agree To Demote Pirated Content In The UK

Sorry, pirates: soon your wares will be harder to find on UK search engines. Google and Bing have agreed to a voluntary code of practice that'll see infringing content including films, music and sport pushed down the search results. Read More >>

GCHQ Cyber Accelerator Funds Seven Anti-Hacking Startups

Seven startups focusing on issues to do with things that start with the word "cyber" are now funded by our intelligence service and government, with the GCHQ Cyber Accelerator scheme open for business. Read More >>

Bad Bosses Give Worst Excuses Ever For Not Paying Minimum Wage

Most of us have, at some point in our lives, run into a boss who thinks the rules don't apply to them. But a new HMRC report shows that some really take pride in flouting the rules, giving some truly jaw-dropping reasons for not paying their employees the legally-mandated minimum wage. Read More >>

British Bill of Rights Will Replace Human Rights Act, Despite U-Turn Reports

Justice Secretary Liz Truss has tried to calm Britain’s population of non-Eton-educated scrubbers the hell down, by insisting that the government won’t break its manifesto pledge of replacing the Human Rights Act with a new British Bill of Rights. Read More >>

Amazon’s UK Delivery Drone Trial Will Focus on Three Key Problems

Amazon and the government have announced a new trial for delivery drones in the UK. The retail giant will bankroll the tests, which it says will be focused on solving three key problems. Read More >>

Health Authorities Call Bullshit on Whole Body Cryotherapy

A growing number of businesses are offering whole body cryotherapy, telling customers it can treat everything from asthma and Alzheimer’s right through to insomnia and arthritis. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is finally speaking out on the practice, saying there’s no evidence to back the many purported benefits — and that it’s actually quite dangerous. Read More >>

Human Rights Committee Says IP Bill is Too Vaguely Worded

The Joint Committee on Human Rights has had its say on the proposed IP Bill that would have ISPs keep track of the Daily Mail pages we occasionally open in incognito mode, suggesting that the government's proposed rules are too wide and that the need for a judicial review before opening up someone's internet history could possibly be circumvented. Read More >>

Council Closes Libraries to Cut Costs, Spends So Much More Just Guarding Them

Libraries, those buildings that are so great for napping, perving on intellectual members of the opposite sex and reading Harry Potter in, are closing at an astonishing rate in the UK thanks to budget cuts and subsequent staffing issues. However, new figures show that, in a couple of cases at least, it’s been costing more to shut the doors than to keep them open. Read More >>

Thousands of Pensioners Could Lose Free TV Licence in 2020

BBC Director General Lord Hall is considering axing the free TV licence for pensioners over the age of 75, if they share a household with somebody in work. The change could come into play in 2020, when the broadcaster takes charge of funding for free licences. Read More >>

Government Aides Accused of Using WhatsApp to Avoid Brexit Paper Trails

Officials within the government have apparently taken advice from the ISIS communication guidelines PDF, and are said to have started using WhatsApp to chat about how to handle the forthcoming EU referendum -- in order to avoid leaving any form of chit-chat records that could one day be embarrassingly pulled by a Freedom of Information request. Read More >>

UK Spies Have Been Abusing Their Powers to Send Birthday Cards

Dirty new documents obtained by Privacy International show that the MI5, MI6 and GCHQ have been collecting a lot more data than we’ve previously been led to believe, as well as abusing their powers to ridiculous lengths. While the government has insisted that only suspected criminals are being tracked by the agencies, the papers reveal that people "unlikely to be of intelligence or security interest" are also being widely monitored, and that ministers have known about this since the late 1990s. Read More >>

Puppy-Killing Microchip Law Should be Ignored, According to Senior Vet

The new microchipping law for dogs, which is set to come into effect on April 6th, could lead to potentially-fatal health problems, according to senior vet Richard Allport. From Wednesday, all dogs over the age of eight weeks will be required to wear a chip containing their owners’ names and addresses, but Allport says that many will be far too young for the procedure. Read More >>