NHS Prescriptions Go Fully Digital in England Next Month

Confused old women in need of more cataract cream and hardcore painkillers to make the days bearable are going to have to learn something new next month, as the UK's NHS prescription service for England is kicking over to an entirely digital way of working that will save millions of pounds' worth of little bits of paper. Read More >>

GP Contact App Told to Stop Pretending it Works Like it Says

GP at Hand, one of the services offered by wannabe future digital health provider Babylon Health, has been told off by authorities for offering a chat with a GP in "minutes" through the modern solve-it-all of a smartphone – as customers first have to switch GPs in order to use the online consultancy service. By which time the redness will probably have gone away by itself. Read More >>

Doctors Told to Prescribe More Gardening

The UK's new health secretary is already bringing the ideas from his notebook to the political stage, with one of Matt Hancock's first pronouncements being an increase in the amount of money set aside in the health budget for "social prescribing" – the art of GPs sending people away with the key to an allotment or a voucher for a local samba class. Read More >>

GP Receptionists Put People Off Making Appointments

Receptionists being a bit over curious about why people need an appointment to see a GP could be putting people off going to the doctor's altogether, with a survey saying the good old British fear of causing a fuss might be to blame. Read More >>

NHS Watchdogs to Track Healthcare Whiners on Facebook

The new chairman of the Care Quality Commission has arrived on the job with a new idea -- monitoring social media for signs of unrest within the NHS. Good luck with that. Read More >>

Would a £10 GP Appointment Fee Save or Destroy the NHS?

Members of the Royal College of Nursing are debating a massively controversial move. They're wondering if they should support charging an appointment fee to see a GP, a tricky move that could either weed out the hypochondriacs or see people delaying or avoiding a critical trip to the doctor. Read More >>

“It’s Not Cybersex, I’m Showing it to a Doctor” as Skype GP Visits Set to Become the Norm

Doctors in the UK may soon start consulting with patients remotely, with the government putting plans into place that could see younger and more forward-thinking GPs able to consult with younger and more forward-thinking patients via video chat tools. Read More >>